[Drama]Ashita Ga Arusa

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Yoshimoto Kougyou
Mitsuyoshi Takasu Toshiya Ono Daisuke Habara
Toshihiko Sahashi Ri Toshio Hitoshi Iwamoto
Nakanishi Kyou
Masatoshi Hamada Izumi Inamori Kanpei Hazama Shiro Ito Takashi Fujii
Kouzi Higasino Shozo Endo Naoki Tanaka Yukie Nakama Hanako Yamada
Mitsuru Fukikoshi Toshirou Yanagiba Yukio Aoshima
Haruko Sagara Kazumasa Koura Kumiko Tsuchiya Yuka Itaya Emi Yamamoto
Yuka Hirata Hitoshi Matsumoto Kei Shimizu Monta Mino Maiko Toda
Shiro Kishibe Lasalle Ishii (lasa-r Ishii) Katsuhiko Watabiki Manami Konishi
Fujiki Takashi Rikiya Ryugo Hashi Toshiki Ayata Shunji Fuzimura Hiroshi Fujioka
Kanako Fukaura Kiyoshi Nishikawa Asami Mizukawa Masanobu Katsumura Matsushigeyutaka
Hidekazu Akai Kyo Hanaki Hosokawatoshiyuki Ryo Tamura Turubei Syohukutei
Japan Released:2001/04/21(Sat) / End:2001/06/30
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2014/01/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43979 Host:44230 Browser: 5386
It is a salaryman drama that unfolds mainly Yoshimoto entertainers born from CM of Coca-Cola's canned coffee "Georgia".

Toshiro Yanagabi, who is a department man director of downtown Hamada who came to Tokyo headquarters from Osaka, and Toshiro Yanagaba has worked hard to choose not even the means, but the work of the first principle Mochizuki 1 chief, the confrontation of the section chief, Hamada's assignee There are various habits like the things of the 13 departments, and the character stood as it is and it is full of personality very much.

Seriously painting hard work as a salaried man, but on the surface it makes it comical and interesting, making people trying to reassure people who are on the viewer's side somehow, creating such a comical atmosphere It was the most interesting method though, I think that the appointment of Yoshimoto entertainer played a major part in the casting.

Although downtown Matsumoto that should be the counterpart of Hamada is said that the feeling that the performance of the standard language is slightly awkward can not be wiped out from the reaction that the majority of Yoshimoto entertainers were only famous in Kansai , I feel doubt that the standing position can not be grasped by changing the roles each time, but I think that it is quite a fun work unless you care about the details.

2013/03/03 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12259 Host:12112 Browser: 5682
Although it was made into a movie, ......

Originally, it was a tie-up plan from canned coffee CM, but in reality,
I think that the depiction of unreasonable events etc. in salaried work life was drawn as it was. Especially remained in the impression was the story that Endo (Mr. Shozo)'s friend also appeared as a half of a fraudster combination, but the old guard of a security guard who was snatched for hands on the Moon Moon
(Castor: Mr. Shunji Fujimura), it was extraordinary just because it did not appear again.

But the script was less than average point. Hamada (Mr. Masae) chief's assertion when faced such an unreasonable event.The sermon somewhat flimsy and the bottom is shallow,
It was poor in catharsis. Also, I talked about Mr. Tanaka (Mr. Naoki), who was relatively uncomfortable despising the company's money but embezzled,
The Mochizuki mentioned earlier was also a wind pretending to be suffering from diabetes somehow,
It becomes a good person depending on the spot in the spot, eventually becoming a good person,
It was also a point of deduction that conspicuous development was conspicuous as those who tried to make the company cold-blooded and forced to recover firmly when it tried to evict a man named Taniguchi (cast: Hidekazu Akai) It was an element.

Mr. Mino Masato guest appearance as a principal role, showing a self parody of "Quiz Millionaire", or Mr. Kunimasa Yamazaki (hiragana) in the final story "Downtown Gaki no Usa"
Although he was laughing at the scene such as Haypo (laugh) which laughed at laughter who can not be laughed at all than a poor comedian, the theme song "There is tomorrow" was also subtle. That song is to the end Sakamoto Kyu Mr. Sakamoto Mr. Sakamoto became a masterpiece because it is a vocal feels distinctive warmth, I was honestly recognized that comedy entertainers who were not main jobs felt a little seductive.

Apparently, in the main business, Mr. Ito Shigeru, Mr. Izumi Inamori, Mr. Yukie Naka, and a character as a villain stood up because lots of famous places such as Mr. Toshiyuki Hosokawa are gorgeous and gorgeous,
The actual style was a rather dull drama that was halfway halfway,
Well it may have been useless since it was originally original. But the evaluation is a place where I said "very bad" is reasonable.

2009/11/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7450 Browser: 8718
"Comedy power of comedian" It is exhausted to this It was popular at that time, but I cut it on the way

2007/10/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11634 Host:11761 Browser: 5234
There were many gorgeous casts of Yoshimoto, but in other words, it was a work which ended in "just that". Speaking of the perfection of the drama, I did not think that it was very interesting because I did not like the salaryman drama of this type rather than the funny part, and it seems rude to Hamada Masako himself, but Matsumoto of the partner No matter how much I acted as a protagonist of drama, no matter how I sang a theme song no matter how much I was singing (I think that things like "WOWWOW TONIGHT" and "Eccentric boys 'bowie" got hold of the fans' hearts) I feel like I have not released it.

Except for some people excluding the characters of the performers as it is, it seems that it was easy to remember that they made it easy for them to understand, but still it was hard to say that there was a trick And then, as for the personality of the character, I feel that there is a feeling that it is overheated ... somehow, at NHK, I was doing a comedy drama of this kind, and fresh taste It seems like there was nothing, and the entertainer seems to have appeared in a work that is hard to distinguish from both the director and the drama.

In addition to Koji Imada to this work and Koji Higashino later, I participated in many programs and dramas such as Ito Itsuji, and Kurano Takahiro etc as well as YOU and Ryoko Shinohara as an actress, but even though the original was I'm from a comedy program, and if I say whether I could get enough fun and individuality like that, I feel that it is not so.

Although Hamada's song was listening at that time, it was not too much encouragement, and since the rest of the comedic show started regulating, and it has been away from such things, it remains in the impression, "Such a drama There was a feeling that it was over now to the extent that it was ".

It may be because the weight was occupied by the part of the TV drama starring famous entertainers. The impression that such a birthmark and the performer of the entertainers who did not have the light at the time of comedy show never got attracted is strong now, so even these works may be made in the future I do not know.

2007/10/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1407 Host:1252 Browser: 5598
Many Yoshimoto entertainers have appeared, but they do not feel uncomfortable especially in acting, it is a work that was enjoyed.
In the story development, the sharpness of the serious scene and the comical scene was effective and it was very enjoyable.
I was glad that the view of the world was bright, and I think that all the characters were unique and good taste was put out.
As always the thematic song, the always positive style was good.
Since I think that it is a work that I enjoyed without having complaints especially when viewing it, I make the evaluation "highest!".

2007/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6850 Host:6775 Browser: 5234
Certainly this work was the cast member was feeling like Yoshimoto entertainer's all-star arrangement.

As for the story, I think that Hama-chan of downtown was a thing depicting a struggle to work every day as a salaried worker,
Even so, I think that the cast who took Hama-chan as a protagonist wonderfully became suit. Hama 's good acting is really perfect for a salaryman who supports the family, and the sense of the producer side' s casting fits perfectly in this work as far as this work is concerned.

Also, the interestingness of this work is seriously made comical as a salaried man while drawing seriously, but also made to try to reassure people who are on the side of the viewer side to the last, made to the end just like that comical I think that the appointment of Yoshimoto entertainer was successful as it was the most interesting means to create an atmosphere.
It was probably that the performer was just a qualified person for making such a comical atmosphere, but at the same time, even though thinking about its name recognition, there were many members familiar with the world, so the response of the viewer was good It is not.

The theme song is also easy to remain in the ear, the atmosphere of this work is also cheerful and encouraged by the positive feeling, there is also a part that is cheerful and I think that it was an interesting drama to watch casually and fun anyway.
Also, I was able to laugh at the existence of Matsu who personally played a mysterious man appearing before Hama in the play.

Evaluation is "good".

2007/01/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5559 Host:5239 Browser: 6271
Well maybe it was good in the sense that it is a plan that matches songs. "Somehow" It was exactly "there is tomorrow", is not it? I could hardly imagine the result of each round, but it is still settled as "somehow". Watching and feeling stabilize. Oh yeah, in the final round, Yamazaki Kunio was up to Haypo and Gersault, right? But truly Haypaw and Gersault did not appear on the performers' telop. Even in Inamori, scars were healed by interaction with Hama - chan between photographs. And Haruko nice ~ ~. I like that character quite a lot.

2006/12/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17368 Host:17149 Browser: 4487
It was a thing that made CM of canned coffee tailored for a comedian entertainer into a real salaryman drama ... ....

At first, as a full-fledged salaryman drama, I think that the severity of the salaried worker's world and the serious part were drawn so much and for the achievements that Yanagi played synchronously with the department manager of the downtown Hamada acting director Hamada who came to Tokyo headquarters from Osaka It is said that Mr. Mochizuki who plays the role of Mr. Mochizuki, 1 Moving Moon Moon Moon 1 of the first workist who is also unable to choose any means, resembles Muroi manager who was performing in the "Odoru Daisousasosa" , The Moon Moon here is shifting to quite a villain from personality to function as compared with Muroi, impression is bad), the department of 13 departments also have various habits, and so on, the character will do as it is, and that only Then it was "Somewhat drama".

However, originally it was only "CM that a comedian is doing", and, additionally, there was the impression that the Kansai artians occupying the majority of the thirteen departments talk about disappearing in the vicinity where they are speaking awkward common language , Or even "rice cake shop", unfortunately those who were not accustomed to drama in acting as well. Rather, it is true that it is done by acting person, but Yoshihabu Toshiro, Inamori Izumi, 13th division insects in the lion body Fukoshige Mitsuru or Ito Shigeru around it.

Even if you dictate the sorrow of the company as it is, although it is something like a salaried worker, although it is only a drama of the planning precedent, if it makes me say honestly, even if the actors of the professional actor do their best, originally It can be said that it was impossible to make a full-fledged drama that only a comedian drama tailored CM is.