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Naganuma Makoto
Itoh Kyo Nanba Toshiaki
Ashida Mana
Suzuki Rio
Sakurada Hiyori
Konomi Watanabe
Shohei Miura
Hiroshi Mikami
Hinata Igarashi
Tanaka Kanau
Miki Sakai
Sawa Suzuki
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Japan Released:2014/01/15(Wed) 22:00-23:00 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION / End:2014/03/12
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2016/01/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Performance of the actor, in particular Hiroshi Mikami and Atsushi Ashida.
How to use music, the skill of directing.

[Bad point]
To understand the intention of the producer, it is necessary to have considerable reading comprehension (effort).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Below, spoiler attention!
The skill of the director is, for example, how to draw after the post shows the actual condition of the mother to the donkey, in order to blow off the donkey abandoned by the parent in the first episode, at first glance. Donke runs the banks at first "happy!", But suddenly sits down and starts crying as "Mama, terrible!" The post says, "How about this, you are the same (remembering your mother) but I will never be reminded because it is only pissing me off!" However, "I will absolutely be happy, but what is that happiness? It is happiness beyond what my real mother loves me ... ", I cry like squeezing out, I will return my heel and walk forward. Following it Donkey and Pia Mi, Bombie. The heroine dared to give a nickname of post (abandon the real name that my parent gave), and the figure which is going to live positively is drawn beautifully.

Another example is a scene where the demon king (faculty chief) is willing to see the children who are about to kick out the locker (facility staff) who caused the injury in episode 6. "If you are in difficult circumstances, you can understand the pain of others by that much, if you want to get close to each other when you are lonely, why do not you!" The screen changed and a conversation between post and Mizusawa Kane (city official). "I stayed by him (locker) forever" "Oh" "Why did you believe him? Never doubt" "Because the locker is a locker." The obvious thing and the post that acts, "the one that doubted once" is ashamed. There is no word for the following, but you can see everything with facial expressions.

The intention of the producer is a message to the audience.
1 The truth parent is better than the parent of the fact. What the Demonese told Donkey at the end of episode 8.
"It is not parents that gave birth, parents to nurture with full affection."

2 It is not always right not to tell a lie. It is right to tell the truth, it is best to say the other. For example, Donki's behavior from episode 6 to episode 8.
There is no lie in what Donkey said. The problem is that the purpose was not for the partner but to do it for himself (as a result) might be to dismiss the opponent. However, it was the real mother who made the darkness of the heart of Donkey. She took a deep scratch on her heart by throwing out her real daughter as if it were a pet.

3 Adults should not use children's "self-sacrifice". Attitude of homeroom teacher to posts from episodes 7 to 9.
His eye - the wife of a new homeroom teacher - can not admire from the heart that the girl named love died in the accident. I superimpose my daughter who died in the post and call it "love". Posts that do not know the mother's face also try to accept eyes as real mothers. But it is "false love" by erasing myself. I will accept the homeroom dare.

4 The affection that parents give to children for the first time is "name"
In the first episode, Donkey said, "Mother gave birth to me, made me tight, and filled a number ...". Although she is abandoned by her mother herself as a donkey herself, she is taken over by an understanding foster and regains the name Maki. Other children are the same. Meanwhile, the post forces Demon to pull back and "officially" makes it his own daughter. I wrote "officially" because the devil trusted the post the most among the children (I loved it), but because I had to deal with the strictly purposely on purpose of the facility director. In the last scene, the two of us had taken a picture of "Papa and the real name of the post" on it.

5 Do not be unwavering from making yourself, being a mother.
In the ninth story, Mizusawa Kane who was canceled engagement because he did not change his resolve to continue working, although "getting into his family to be a good wife, a good mother" was the condition of marriage, told the locker. I think that it is not your age or work experience that you are unwavering. It is awareness and responsibility of becoming a mother.
Although it will be a bit of a story, Satan's wife has a sense of being a mother and a sense of responsibility, but after inevitably aborting, I could not regain my relationship of trust with my husband. Is it because I lost sight of the unwavering person.

It is a very dramatic drama. Probably there were more authors' messages. I think that it was left to each viewer how to take it and how to make use of it.
I wanted to make a comprehensive evaluation "very good", but since there are a lot of expressions that are too misleading, I reduced points and made it "Good".

2014/09/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46114 Host:46128 Browser: 10902
[good point]
Music is plain in nature. I feel like Shinko Nojima's song.
Scenes that the demon admonished the children who condemn the lockers who violently violent by righteousness. I wonder if there are many viewers who reviewed him there.
That all of the people at Kogamo 's house had a happy ending.
Post is a fuck.
[Bad point]
Guest 's wheelchair girl' s endings are miserable.
King of the first half is the King. Of DQN.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
With "Good"!

2014/03/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
This drama that the main character suddenly began to live with girls who do not know other faces at the child care facility! The institution manager seemingly does not convey the affection for the children, does not quit even corporal punishment (such as bringing a bucket to a bathroom etc) Also a domineering person "I wonder what's going to happen" Due to criticism and pressure from the facility, it was feeling that after the midfield it was forced to change the route. However, it says that how to change the route was bad, or it became a development that went further stray.

As a conversation between junior high school students and high school students, it seems that they did not feel uncomfortable, the performances etc that were overwhelmed by the actors' children were not blurred, and the fantasy production such as the appearance at night was seen "?" Well, it was the facility manager.

The opening part is a scene screaming at the doya face with the eyes etc. of the public to children who have no parents such as the main character "I teach you" Severeness of reality "to you who I do not know about!" It was seen.
(No, I definitely do not intend to say that I do not have any prejudice against such children, though)
As a matter of fact, the locker who faced the death of a mother who was carrying a dark past as well as a bastard father such as a bastard this time, also faced the death of a mother who was tearfully received other children against the threat of that trauma or other man He saw the episode that he tried to go out and said, "There are increasing numbers of adults who are lucky for their convenience, but it is over if you become such a person!
As you are a child so we can make it in time !! I had a "cushion" in my mind !! "I was stressed like that, but it was exaggerated and preaching to me. Mr. Hirofumi Mikami also thought that it is a good acting actor though it is plain, but how to use was shifted like a child 's stuff.

And "He was also such a poor person" The past was also revealed.
The foster who tried to pick up another child had a dialogue with "Mr. Shoobu Sakagami" on Mr. Shinobu Sakagami recently, "I am a stork, but I also mistake the stork," and I recently had a discussion with a variety variety program, Special guest Hiroyuki Adachi (I thought that hero is my hero)
After appearance, in fact it was a happy ending to confirm that I had a true parental affection for the hero, but I was in a mood all the time to the "finale of the impression" which was thin with a child. "They" seemed to feel that they were drunk as "borrowed" conveniently this facility director in particular. From me.

It is true that Mr. Takashi Okamura of Nainai said that boring criminers have increased, and now it may have been forced to change the route, "Homemakuko" and "march of the saints" if it is not well done. Either one was a drama involved in the production by Mr. Nojima Shinko, but it may have been better if he was going through the first line on the first route, no matter how bad it would be. Well, "Facility of Doha facial assertiveness using Mr. Mikami of the facility chief and its casting"
As you can see also well that their "beliefs" and so on were all that extent.

It can be said that the bad place such as "Queen's classroom" and "Mita of housekeeper" became even worse, originally did not expect good sense of such social problem, barely raised a problem Perhaps it was a terrible drama with a different nature with the drama who appointed popular celebrities disproportionately. Evaluation is tough, but I will make it "worst".

2014/03/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18979 Host:18960 Browser: 4894
Recommended Objects: If you like watching child performance. Or if you want to pursue topicality, ant?

[good point]
Children's cute cuteness

[Bad point]
The parting of overtness and over-action of the phrase-run is a bit of a revelation that a filter has been applied to the expression of the dirty part of adults

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Unfortunately, it seems that some prototypes have been revised from the content that was originally scheduled, due to protests from relevant organizations.
Because it made it stimulating, such as naming of characters approaching taboo, the story of the important was suffering.
Perhaps it was more than the anticipated reaction of the production side, but imaginably it was supposed to have not intended to negatively describe the child care facility even in the original content. Even if there are things that can be painful with serious seasoning.
After having completed with initial direction again, I wanted to talk about the contents drawn there ...

Well, it can not be helped to write a story of imagination any more, so after this I will evaluate it based on the content that was broadcast.
As I wrote in a good point, a lot of child roles were out, and everyone showed quite good performance.
Sometimes it feels a little overblown performance, but by receiving it as an expression because of the environment where they live, I was able to see myself as a positive factor. Among them, I felt post performance was still good. I think that goodness will be conveyed sufficiently even if you thinner a little extra coloring.

It is just a facility supporting the backbone of the work.In regard to the role of adults, it is a bit unsatisfactory as a drama.
Even if it draws badly after all, it is a scenario development that should finally become a good person with reasons.
Especially the role of the facility chief should be a man with deepness because it touched a lot on bad side and good side of human beings ... Unfortunately I could not feel like that person. I feel like I can not boil it.

To the contrary, it can be imagined from the facility which becomes the stage that the minus part of the world is a drama in an environment unfortunately appearing collectively. Drawing various violence including ego and words there,
It is indispensable to describe the contrast and influence of children and adults, etc. as opposed to a teacher's part, but an ideal part that is not a monk who still deserves affection as a drama It should have been.

In addition, there was something that made me feel a sense of incompatibility for myself who wanted to enjoy the serious drama itself, which was added as an element to relieve the spicyness of realism, such as expressing an expression that is not realistic in part. I think that it is sufficient only with a lovely but lovely part expressed as a nature from a child. I can not laugh away, only "ironic" can be received, and I do not feel the goodness of sense that it feels interesting. Even if it was not simply interesting, I wanted you to be entertained in a straightforward manner as entertainment after hitting the problem presented.

Because it is unscrupulous but the environment is hard for the stage, it is because you will feel empathy and emotion in the form of aiming for happiness and happiness.
Unfortunately, I could not understand why I painted this child care institution on stage as it sounded to my heart even at the final round. And aside from the early stage there are few cases of shocking or surprising developments,
There was nothing to see especially in terms of scenario in the scarcity of undulation that will remain at a predetermined harmonized level.

Evaluation is "bad". People who would like to enjoy kids acting purely, people who want to enjoy the topic of having sponsored by protest and have reached content change, may be good if they are interested in them.
However, if it emphasizes the content of the drama, it is unfortunately a work that can not respond to expectations for that subject.