[Drama]Akuma no Temariuta

This title belongs to the series of Yokomizo Seishi series
Other media: Literature:Akuma no Temariuta / JP movie:Akuma no Temariuta
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Drama rank of 1977 Rank 19in 27 titles
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Seishi Yokomizo
Daiei Eizou Kyoto
Kazuo Mori
Kei Tasaka
Ikko Furuya
Tomomi Sato
Kenji Takaoka
Mizuho Suzuki
Yuriko Shinkai
Matsumura Yasuyo
Atsuko Kawaguchi
Masako Natsume
Yano Senn
Mitobe Sue
Eishin Touno
Joe Shishido
Isamu Nagato
Akiko Nomura
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Japan Released:1977/08/27(Sat) 22:00-22:55 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) / End:1977/10/01
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2016/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the title which was lineup to the sixth work of the 1st term "Yokomizo Masashi Series", initially, the schedule of all 5 episodes was added suddenly due to the addition of 1 story, and the series longest record "all 6 stories" was settled Although it is a work, whether it is seen as "polite" or "redundant" it depends on the judgment of the viewer.
Since this series basically watched works with few opportunities to be imaged or imaged as top priority, relatively major books have been postponed.

Aside from the director version of Ichikawa Kun I who had been changing the season of the story to "winter", the Yokomizo series version "Temari Uta", with the original story as "summer", one pace per epis Increasing the number of the victims, it has become a trend to follow the different round of final examinations that spent the whole guess of Kaneda Kosuke's comprehensive reasoning, and it is a trend that it will follow the final round of a different color, and contradict the mystery solving after Kobe Taito's business trip departure I felt good about the fact that I was dedicated to a precise composition so that it would not occur.
Probably also in comparison with the Ichikawa version such as the ominous encounter between Kanedaichi and "Ohin" in the Senjin Pass and the youkai 's weirdness of creeping up to the daughter who becomes the victim It seems there was nothing. Especially, "Amen" who was playing an old woman bent backwards, suddenly got up and suddenly attacked her daughter, it was enough to feel as if you were watching a bit of a horror movie.

Is it a character setting of Aiko Rika who is regrettable as a key person? The Ichikawa version of Rika drifts like something "dangerous" that can not be released anywhere, so it is reasonable that Isogawa Warrior grabbed the heart and grabbed it (laughing) , Rika in this work is drawn as "favorable human beings perfectly", and I feel that as a counterpart to shoulder so that the Nichiwa police forget the position, it seemed like it was lacking in interest I will. Somehow, there is vitality that you can send alone without borrowing from a man, is not it, Rika Sato? Regarding this point I feel that there is a minute for Keiko Keiko's Rika.
In other words, "It was the last time that her former life was witnessed." "Who could have predicted that she will become the next victim?" After a while It is obvious that the narration that rose obviously has gone too far. It is made to be annoyed by the nuisance swinging which is enough to speak to the feelings of Kaneda.
Also, although it is not a separate difficulty, it is not a difficulty but a scene where a five-child grandmother listens to Kin Daiichi "Onikie village Temari Uta", a grandmother's work is almost like an elderly person who is close to "dribbles" rather than saying "handmade" Because it was things, I burst out laughing in spite. I am a cowardly grandmother, w

Although there is also a neck which tends to forget the initial hypothesis and person correlation diagram thanks to the "6 story" scale, it was a ryosaku that can be fully enjoyed individually.
It is not a translation to be deified to another, but late, Natsume Masako's love was also exceptional.