[Drama]Ayashii kizuato no bijo Edogawa Ranpo no Injuu

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This title belongs to the series of Edgawa Ranpo no Bijo Series Shigeru Amachi Ver.
Drama total pnts rank Rank 2,038in 2,619 titlesTotal -1 / Deviation 47.78
Drama rank of 1985 Rank 19in 21 titles
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Ranpo Edogawa
Yasutada Nagano
Yuichi Ikeda
Hajime Kaburagi
Noritaka Sakamoto
TV Asahi Shochiku
Onoda Masayuki
Tyu Arai
Kitamachi Yoshiro
Hoshino Akiko
Yukitoshi Hori Habu Akihiko
Akira Nakao
Jun Negami
Japan Released:1985/03/09(Sat) TV Asahi
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2016/11/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:24925 Browser: 9081
It is one of the Edogawa Ranpo series of Tenchi Shigeru (it seems to be the last work broadcasted by Shigeru Amemi), which was recorded by CS free broadcasting the other day.
I feel that the original was "Shadow" as well, but it seems like it was like "Was there such a description?"
Even though I can evaluate around the absolutely impossible Erogro in contemporary drama, even though the story is a bit too tempting, I felt that I could read all the other in the second half. It is like having a SM in a drama that followed all the typical way of pulling a two-hour drama.

Well, as a thing that used Edogawa Ranpo work as the original material, there is also a fairly interesting situation that "murder is commented through a posted novel by a magazine, apparently a theatrical crime that can only be said that the author is involved in the incident" I think there was. The beginning also started from the scene where the criminal is hitting a word processor, but it was spooky somewhere including narration.
However, when the main line begins, investigations that seem to be seriously searching for the novelist, clues that would be too blatantly to say "originally" in the first place, crisis like the impossible crime at the beginning also resolved easily Flows to be done and so on, elements that attract viewers so much have gone away.
There are few elements like body beauty, the habit of transformation is also a relatively common thing "SM", the criminal was honestly Barebare. A lot of clues that are pretty easy to understand and thinness of mysteries, "Akechi Kogoro died with a car with a criminal" While developing it seems that there are quite a few extraordinary figures that seems to know the life and death of Akechi Kogoro It is the impression that it ended without any impact as a single thing, such as pulling as for children, love romance you see well.
However, if it says strongly, the deployment like 'victim is wiggle' was surreal and laughable, but here again it is one of 'blatant clues' ....

Was it good that the adult toy shop Akechi Kogoro interacted with Nakao Akira?
Akira Nakao who explains while grinning adult toys after all is also a little surreal and smiled unexpectedly, but I think that Akechi Kogoro none thing to do, I think it was quite a screech. That unique air seemed to be in the gap between serious and surreal only in the 1980s, so it was hard to put out in modern times.
It is the first time I see this series, but when it is the present age Edogawa Ranpo himself can not be broadcasted as a terrestrial drama in the first place. Well, it would be impossible to broadcast such a drama that such a SM play would be performed extensively.
Although there are also times around the time due to the times, I enjoyed it as a precious Showa erogrot.

The evaluation of this work is "bad".
Since I have recorded the two remaining works that were broadcasted on the same day, I think whether I will see it when I feel like it.