[Drama]Asunaro sansannanabyoshi

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Kiyoshi Shigematsu Koudansha
Noriko Yoshida Fujiki Mitsuhiko
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Kyodo Televison,Ltd.
Toshirou Yanagiba
Ayame Gouriki
Shunsuke Kazama
Mituki Takahata
Takashi Sorimachi
Ouchida Yuhei Marie Iitoyo Momoko Kikuchi Toshiyuki Nishida Yoko Moriguchi Honkon
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Japan Released:2014/07/15(Tue) 21:00-21:54 Fuji Television Network, Inc. / End:2014/09/09
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2014/10/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14043 Host:13846 Browser: 7454
It was this drama where the evaluation was high in the restaurant etc, but I wonder if I could have seen it better than I thought.

Arakawa, President of Yale Bussiness and also the 15th cheering team, "The cheering team is hanging over the people trying hard to keep up with it, so we must sweat more than those people. Although it was also a typical athletic organization, Saito's Saito's "scandals in his subordinates (details will be described later) was his responsibility" Values) such as "Words of Wisdom" had a hot thing, the circumstances and commitment to cheering were conveyed.

Hosaka who was working hard for his daily living expenses, the girlfriend's girlfriend 's girlfriend, and the story that was focused on Noguchi and parents who my father had fallen ill was like such "heat" In the talk, especially the latter was a good impression also in the meaning that it was not easy to receive tears.
But it is. Morita is a story that Mr. Hara who was an advisor and a man who was a rival appeared.
Certainly this story is also Yamashita's role. Mr. Honkon Makkake !! That young brother who fought Saito was "the skin of a good face", in any case, Mr. Morita and Hara had a fight halfway with gags too I did not make me laugh with the feeling that I was interwoven, especially because the former pressed my responsibility to Saito, but still I could be a teacher of culture people, so it was "a great position". (Bitter smile)

And heroine is also. At the beginning, the activity of the cheering team was negative as well, but it was a setting that made it as expected as expected, but it is said that Mr. Ayumi Akira is another sharpness or not transmitted, Although I do not deny the capability itself as an actor of Mr., I received a feeling that it is not a bit engaged with the role. Sonoda who was also the director of the wind music department, especially the first half was an older brother who had a little nose, and the catharsis was the one that let the older brothers who were the scandals of the final stage admit their own absence, but after all Giba Chan will become a school run figure !! Because it did not deny that it was a topic that was ahead. I could not imagine it was such a terrible drama that it sank to a low audience rating, but ........ Well the evaluation is "bad" closer to "normal".

2014/09/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
It is a shame work that the bad impression of the start affected the viewer rating.

A story like a manga that a salaried man Fujimaki Daisuke on the verge of restructuring can command the rebuilding of Asunaro College cheering team, his alma mater, by the command of Yuichi Saito, the company's boss.
(It seems to be a digression but in the room of Daisuke "Dokaben" "Three Kingdoms" "BB" seems to be in full volume)

Initially I was not favored by both the impatient gym class and the fiery and frosty young people against it,
Relationships between elders and young people, parents and children, seniors and juniors, bosses and subordinates, husbands and wives have been portrayed in a well balanced manner with their positions and issues in mind together with faults and problems.
It seems to be making a cut in contemporary society where students, workplaces, families etc are not seriously facing each other.

The final round where university overreacted and Fujimaki became involved in the Yankee and dismissed.
The opinion that the young people who grew up to Fujimaki and Saito who were too accustomed to withstand unreasonable reality say "Do not confront unreasonableness!
People do good and bad influence. Senior citizens learn from young people in some cases.
Matsushita was the most charismist played by the rigidity, and the likability became higher.
Sorimachi feeling that the sense of lack of precision even appearing in Okawa is shining.

The disappointing thing is that two talks are cut down due to the audience rating,
Originally weak baseball club level up and separation of Saito and Yamashita was pretty abrupt.
But in the drama this summer I felt power especially. "Very good".