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Drama rank of 2014 Rank 3in 103 titles
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Kazuhiko Shimamoto SHOGAKUKAN Monthly Shonen Sunday
Yuya Yagira
Mizuki Yamamoto
Ken Yasuda
Tsuyoshi Muro
Tomoya Nakamura
Kuroshima Yuina
Yui Ichikawa
Haruna Kojima
Wakana Aoi
Kenji Urai
Jiro Sato
Yosuke Omizu Rubber Girl
Adati Osamu
Takuji Kawakubo
Kaname Endou
Uechi Haruna
Gaku Hamada
Toshio Okada
Toru Furuya Hiromi Tsuru Makio Inoue Masako Nozawa Masako Ikeda Yoshito Yasuhara Teruhiko Aoi Ushida Hiroko Koichi Yamadera Katumi Toriumi Ryotaro Okiayu Kappei Yamaguchi Ryoichi Tanaka Kawakami Koji
Japan Released:2014/07/18(Fri) 00:12-00:52 TV TOKYO Corporation / End:2014/09/27
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1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/official/aoihonoo/ (Translation)
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2015/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15194 Browser: 7868
[good point]

〓〓〓nimation production and manga writing etc. Paintedly depicts "the severity of living in that industry". The picture is not very good, is it manga or animation? Such trial and error also had reality. Originally it was autobiography.
〓〓〓eproduction of name scenes that captured the hearts of old-fashioned animation fans. Narration also,
Mr. Toru Furuya who has been playing a number of heroes was probably the best qualifier that he could not do any more, but he feels as if he is really alive, such as Captain Herlock (Mr. Inoue Makio) and Hijikata Hijikata (Ishizuka Unshochi) Although it was, I was showing off cool words.
〓〓〓ne scene cut by ending. In the final story, Professor Shimamoto Kazuhiko also appeared, but it was impressive that it was a different appearance from the style from the style.

[Bad point]

〓〓〓he hero who would have been Shimamoto sensei's "division", once I was raised about my manga, I was not able to laugh at the state of the time when I was pointed out shortcomings or gags,
To be sure, Hima proposal ("Why do not you draw a Yaomato parody?"), Too much self-consciousness, such as taking a decision on Hana as a spooky amateur on that road, and Mr. Shuzo Matsuoka and so on, but hear a little bit It is fine if you do it, but working together is a little ... maybe. (Bitter smile)
〓〓〓n addition to that, Mr. Yasuda's role as Mr. Anno Hideaki was well similar to himself,
Teacher Osamu Tezuka lost his image in Mr. Okada Toshio. I made it to cosplay and I managed to make it look like it somehow. It was subtle whether Mr. Kosuwaru who was role of Masumi was also a cast that made use of her goodness.
〓〓〓nd also at the end ....... Even if it was successful as a manga artist, there might have been a commandment to himself that would not forget the timing of repeating such trial and error It may have been a bit too straight.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I do not know the original, but well or bad it was a teacher-like style drama.
It was a feeling that I did not start with the aim of simply receiving anime fans, and I was drawing a mixture of various taste of youth being passed away, but somehow I can share such "heat" with this teacher ... It was .... It was. Evaluation is "normal".

2015/03/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22173 Host:22264 Browser: 4721
A story aimed at professionals in the 80's Geijyo students.

The highlight is young creators' suffering.

Hideaki Amano creates Eva after classmates and gives a shock to the hero.
The impression that saw the works of Anano was stimulated, not going to be a goal I regret that it is an interesting place of this work.
And there is a descent to give up on the animator itself.

This scene, oddly high pride, because it seems that the hero changed the route easily because it is not defeated, but the shock scene that I encountered this Amano work, this is not the work on the same axis, that is, effort Maximum admission of Anno as long as it does not overtake catch up and overtake it is not it?
I painted the feeling of a young creator up to a considerable depth and it was a good work within the framework of a late night drama.

Expression is good while touching gag touch. J jump editor and no P has a laugh.
Kazuhiko Shimamoto and Hideaki Anno I think that anime fans can also be seen as they have focus, so I think that whether I can enjoy it is the most interested in the 80s subcar.

2014/10/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23814 Host:23764 Browser: 5173
Cartoonization of cartoon "Aoi Honoyo" depicting youth of college days of Shimamoto Kazuhiko.
Even though the original is not finished, Kazuhiko Shimamoto 's life, which is Omoto, has finished college years, so I finished drawing it until pro debut without any problems.

Well, the main character is named Flame Moyule, but his high analytical skill and anime viewpoint were interesting first of all.
Moyul aiming for creator talks about what kind of method is used in manga and animation, what kind of pattern is not used yet at the moment ... and so on. While sometimes making a mistake or shameing, I managed to move forward somehow, while I felt the disparity with rival Anno Hideaki, he steadily advanced.
It seems that the characters such as Flame and Anano of this time were approaching professionals with the high work analysis power as weapons against the surrounding people who were aiming for creators by enjoying entertainment.
But since Furo himself has a sabotic habit, it tends to be full of somewhere, the pace of drawing manga and animation is late, ingenuity is being done for something, or something felt frustrating. Although it is a tightrope walk, has I gotten the quality to steadily achieve my dreams?

It was interesting to Erio Hideaki's episode which was a genius of a threat to flurry himself in the eyes of Flame against the general character Flame Moyur.
In the last few years, works depicting Amano's pleasant private life were imaged in a series of successions, and his character was often picked up in the television on the basis of the special effects science museum and "wind standing" This is also consistent, "Anno who plays Ultraman's maniac neta" reflected quite interestingly.
Compared to the flame that has a habit of skipping with something reason and reason, Anano was a heterosomorphic genius that once stopped working, it seemed like a genius, it would have been a pretty impatient looking from the flame. It seemed like there was consciousness like Osaka University of Arts's employment was very few, "If you can not make a manga artist's debut by graduation, it feels so bad".

In addition, various people who became famous with reality such as Hiroyuki Yamaga, Takami Akai, Kentaro Yano and Toshio Okada have come out, but it is amazing to see so many things come out.
Real genuine Okada Tousa played Tezuka Osamu, Kazuhiko Shimamoto himself did the shopkeeper of the motorbike shop, and was able to laugh with a casual starring.
There are also many people who have impressions like Yamada Takayuki, Hamada Take, Morozuyoshi, Sato Norio, Fukuda director's work like regulars, and it seems to be a culmination of the director.

I also read the original, but I think that the atmosphere was wonderful as it was.
Yuyasu Yanagi and Yasuda Kuni were all good and the episodes were summarized, but they were almost faithful, and there were a lot of patterns "I will laugh when I know what kind of lines will come next".
Another scene that Mr. Tsuda says "Hurry! Kun!" And hits the shoulder pechepeach was particularly cute as it was originally. A scene that drops a dark shadow with the flame's argument of "Long hair is cute" will come much more.

In the final round, when we picked up the line of friendship with rival Anano (celebrating the pro debugeed flame and getting a sign), "I buy a motorcycle with professional debut someday" wasteful "generation change Expansion that leads to "Burning Pen" and Expansion for Original Fans to End with "Dare to Sleep!" Expanding "ending" is a college-era companion on the way to the end of the story, "This is burning!" Everything was completed with lots of things, but various things were included anyway and the tension has risen to a great extent personally.

Evaluation is "very good".
As a youthful story of Hanamoyuru, it was an ending that feels somewhat endless ... is not it?
My father who seems to have been just a college student in the 1980s seems to have been looking diligently more than me, although it is not interesting in this manga, even though it seems to be for otaku, even as a young person of a college student, a high degree of completion It can be said that it was a work that it had.

2014/10/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10876 Host:10813 Browser: 4181
To be honest, it is a work that is somewhat difficult to evaluate as "a story". Or, there are too many stories that you do not know unless you are familiar with geek culture to some extent (laugh)

But when you look at it as 'fictional autobiographical fiction for geeks' ... ... there are not many other interesting works.
It is a semi - autobiographical content that set Osaka University of Arts, now a school where rich races are gathered, when the nerd culture of the 1980 's was rising.
Moreover, the young people who are indispensable in the Japanese subculture later, such as Anno Hideaki and Yamaga Hiroyuki, are drawn with considerable scale.

Youth graffiti when creators were still immature, living organisms of nerds of the 1980s. It is exactly what this "Aoi Honoyo" painted it
The main character was the main character.Furu Moyule's self-consciousness over self, self-defense with something "Even though it is an otaku, it is a form of immature as a creator", a group of Hideaki Anno's "steadily into the professional world It is a contrast of the figure stamping on foot.
However, it is also interesting that the simple composition that one is good and one is bad is not done. People have speed to walk, and there is luck with no luck. I do not seem to say that the road to the creators is not a single one. Such a storyteller is unique.

The muddy appearance that the hero arbitrarily seems to be ruined by herself is not taken up much in recent animation and the like.
However, for those who are willing to be creators, there will be no more works that will take care of themselves and become more energetic. It is because Honoo knows what the story is like, and the story itself is a feature that is different from interesting but it will surely give you various lessons.

It is a work I would like to see if I self-name cartoon otaku, and on the contrary, it is also a somewhat hard-to-enjoy work for those who are not with such culture.

2014/09/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26629 Host:26618 Browser: 9931
If you dare to mention from discontented place, "Why all 11 episodes ?, if it's a cool work, it will be two more episodes later than a digestion digest (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Goru!" A live-action drama version "Aoi Honoyo" that could not be seen as a conspicuous difficulty, but it did not seem to be a prominent disappointment, but it was also influenced by the fact that it was not able to cut as much as the difference in the summer animation group in 2014, You became the first "fun" in a week.

The main character who continues to suffer by being overwhelmed with "reality" overestimating his skill as well as "I am not serious yet." Hero Moyule shows the stray vibrations of Brevle and steadily as a contrast of flame Success of Gainax group (w excluding Yamaga Hiroyuki) that accumulates skills as a "creator." Story, the wonder of Mr. Yuichi Fukuda who draws the youth group image plays unique to the '80's It's fun just looking at the main point, but the charm of sub-characters who were given "dense" more than the original such as Yano Kentaro and MAD Ho Lee are monstrous monkeys, so almost every time I was satisfied with the feeling of satisfaction that I would be hungry all the time. Yano's appearance scene looking down on him with BGM as a masterpiece "Dashi Sharu Sha" over the flame over "Fire from above", it will blow out with a conditional reflection on too much awesome picture ww w
The favorite is Mr. Tonko, but Mr. Tsuda also wants to "keep" the flame's sweet "Who are you?" Swinging, and the decisive lines of "Eating ......... 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 Okada Toshio's plan to use the prohibition mark for "Daikon 〓〓〓opening animation" Although there are many depictions that can be made to be "Irah", it is true that each of them has been established as a "gag" properly for praise To do.
Meanwhile, when it is an original manga, it is not possible to think that it is a real episode as much as the difference, remove the BASARI series of "Driving school series" and narrow down the focus of the story to "Youth group image of creators" until then, discarding from the original You can say that the selection was excellent. Anno Hideaki in the atmosphere such as "There is not a flame like in the eyes" actually is evaluating flame properly as the same creator, and in the scene that shows respect to him by seeking a sign, literally "a mysterious emotion" occurs I did it w

Mr. Akai Teruhiko if Captain Harbor, Mr. Makio Inoue in Captain Herlock ... as much as possible, despite a few scenes as much as possible Original luxury fan service that uses casts to reproduce the original cartoon is also attractive It is one of the basic elements. Evaluation is "very good", but it may be possible "best" in how "director's cut version" can be recorded on Blu-ray BOX ....
Anyway, I'd like to expect good news from the second phase. Whatever you want, you can send "burning pen" with the same staff? Of course, Flame Ten Burning Fighter is Mr. Yuya Yanagi.

2014/09/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26462 Host:26655 Browser: 5139
Originally, when Yangsang serialized, I was reading with manga, but it became bigger when it became a picture.
There are many gags, such as facial work, but it is pleasant to see the background of the activities of the students at the time purely.
We are excited to watch and listen to the process until Gainax members other than the main character appear on the stage.
The performance of each actor is also wonderful!

2014/07/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26629 Host:26403 Browser: 9932
Originally Yuichi Fukuda who is compatible with Shimamoto Kazuhiko's work may also work on it, and I read that it will not be removed, but ... this fun is more than I expected.

More than anything, I am amazed by the directing power that faithfully reproduces the unique "air" that the seriousness and flirtiness of the '80s coalesced together. Of course, the effects of gadgets such as comics magazines of the time used in the play and fashion of the characters are also great, but from the conversation of the students oozing "I want to fulfill ambition but it is troublesome to make efforts but it is troublesome" How thinking is like '80s, as one of the people who knows "that time", I was unable to suppress the strange funnyness coming up while watching.

Mr. Yasuda Akira Anno who showed Hajikake enough to think that his own living spirit is possessed, casts a prominent shine with Ultraman's role in the play during the cast .
Mr. Yuya Yanagi who starred as a star also succeeds at the time when it makes the viewer think "this guy" or "bastardy" (it is such a character that "Flame Moyule" is such a character w), by all means aim for the "hated leading role" Please do your best.

He also blew gigs that were included everywhere, such as flaming and Anano 's paranormal cartoon comparison verification, and a flame that interferes friends trying to move to the Yamaga group in a natural way. How long have you been looking after TV drama and laughter lately ...? Anyway, deciding to continue viewing with big expectations in the future!