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Ishizaka Kei
Koji Hayashi
Yugo Kanno
Takuya Kimura
Aya Ueto
Miki Mizuno
Kei Tanaka
Kousuke Suzuki
Mayu Yamaguchi
Hirofumi Arai
Ken Mitsuishi
Ikkei Watanabe
Toshiyuki Nishida
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Japan Released:2015/04/16(Thu) 21:00-21:54 TV Asahi
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1. http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/imhome/ (Translation)
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2015/09/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"It was not bad, but I was regrettable that I was feeling fast in the end." This was the first impression for this drama.

From the beginning, it was the hero who suddenly experienced such a big accident, but that explosion scene may have been a bit cheap. He was able to escape to die, but recently
He lost memory of five years, he seems to have a high-order dysfunction, I actually thought that it was unnecessary because he had read manga of those who actually had such experiences ... .........
As I never forget to memorize the scenes I often watched afterwards, I was not drawn in detail such as fighting with such obstacles than I thought, the seriousness of the disorder did not convey much.

Before the accident she was a pretty ambitious family, she did not show such warmth to her family, she not only had a divorce experience, but also abused her relatives in the funeral of her stepfather (former wife's father) It was a hero who could not be said that human nature was good, but it was probably the place where he said "The legal name of injury". The figure which had originally regained "warmth" or "kindness" which should be possessed by humans has been drilled down more than a certain amount, and there are more than what makes kimutaku's performance and new grounds reminiscent. did. There was nothing wrong with the performance separately from the one before the accident in the last stage.

However, on the other hand, this seems to have been non-existent to him, but the former employee of the convenience store which the younger brother managed was unable to manage, that glasses that repeatedly carried out bad conduct such as posting to the net Mr. Akiru Endo (congratulations on your child's birth)) Although it was also the role of the protagonist, I was wondering whether he took on the role of such a 〓〓〓but after all it was a wise action I guess it was a frenzied one. I was told that the main character was shown on another surveillance camera,
It seems that the thing that you are doing is just a little threatened as "You are disturbing the powerful work", of course you did not post any of the above even after that, but you did not receive social sanctions I was slightly dissatisfied.

The fact that my former wife became cancer also was a stubbornly directed "fight against intractable diseases", but as I mentioned at the beginning, the point of "?" In the final stage is also noticeable slightly. Mr. Kazuki Sawamura thought that it was a guest cast like the last episode, was arrested right away, whether he could say whether he could make good use of his merit was a lot of doubt, surely his son
That 's a wonderful memorial service for the soccer club coach that he belonged to (the child between the second wife and Mr. Uchida Aya who also congratulated her birth), honestly said "I can not change people easily , He is a special case, it was not like I knew my seniors in my life I was talking! A stupid story. Well, for the last time I apologized for the last minute, it was better than the former convenience store employee's man, but Mr. Kei Tanaka was playing a boring character, but even if there was at least one more story at least You did it.

It was a feeling that both good points and "?" Points stand out. It was disappointing that I was not good at digging in particular about obstacles with higher-order dysfunction, and I was not good at using partly supporting actors. Evaluation is "normal" on the "bad" side.