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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Shunsuke Kazama Touma Ikuta Yuki Himura Gen Hoshino
Yuka Kosaka Hatsune Matsusima Kazuki Kitamura Manami Honjo
Japan Released:2006/06/20(Tue) 01:59-02:05 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. / End:2006/07/26
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1. http://www.akihabaradeep.com/ (Translation)
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2007/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10064 Host:9734 Browser: 6673
There was a lot of stupidity and there were trashy places, but I enjoyed watching it.

Six people led by Yui's lifeguards unite and work as Akihabara anything. I think that development of the talk can be divided into two patterns that it seems impossible and can be realistically or completely gagged.

While interwoven the stories that remained in the impression,

"It seems impossible and it can be realistic."

Five episodes "Fake YUI appear! Find out the suicide website that aims at Otaru!"

Apart from YUI, which is an artificial intelligence, it is realistic to recruit suicide people on the net and to be cautious. It was something that I could use casually as a net, and initially thought that the intention of a light consultation had been drawn into suicide unintentionally and that it would be impossible to escape from there in realism.

Sixth episode "Sanctify the runaway of female Anna VS Otaku Media!"

I thought that it was a story that was often drawn about how the press media such as television was. It is realistic to have a way of reporting people who are called otaku as if they feel uncomfortable or bad.

"Completely gag"

Episode 7 "Akiba: Of The Dead Otaku Repel the Zombie!"

To eliminate the deficiency of @ DEEP's funds, the movie I made is truly crappy. Biohazardous material is interwoven. And Dharma, I thought that Mr. Yukinori Himura's attention is also a focus.

Episode 8 "Investigate the erotic tea ceremony that broke out the maid great war!"

A maid cafe dedicated to @ DEEP's male members "Akanechin" and a thief of Nakaden who comes to @ DEEP variously, a confrontation with Nomigomi with an erotic cafe that increased the degree of exposure. Izum sneaked into the erotic tea ceremony investigates the reality, and the innocent nodding crashed all over in the park. I enjoyed it without fear, but I was in trouble even if Akanechan 's past manager' s past was revealed, and I did not want my aunt to show pants of seven colors wool.

Last round "@ DEEP sortie! Retrieve Yui from the Denny's castle!"

In order to help the captured Yui, it will be equipped with a stun gun and invade DigiCabi and fight against Nakagome. The place where Nakagome fights in dressing as Shaazak, fighting with crappy equipment but luxurious equipment. Lastly it was not a painful place to destroy a PC with YUI. It was also interesting that the fighting ended and it was an unexpected development that the geek trio group (Shitara Ota, Kawamoto Oota, Kuroda Oota) actually surfaced in Akihabara to catch Nakagome. It is impressive to wear the police uniform coolly.

Other places left in the impression are the scenes where Dharma got lynching in 10 talks "Dharma falling!? @ DEP dissolution !? break through the Nakagome surrounded network!" Or @ DEEP's hideout was broken into casualties Then it was a violent impression, and after that, the page declared the dissolution of Akihabara @ DEEP, but I was concerned that they returned soon.

About acted actor about Johnny's belonging page Shunsuke Kazama Mr. Takumi Ikuta playing character with character properly or Yui Kozaki Yuka is not good at taking action as a precaution before taking a picture And Tyco Hoshino Genji who played a character with individuality also showed a powerful fight, Mr. Yuki Himura did not feel uncomfortable as it was without acting, and Ishyism. Matsushima Hatsune was able to watch without a sense of incompatibility, although it can not be said that everyone is doing very good performance, although he struggled a little twisting rolling while being struggling hard. Also in the middle Nakamura Kimura played the broken character so it was fun and Kazuyuki Kitamura himself likes Gundam so quoting the name speech of Girls' char's and laughing from Kururu sergeant of "Keroro sergeant" I thought that it was becoming a character by having fun quoting it.

I was able to watch it fun till the end, I thought that it was not for all people because I was dealing with geeks.

2007/07/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26365 Host:26257 Browser: 3874
Otaku-netsu will draw. Otakudakara
I do not think there is such an extreme fellow ... rarely

2007/06/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3700 Host:3813 Browser: 5234
A comedy drama set in Akihabara. It was interesting.

Otaku drawn so extraordinarily extremely was comical and interesting,
The story also advanced well from next to next with a new development at a tempo.
Unfortunately I did not understand much of the parody, but I thought it would be fun if someone I can understand.
And what I thought was better than music is music.
I myself like this kind of music, but I think that it was stylish and cool.

On the other hand, it was a work that was nothing more than interesting.
However, it is a comedy, so it may be fine.

2006/12/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37856 Host:37921 Browser: 7321
Dramaized original work of Ishida Karate. I have not read the original. Well, I was watching you every time.
It is because of a character who has extreme personality. When it was so far it was seen as a gag from the beginning.
However, there were a lot of original stories which I do not know, there were times when I was slightly hurting. What kind of reaction should I do here?
... Well, "Akihabara" is really intense up to here? - What do you think if you are going well?