[Drama]Atami no Sousakan

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Joe Odagiri
Chiaki Kuriyama
Tetsushi Tanaka
Eri Fuse
Jiro Dan
Toshihumi Muramatsu
Suzuki Matsuo
Yasuto Hida
Takashi Tsumura
Ayako Fujitani
Sanae Miyata
Sou Yamanaka
Okano Maya
Yamazaki Kento
Nikaido Fumi
Someya Shota
Noguchi Mao
Sagara Itsuki
Hajime Yamazaki
Masato Hagiwara
Ryo Iwamatsu
Yoshiyuki Morishita
Satoshi Miki
TV Asahi MMJ
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Japan Released:2010/07/30(Fri) 23:15-00:15 TV Asahi / End:2010/09/17
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2016/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20195 Host:20366 Browser: 5171
Following the mystery associated with the evaporation incidents of four female students in fictitious local cities "South Atami City" "FBI in Japan" Kosaku Hoshizaki & Sayei Kitajima Area Investigators Mysteries of Comedy Touch drawing a success of combi Drama ... as if I thought, the degree of gloomless occult elements increased as I pitched over, eventually reaching the point where no one would expect it, in a sense, "legend" It has a feeling that even it has a work with a stated statement. Well, if you put it in a way that does not have a lid or a lid, it is "awfully awkward drama" w

The mystery of the "girls student evaporation case" that forms the backbone of the drama itself, the driver who only one of the four girls survived, the driver who was driven by fear and self-repulsion was stunned all over the city, Although school buses that carried girls at the end were discovered in a red rust state as if they had been doing a time slip from before the war, it is something that is attracted to the extraordinary things that have nothing to do but it is more interesting It is the existence of the eccentric weirdo who wanders around "South Atami City" like a fascination. Even so it is stupid stuff as much as to say that "I hold the hint of the incident" anyway.
Compensation of Komagu gag delivered in the play also functions cleverly as a camouflage for diverting the viewer's consciousness from the trend of dubious people, and it also has an eye to a specific character without being disturbed by a gag Even with a star attached, it is said that the person correlation diagram of this work is made up of the permission of denseness beyond imagination when preparing a punch that it was only Mislead staff in the long run, and it was made to be "grinning" I will.

On the other hand, because it was not so much penetrating that it was "a type of drama to appreciate on the premise," it was not "what's all this" from viewers watching with the same sense as existing mystery works It will be unavoidable for criticism to go up as well. Because it is a translation that the curtain is closed without a clear answer to the majority of the mysteries presented in the play, so it is expected that the mystery will be revealed, "the identity of the real culprit will be known" From the viewer's feelings that we were dating from, we would like to attach bad reviews. That mentions himself also drags the mood that made me say "What is the meaning of" 2 "after all?" "Who is Motoko?" W

As in "cassette tape" which was one of the key items, at the first time, she enjoyed "A side" in a form conforming to normal dramaturism, then turned over to "B side" on the back and twisted again When you view it, the outline of "things you did not see" and "things you did not notice" emerged with drowning ... The "instant" that witnessed the small borderline is the true point of "Atami investigator" I personally feel it.
Eric to be inserted symbolically Satie's "Gnoccienne No. 1 (from the one" he is the main theme of "That man, berserk" may be easier to understand) ", Gauguin's" We are from where Where are we going? Where are we going? ", The main character.The director's director's reminiscence of making the impression of the arrival of Kenzo Hoshizaki casually was exquisite. Personally, it is a work to remember even a certain kind of "love sacrifice".

2012/02/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5579 Host:5425 Browser: 5239
I was expecting that it was a new work of the "presidential police" team.
The story itself was fun and the mystery was solved little by little, although the development like a mystery thing was also good, it feels like it all ruined it in the last round.
It is the last thing that I personally do not want to be the first in a mystery thing to leave a mystery.
Still it was a fun drama, so "worst" can not be turned on.

2011/04/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24762 Host:24995 Browser: 8926
A mystery drama in which the protagonists of a wide area investigator solve the mystery of the disappearance incident on the fictitious world Minami Atami city.
[View of the world of works]
It is a distinctive mysterious world view that you do not even know whether it can be expressed with the word "surre" which invites non-orthodox laughter. Screenplay of "prescription police", it will be a view of the world peculiar to Satoru Miki, the director. Perhaps it is consciously taking over with Odagiri Joe's casting. If you fit in a key point it will be immersed fully.
If you give a place where you can feel general funny, it will be like a mischief battle between the hero's Odagiri Joe and the ladies police wielder Eri.
About the mystery itself of the missing case which is the core of this work itself is generally solved. You can see orthodox developments that keep poking close to the truth of the incident and keep track of the perpetrators. I think that it is easy to see because it leads obediently about the incident.
However, only the mystery remains. What is the meaning of the numbers, what is the South Atami city, the heroes live in the first place ... etc.
Various hints are stretched but it is not something to arrive at one answer. Probably intentionally leaving hints and mysteries, I think that it left it to interpretation by each audience's imagination.
However, speaking of giving freedom to what you see can be heard, but you can also view it as being a thrower or a negligent of the producer. Although I can solve for myself, contradictions also occurred, I could not arrive at complete conclusion, I could not deny the feeling of indigestion. I do not know the attitude that I will not make a complete conclusion for the view of the world, but I think at least there was a hint that could be tied to a concrete conclusion. The attitude that blurs the conclusion is seen in the main character 's decision zeffu "It is almost understood".
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The mysterious unique world view is not bad, but there are still bad things in the hints that do not properly pick up.
You will leave "?" To many viewers who saw until the last episode.
I make the evaluation "bad".

2010/10/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20606 Host:20428 Browser: 13672
In the story that the girls studying in the South Atami city disappeared, and Hoshizaki and Kitajima from the wide area investigators were dispatched several years later.

The content was interesting. It was nice to have laughter built somewhere like TRICK.
The feature of this work is the extraordinary number of hints.
Therefore, we can interpret various things about the incident, but some people say that it was eventually because hints were not collected at all.
This means that there are as many ways to interpret it

I think that there is criticism because the last is throwing in, I think that the way of interpretation is freedom is quite innovative and not a recent drama.

2010/09/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29588 Host:29487 Browser: 6425
Seemingly it seemed to be a slutty suspense drama which can not be a comedy as well as a mystery and a bus around the bus for four high school girls who have been missing in Minami Atami a few years ago, but I do not understand the meaning at all though did.
Especially the last round did not understand the most reason .... I do not know the last action of Hoshizaki, where I am going, and I still can not wipe the mooyamoya feeling.
YES.NO machine (blue and red bulb machine) I liked but still I do not even know the meaning of "2" ....
Does it make sense to those who understand?