[Drama]Akuryou byoutou

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Norio Tsuruta Suzuki Kenichi
Kouji Endou Eisuke Naito
Yuji Shimomura
Akiteru Nakada
Seiichi Tanaka
Nikkatsu Django Film
Avex entertainment MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System)
Owada Kensuke
Eriko Morieaki
Kikui Aki
Noguchi Seiko
Junichi Haruta
Chouei Takahashi
Kazuma Suzuki
Riho Takada
Kyusaku Shimada
Sakurai Yuki
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Japan Released:2013/07/19(Fri) 00:59-01:59 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) / End:2013/09/27
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1. http://www.mbs.jp/akuryo/ (Translation)
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2015/12/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 454 Host:238 Browser: 5171
It is a gaggy type horror drama that develops in a ghost story at the Mecca of Hospital, and you can see the enthusiasm to cover the contents with splendid orthodox content with a powerful expression.

[good point]
〓〓〓he development of the seventh episode which is scattered somewhat is not bad, and the third episode & episode 5 which draws the circumstances that Ishikawa & AiMi's names both died backwards in time series, in the main line There was enough fascination to attract more than "grueling of Miyamoru Kinu". However, it also leads to problems.
〓〓〓 learned a strange sense of euphoria in the verification process of the mystery caused by Chaoyang & Matchmakers.
〓〓〓oodness of viewpoint focused on the concept of "terror" from a modern man called "tooth black" is a strange disparity. You can tell by searching images, but it certainly has extraordinary eeriness beyond special makeups that are not good for "tooth black".

[Bad point]
〓〓〓ince the eighth episode, the character of the story changed to a "devil teacher mono" centered on the elimination battle, accompanied by the abuse of the CG production, the directing of the past atmosphere was severely impaired. Just by holding the amulet, "Where are you going to eliminate spirits" and "How to restore" is what kind of horror.
〓〓〓quot;Rina" to isolate in the hospital "" Saeko who was actually a captain "" Ghost of the same school as Ryuna "" Ambulation of mottling "" Real intention of love "... There is no meaningless setting or description Too much. The necessity of sacrificing both Ishikawa and Ai Mi's cursed killings is also quite awkward. If you say "prepare to trap Ryuna", you are planning a gaudy plan, are not you?
As the times go forward, something that seems to be a theme such as "self-reliance from parents" and "precious things to do everything in the place where I am (workplace)" is highlighted and it gets excited a little. Although horror depiction alone in the framework of the TV series does not have a long time, the romance of Ryuna & Chaoyang which I took like it is also felt as a swinging snake feet.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Heroine. Although this work, which has a feeling that also included the aspect as "self-enlightenment thing", including the negative setting of the Ogin Ryuna's negative characters and its growth play elements, the theme nature in horror is decreasing You made me realize again that it is only an obstacle to make a mistake. Although the deployment of Ton Demo at the end of the day was holding the head, I can evaluate the good fight of the opening early so "normal" neighborhood is reasonable.

2014/10/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7014 Host:6965 Browser: 7458
As the title, it was a drama of a horror set in a hospital where various strange phenomena occurred, but I was not too scared for that.

The most impressive director was that of a story that appeared before his eyes whenever a former photographer called Ishikawa broke a spirit photograph a number of times and threw it away, but as a result Wonder if the story was highlights. Kudo who was the boss also certainly understood the feeling that he had dissatisfaction although he did not work as hard as he thought, but thought that she was the fault of such a strange phenomenon near the end, he became emotional and abused When thinking that it was done, the work of the nurse taught by the close relatives said things like existence, etc, the character was somewhat unstable.

The cause of the strange phenomenon was also taken over by the student of the clinic founder who was the predecessor of the hospital,
It may have been too common reason to say that it was driven to death at the end of the funeral. Although the bride (of course the deceased) of the founder who was taken over in the last stage was Rasubosu, it was lacking in the curse of the black tooth which the hospitalized patient was hanging as well as imitichi unexpected as well as himself, It is feeling.

The veterans such as Mr. Takahashi Nagae and Mr. Hisaku Shimada etc were good, but it alone was poor in appealing elements. Evaluation is "ordinary" which is quite close to "bad".