[Drama]Aogeba toutoshi

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Other media: Comics:Aogeba totoshi! / JP movie:Aogeba Totoshi
Drama total pnts rank Rank 1,622in 2,608 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 48.50
Drama rank of 2016 Rank 72in 120 titles
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Yoshihiro Izumi
Yu Takami
Hirakawa Yuichiro Ken Yoshida
Toho Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Akira Terao
Mikako Tabe
Murakami Nijiro
Anna Ishii
Kitamura Takumi
Gaku Sano
Yamoto Yuma
Kaoru Fujiwara
Minakami Kyoka
Okazaki Sae
Takahata Yuuta
Natsumi Ishizaki
Hinako Tanaka
Toshinori Omi
Takeshi mazu
Kouji Ishizaka
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Japan Released:2016/07/17(Sun) 21:00-21:54 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/aogeba-toutoshi/ (Translation)
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2016/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4650 Host:4682 Browser: 5171
[good point]
I felt affection for the teacher 's body, student' s heart, I thought that there would be such a teacher.

[Bad point]
None at all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think it's good, but ...

2016/10/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2899 Host:2666 Browser: 7961
Originally it seems that it was a true story, it seems that the bad school girls who mixed the brass band elements also seemed to be a drama, the oldest starring is also the second generation actor as well as Mr. Teruo Terao,
Two pairs of handsome brothers also sells as a set (?), But at the latest it revealed the horse leg in the middle stage, after all it was a feeling of soft landing on the masterpiece.

Even though he and Miwa who was an old gentleman who had calmed down at a glance,
Some people were frustrated, but they seemed to be pretty much overwhelmed with the brothers who were bad as they did not want to diverge the energy, the combination of good compatibility could not be seen in any way, and the chair was on the window glass It could be said that the scene which I threw and symbolized also symbolized this work ... ...

In the former, the passion for music is not decayed at all even if the professional activity is stopped, people who deserve serious attention to the latter as a seniority person who deserves respect in the ordinary, respectfully, everyone is united, Even if it takes time to make efforts, most dreams would come true "It was a big courage, a bond that could not be broken".

However, from around four episodes this drama obviously got strange.
Of course, because of the lack of model.There is no other intention in Mr. Tadao Nakazawa's lifetime performance ..........
Conflicts as to which one should be taken for your future ........ Hiroyoshi, a narrow value that can only see humans by academic background, etc. The controversy with my father who was a contemporary daughter who had an idea, that Hiroshi was also involved, but the trouble with the other school where the brass band was a bit better just at a training camp ETC ... ...... It became a response of "promise" in a bad meaning that did not deviate greatly like patterns seen in other dramas and movies. Several themes that I would have wanted to appeal such as "courage", "friendship", "bond", "effort" etc. of the corner also appeared somewhat blurred from myself.
If you could say it in baseball, I was leading by a close margin, but from there I could not take the chance of a pushing point after the midfield and lay the remaining bases and when I noticed, I felt as if I had been able to see the game that was lost reversed was.

Speaking of the trouble on the training camp again, the classmates of the middle school days who smoked a smoke to Hiroshi also did not qualify to defeat others and to admit youth, but that adviser as well.
It should have been a disgusting man like you looked down on Higuma and others from Hana but at last it got to recognize the ability of Misaki High School while advising proper advice while winning at the competition etc. Do not forget the charm of music, I love you It was also drawn that there was also one side,
Such depictions that wiped out bad impressions at first glance were also unexpected and insufficient, and after all it was those who existed only to complement the justice of Higumi and Misaki. The people of the Meito High School brass band are.

It is a terrible way of saying, but it seems that the lack of ability of the twin brothers of two big brothers spurred the "shirring mood" that did so. Especially Mr. Yusuke Seriously.
Even if it is such a role, the speech talking is fuzzy and it was not praised for acting with lack of ambition, apart from an easy-to-understand fighting scene. Honestly I wonder if this time JoJo is OK though .......
Mr. Murakami Rihiro was not quite as yet I felt so unsightly.

Although the average audience rating seems to be able to clear two digits somehow, it was far from the level which reassured the charm of brass band. Besides, I was told that a certain major entertainment office was interfered about casting, that one person was arrested during the broadcasting, etc. It could be said that it became a topic in various ways, but it seems that I made it particularly bad The median point of dark legs is a big penalty factor. Evaluation is "very bad".