[Drama]Akechi Kogorou vs Kaijin nijyuu mensou

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Drama rank of 2002 Rank 23in 54 titles
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Katsuo Fukuzawa
Yasuo Yagi
Ranpo Edogawa
Kiyokazu Yamamoto
Masakazu Tamura
Rie Miyazawa
Hitomi Kuroki
Yuichiro Yamaduchi
Masahiko Nishimura
Takuzo Kadono
Soichiro Kimura
Aiko Morishita
Masami Hisamoto
Kano Mika
Youichi Nukumizu
Akiyoshi Nakao
Toshiyuki Nishida
Shiro Ito
Japan Released:2002/08/27(Tue) 21:00-23:18 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/tbs-ch/item/d0708/ (Translation)
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2015/01/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26629 Host:26386 Browser: 9931
It is not going to be a mere "schema of name detective VS big thief" to Akechi Kogoro & Phantom of 20 face side after raising the target age by adding a big arrangement to "Juvenile Detective Group series" which was for Juvenile, "escape It is an ambitious work of an extremely hard touch that narrows the aim of the story to the relevance of both, giving it, but the taste as the "boy detective mono" of the neighborhood around which the child role is effectively arranged is also alive As you can see there is something, it was made to be "grinning".

A mud scientist that partitions the Japanese army "634 troops (!)" Stationed in Manchuria.Due to the hands of Dr. Hiruda, one man gets deprived of "face" ... it was like "SF thriller" After prologue, this work is a first part about Romanov family's robbery case of diamond, a detective embracing enemy in Akitoshi, and a latter half part depicting an infernal confrontation with Konzo Reimono, Akechi and Twenty faces I will delve into the connection reasons "Nachikku", but as mentioned earlier, it is possible to say that there are bold changes made in various places as the main points of this work.
Akitoshi's tragedy in which the wife was bombed by the twenty-face facing is spoken, and moreover, Akechi & The rush of a new interpretation such as "K-20 Phantom twenty-face phrase" is also so ... such as the development of astonishment that the twenty faces are originally a relationship of "alumni" and it is told that it was "student" of Dr. Hiruda Although it was totally taken astute by "Feeling faint if I saw a true Random walk fan," it was slightly astonishing, but looking at the "real face" of the Twenty-sided facade revealed by the climax, Went by. I wonder if the staff wanted to describe both Akechi & Twenty faces as "a man of disappointment in the age of war".

Initially it was confusing to Mr. Beat Takeshi that he could not say "stylish" to the flattery, but I was embarrassed in playing the twentieth aspect, but after seeing that "real face" and seeing it again, "Takesake's face Is it a symbol of the twenty faces' grudge! "You can be convinced by the condition. When the festival came back again, when I saw the last one with a gentle expression as if the possessions had fallen, I will move on to Akitoshi to the "original Phantom of the Phantom" It will make me feel even the premonition that it will change.
Even Mr. Masakazu Tamura's Akitoshi who inferred Furuhata Ninzaburoboshi as "smoking, fuhufu ..." was bitter smile with feeling like "I am forgiving" but as soon as I confronted Twenty-faceted face As the attitude disappeared and the sharpness of the eyes increased, I realized the high level of skill as an "actor" of Mr. It is a must-see scenario where you can fully enjoy the scenes of the village in front of the villain villain Toshimura who is proud of winning the game against Akechi (Mr. Tsubozumi), which is cool enough for Tameno Momo to tame.

Contents that are consistent despite a series of bold arrangements, lots of luxurious visuals comparable to the theater version class, high entertainment and so on also affected me and I became hungry after appreciation. Only the thing that puts on the casting of the outsider Han Ko Mika was resistance, but if it is that amount of turn & amount of dialogue it is OK at all.

2014/01/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
This is a special drama that I saw on the TBS channel by chance, but it is a bit surprising.
It is quite a pleasant story to say that "Akechi Kogoro" and "Phantom twenty-face" as a theme are quite pleasant in this era, but each cast is "Tamura Masakazu" and "Beat Takeshi".
Whatever you think, this is not the case ... they are two people feeling.
Akechi can not be helped by Furuhata Ninzaburo, and Twenty-face is certainly odd because of Takeshi, but he is slightly taller and has a bigger body size than the twenty face, which I imagined.

However, in such circumstances the story has changed its interpretation and boldly tailored it as a different thing.
Because of the ambiguity of the original as well as various, in the various imaging such as "boys detective group", "K-20", the identity of the phantom twenty face has been sought variously.
I guess this work was the most interesting among its true identities .... It is a bit SF tick, but it is this series well.
Feelings that ended with a slightly different approach, such as the suffering of the phantom face and obsession with Akechi for the maintenance of identity.
While painting Akechi Kogoro and the Phantom of the Twentike Face as the hero, the activity of the boy detective team is properly drawn.
Unexpectedly, this seemed like it seems to be "a phantom twenty face".

In the last, the Phantom Twenty-Face is putting a fire on the mansion to kill Akechi and the boy's Detective Association, but for the twenty-face facing character which the character as a gentleman who has not harmed others in the past was favorable, A bit disappointing point.
This time's twenty faces are quite vicious as they change the setting variously from the fundamental.
Well, there will be another twenty facets as many as the number of video works ...

Evaluation is "good".
"Kaneda Kosuke" and "Akechi Kogoro" are pretty well, it is a detective series that you want to see in your spare time.
After all, people who want to see for a moment how to play active in modern times.