[Drama]Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku

This title belongs to the series of Yokomizo Seishi series
Other media: Literature:Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku / JP movie:Akuma ga kitarite Fue wo fuku
Drama total pnts rank Rank 1,706in 2,608 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 48.50
Drama rank of 1977 Rank 25in 26 titles
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Voice/Actor2.00(Very good)1
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Seishi Yokomizo
MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) Kadokawa haruki jimusho
Suzuki Hideo
Fumio Ishimori
Nakamura Hachidai
International Television Films, Inc.
Ikko Furuya
Hayakawa Tamotsu
Fumi Dan
Shinjiro Ehara
Mitsuko Kusabue
Masaya Oki
Sen Haea
Hiroyuki Nagato
Kaneko Iwasaki
Yoshi Katou
Mari Nakayama
Yoshio Yoshida
Koji Moritsugu
Akiko Nomura
Isamu Nagato
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Japan Released:1977/06/25(Sat) 22:00-22:55 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) / End:1977/07/23
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2014/02/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26629 Host:26431 Browser: 9932
It is a title line which was lineuped to the 4th work of the 1st term "Yokomizo Masashi Series", and it is also a visualized work of "the devil comes and whistles" that I was able to watch only personally .
A variety of theatrical members of the theatrical movie class such as Konbuki Hiko, Nagato Hiroyuki ... are named in the cast column, but in a later version of the movie version, they will play the role of the director played by Mr. Atsushi Miyauchi in "The Bombon Criminal" In the work is "Scotch" because of late. Mr. Oki Mr. Masaya's acts are drawing attention, and Mr. Akitsugu Morimichi "Moromi Boshi Dan" is also active in the criminal role of Kodoshi Kinoda's presence You can say it is one ... Is it rather luxurious casting than the movie version?

Yokozuni is a professor who frequently uses patterns that leads to collapse after painting an ugly drama between consanguinity, setting a stage where the cheating and grudge swirls, but while following the traditional theater in this work Also introduces things that are regarded as taboo "incestuous" as an important factor, so it will be a story of vivid passion with no eggs more than existing lateral groove works. The plot itself has 18 ban levels and is characterized by more adult depiction than in the past, but human relationships that seemed to others seem to be linked to one by virtue of male and female obsession fellowship ... ..., What kind of eroge?
In the final story, the real criminal turns out at an extremely early stage called B part, but the development which makes the resentment clause of the criminal who was alive as "abominable" endlessly using the remaining C & D part is a word of masterpieces To the end. Well, it seems that the feeling of murder is also boiling, it makes me want to give mercy to nature and the criminal, but it is Masui who is killing people irrelevant to fluff.

The difficulty is not to just describe the testimony that "I witnessed the king who was supposed to have committed suicide", which is the origin of the incident, but only the dialogue. Given the scale of 5 times in all, I will doubt this deletion only for things that I should have painted with plenty of room. It is a place that I wanted you to produce a kitchen in the sense that emphasizes the strange nature of the early stage. Also, Kanedaichi traveled to Suma to verify the theory of the survival of the Koku also denied redundancy. Triple things, the final story The last scene is doubtful of the sense of directing with the BGM that was charmed like a contest. Because of the gruesome story entirely, I do not know the intention of wanting to retire brightly at the end, but ....
However, the biggest bottleneck of this work is that the true criminal's star will be attached to the original unread readers like you too early, according to the above-mentioned "gorgeous cast". Therefore, even if it is confessed as "I am the culprit", it does not feel unexpected as much as the difference ... Anyway, these points caught up, and it was evaluated to be "good" close to "good".

At present, "incest" in fiction, there is a clause as if it is heavily used as it is not an overstatement even if it is said to be a template element, but at the time of on air, much less an impact when the original was announced, etc. I think you gave it to the audience (reader). Mr. Yokomizo and other staff 's challenging spirit is a place I want to admire obediently.