[Drama]Blue Bird

Other media: Literature:Aoi tori
Drama total pnts rank Rank 620in 2,608 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 51.33
Drama rank of 1997 Rank 11in 46 titles
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Graphic2.00(Very good)2
Music2.00(Very good)2
Voice/Actor2.00(Very good)2
Character/Setting1.50(Very good)2
Made me think50%1/2
Hot heart0%0/2
Shed tears0%0/2
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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Hisashi Nozawa
Nobuhiro Doi
Etsushi Toyokawa Yui Natsukawa Shiro Sano Anne Suzuki Maiko Yamada
Lily Noboru Nakaya Gin Maeda Kazuyuki Asano TAKASI. UKAJI
Japan Released:1997/10/10(Fri) / End:1997/12/21
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2014/09/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
About what Akira Suzuki appeared.
[Bad point]
I do not understand the story. It might be a little difficult to understand in the age below junior high school students. (I think)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
With "bad"!

2007/11/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It seems that this was finally added. It is a work that made me inspirational to Toyoetsu.

[good point]

A good performance of the main cast

Riomori, the hero who plays Toyoetsu, was an honest station member, but he is a nihil second piece,
It was said that the face of Toyoetsu was exciting. Actually, it seems that he was reading mackerel at the age of 3 years. At this point it was 38 years old, but it is young. Kaori 's daughter who came to embrace that kind of thing, Akira Suzuki of poetry role also has memories of extravagant acting in natural body and being taken off by acting power. A certain big-tale politician who produced a buzzword with "poison bun" is a model wife, Mr. Shiro Sano also has a character as a villain.
There seemed to be sort of freshness and purity as if you wanted something extraordinary.

View of the world of the work

Nagano Prefecture where he was a governor who was a member of Mobil Oil was the stage,
There are also memories inspired by the beautiful nature. I would like to go to Nagano prefecture once again.

"I think you are ... ... ..."

One - darling Destiny singing by the glove of the small room system which was blowing the world for a long time was also one of her famous songs. KEIKO's singing ability of vocal looked back a bit and it was quite expensive. I think that female singers who are popular singers and have singing ability comparable to her are extremely rare. Mark, Panther also had a good taste.
The sales volume was about 880,000 pieces, but it was not funny even when it became a million seller.

[Bad point]

There is nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

What do you think if you saw this a certain politician like this (the politicians who chased him to retire himself more than anything but a stupid person more and more will want to make Japan more politicized .........), it probably was a masterpiece remaining in drama history. Toyoetsu was amazingly cool, Nagano's nature was also beautiful,
The theme song of the glove was also good with double circle.
Evaluation is large format and it is "best!"