[Drama]Akutou tachi wa senri o hashiru

Drama total pnts rank Rank 2,257in 2,605 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 46.38
Drama rank of 2016 Rank 107in 120 titles
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Nukui Tokuro
Hideakira Kimura
Yuu Takahashi
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Tsuyoshi Muro
Yamazaki Ikusaburou
Mei Kurokawa
Ken Mitsuishi
Yasuhi Nakamura
Atomu Shukugawa
Konno Mahiru
Keisuke Horibe
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Japan Released:2016/01/20(Wed) 23:53-00:23 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/akuto2016/ (Translation)
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2016/05/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓Some spoiler included !!

I thought that individual personality actors also chemically reacted with each other, and will be drawn as a suspense of a different color that can not be read ahead ... ... ... ...

Origin is Takasugi Shinsaku? The hero's Takasugi certainly beat the boss at that point and say "losing"
Well, if you are passionate about your field of expertise, it may be that you were a bit more self-centered and bashingly poor, but Nezu, your boss who denied your men 's personality, was also Nezu.

Of course, when it was fired up and thought to kidnap the dog, I had to kidnap the boy named Takumi who was acquainted with a man named Renon as John, who had to turn around like a convenient of this. Although I was not afraid that I was a little absurd with a skilled asthma setting,
Even if I could go on with no chance, since the other party was a child, I had to give it to my house together, and in fact I was also accused of Sonobe and Mikami but in fact Takasugi's " A man who thinks that he does not have his own worth by himself ... ... "
It is fantasy about you to Takasugi of Mikami, "If you do not know compromise little by little knowing the reality ...." If you do not care about preaching odor, you also got on your nose.

Naturally this incident was to be known to the police, I forgot the name, but wearing glasses,
The criminal who was doing sneezing or the like could read almost ahead about what kind of turning. Nevertheless it was also this ... that the performance of the actor was also slightly smoother.

The criminal pretended himself to be a rainless man ....... and it is still good that he did not have much unexpected nature. There was nothing wrong with the argument that "talent is cultivated through efforts", and it is good to have your own ideals, but even the other party has the ideal of the other party. He did not understand such a thing at all, although there was a self-righteous place where things can only be seen with their own values, the reason for the crime was also almost unilateral grudge and bad ruffian who could not do anything interestingly Was not there.

Although Sonobe was between her ....... On the other hand, Nezu, who also had his power hurt, thought he had not yet reached his standards, but it was better than before I approved things etc Even now it was actually drawn that there was a nice place actually ......
However, in the end, Takasugi's debt did not decrease, so this time ... the ending was also undergoing a frenzy, eventually it was unrelated to the refreshing feeling to the last. The setting of Mikami was also a feeling that it was somewhat alive after the midfield and evaluation is severe, but it is supposed to be "worst".