[Drama]Ishitachi no renai jijyo

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Drama rank of 2015 Rank 81in 118 titles
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Riko Sakaguchi Syota Koyama
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Yuriko Ishida
Saki Aibu
Hirayama Hiroyuki
Hiroki Miyake
Yuka Itaya
Tsuyoshi Ihara
Katsuhisa Namase
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Japan Released:2015/04/09(Thu) 22:00-22:54 Fuji Television Network, Inc.
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1. http://www.fujitv.co.jp/ishitachi_no_renaijijou/ (Translation)
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2015/11/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
Even though it is said to be a monthly story, it is not limited to this drama separately, but although the good people were just gathered, the drama made me feel sorry for being somewhat pulled by the script.

From the beginning I saw the lines that symbolized it. Although it was a misunderstanding rather than a fame,
Was it not possible for a doctor to take a romance? Sure. To be honest "huh" (bitter smile)
Or, "No, as long as it does not interfere with work, you may be a doctor or a company worker, but may not you fall in love whether civil workers or not?

But the reality was in the bad meaning as it was titled. The people in this drama were all those people who did not like such romance or anything. I understand that the hero was certainly a serious and a good guy.
"I ought to be better even oneself." Thinking of even such a thing It would have been a person who could not forgive it anyway. In addition to the treatment of the patient that other doctors in charge were taking care of, not only for the recognition of the child born at that time, even to the family problem positively, but the "good guy" aura was somewhat disgusted.

And it was the feeling that the people who had conflicting opinion with the main character at the beginning also spurred such a "hero centralism" like being drawn as if it had been sensitized mostly. Although that headquarters certainly stuck to his profit and prosperity, there were plain things as well, but I think that management policy was not necessarily wrong.
Although a great society involving interests and so on received treatment earlier, general patients are ridiculous discrimination that they do not postpone, but hospitals are not doing as volunteers, and doctors doctor is not saint Kimiko, more than a crowd A human who loves you. You can not eat them if you do not manage. I ended up falling ill and getting medical treatment ...... I was saying that it was a bit promising or I could have drawn down the comparison with the main character more carefully. Because Mr. Katsuhisa Nakase of the corner was casting.

It was also impressive that the mother of the hero was concerned about her son 's marriage to Mio, she would have had her acquaintance. The figure which the other doctors who had other complicated circumstances also resolved positively was drawn accordingly, but the tempo is also not good,
Since it was lacking in excitement, it was "nothing good" halfway. It is not difficult to imagine that Mr. Saito Ko himself starred as the most disappointing (Starring in a certain drama where the broadcast started recently,
Although it seems to be something positive, although it was such a boring character)
No matter how good they are a good actor, it will depend on the script, whether to live or kill.
Although it was not hopelessly bad as it was, I could not find any ingenuity or the like that caused me to think that the next story would be worrisome. Evaluation is "bad".