[Drama]Akai ito

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Drama rank of 2008 Rank 106in 115 titles
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Chiho Watanabe
Nao Minamisawa
Junpei Mizobata
Rei Okamoto
Anna Ishibashi
Nanami Sakuraba
Tomo Yanagishita
Kasumi Suzuki
Sayuri Iwata
Sayaka Yamaguchi
Masahiro Koumoto
Mirai Yamamoto
Shigemitsu Ogi
Noriko Watanabe
Japan Released:2008/12/06(Sat) 23:10-23:55 Fuji Television Network, Inc. / End:2009/02/28
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2013/02/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24937 Host:25061 Browser: 5829
Two people on February 29, a birthday, a leap year that visits once every four years meet by chance, and are attracted to each other,
Even though they are tied up and separated again, the two people who are bound together by the "red thread" of destiny are bound by a strong bond even if they are far away.
Drama of a feeling like.

A drama based on the original novel by mobile phones.
However, the content is quite different as if it is different from the original novel. (I did not read all of them)
Also, at the end of the groove, Nomaiza's best performances are worth a look.
Mobile-style novels seem to be original, bullying, DV, attempted suicide, pregnancy and others appear,
The good performances of the two performers had erased all the negative elements of those elements,
It was not an exaggeration to say so it was not enough to watch as much as it was watching.
The starring two people not only had an outward appeal but also had an appealing charm from the inside.
Suffering a little sadly with complicated birth and suffering with Nishino (Gokuba) who is somewhat conflicting, burning hard while trying hard (Nanzawa).

The drama that was made because of the inner charm of the two.

Please watch the above impressions of yourself and watch it if you are interested. It is never a trap.
However, it is obvious that preference is very clear, physiologically unacceptable, or mobile novel = all evil,
I can not recommend it to those who can not abandon their preconceptions that mobile novels are original because they are original.

Below, attention spoiled.
Whether we can feel the drama "red thread" favorably can be confirmed in two episodes.
I went out at school trip destination at night and competed fighting meat quickly,
I knew that my opponent 's first love was sprout, (with a beautiful night view back)
"Do you believe in budding, fate?"
And "kiss"
Carry (lol)
People who did not seek a cun-tun from seeing this series of scenes where this youth was condensed can not recommend viewing after this.
On the night of a school trip, get out with a favorite child, and a first kiss.
How envious it is. (Lol)

Unfortunately, this second episode is a highlight of "red thread", which is a steep descent like a roller coaster.
In the beginning, friends of the shoots tried to commit suicide, friends of the sprouts handed out drugs, broke up with Akun,
Taka who drinks buddies for a while and dies, deep germination knows the complicated side of himself and Akun,
And finally my friend got pregnant.
Well there was also a bit of gnari, but thanks to the charm of the two guests who saw this work as I wrote first. I think that it was the best choice.

This drama encountered many difficulties (too much) for the two people linked by "red thread of fate"
It will grow over and overcome difficulties, but one question will be raised for many viewers.
"Is it so difficult? (Laugh)"
Clearly, from suicide, drugs, about your mothers, about pregnancy of friends and too much full-bodied life,
There should be many people who feel that they are too persistent. (Of course I am one of them)
However, for the target layer of the drama,
"There was difficulty of Mr. Taku, but since the two Kizuna tied with the red thread of fate are terrible strong,
I would have wanted to empathize with emphasizing that "red threads never break".
Somewhat uncomfortable feeling may not be denied, but I also thought that it was just as badly acceptable.

However, I also felt that my last pregnancy episode was unnecessary.
The reason is largely two.
Because one felt it was packed too much.
The second one felt that the person who is sending a normal life in the characters should appear (although other peddlers say).
I am not curious to deny everything against expressing minors' pregnancies with dramas.
However, this episode felt as though the two starrings ruined the good atmosphere that the whole drama was brought up.

And finally I think 366 days of the theme song HY was good.
Not to mention the charm of the song itself,
I think I was synchronizing well with the two starring stars who worked hard on the straight line.

2011/10/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49829 Host:49832 Browser: 5345
It is a hard work to accept ....

What is this?
It would be nice to talk about "romance" as usual.

Is it real experience? I do not understand well there .... It's too dangerous ....

It is a mistake to visualize this. I do not know the meaning of imaging.

It may be because there is a prejudice of mobile novels, but why is this "pregnancy" problem?
I am too irresponsible.

It is only anger.

It is better to dramaize Kobukuro's "Red Thread" as a subject (lie)

2010/03/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7552 Host:7605 Browser: 12812
[good point]
At first it was a youth drama as it is.
Junpei Mizoguchi. It was cool.

[Bad point]
Places where various people will die.
It makes me feel bad when I see it. Discomfort.
It was nice to have also stuck together at the end, but other children are sorry. (Taka-chan and so on.)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a drama that I saw Mr. Terubuchi Junpei going out, but I was uncomfortable watching it ...
Nao Minamizawa, Sakuraba Nanami was sorry for being unable to see it.
I wanted to see a normal romance drama by Nao Minamizawa and Junpei Terabeda.

Originally, the original thread of red thread was not suitable for dramaization.
No matter how much I did it in the middle of the night I should not have done it.

2010/03/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26365 Host:26607 Browser: 9607
[good point]
Mr. Terabedi Junpea-kun cool Okamoto Rei-chan is cute

[Bad point]
You are getting dead too much?
It is too different from the original.
Well, I do not like the original, but the word "pure love" is not the original word www

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are various things possible, are not you?
But, aside from Mizushige-kun and Okamoto Rei chan, the evaluation is "bad"

2009/12/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8684 Host:8478 Browser: 11381
[good point]

[Bad point]

The place where the land dies ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]

Cast is good!
Nao-chan and Mr. Togashi-kun are cute and cool.
It is like a testament,
I was surprised, though.
The child of the role played by Nao - chan and Mr. Togashi - kun.
What ended up with a happy ending.
I think that it was awfully good 〓〓〓 is A

2009/03/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10554 Host:10391 Browser: 9572

good point
Scene of ordinary school life

A bad point
Takahashi Land left before "The Will of Will" answering machine

Would you like to leave such a long answering machine before leaving the accident?
I was convinced if I was deliberately run over, ie suicide.

Overall rating Perhaps you could have enjoyed it as a normal teenagers' romance drama.
Drag, list cut, teen pregnancy, friends' attempted suicide and so on were good.

2009/02/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21017 Host:20989 Browser: 6344
Since I saw last round, I rewrite the evaluation.
I was looking forward very much and watching it every time.
One does not want me to misunderstand,
The red string drama is another thing better enough to say that it is the original.
In the original red thread, as other respondents say, there are many undesirable points,
I sympathize with the opinion of other artists, but this drama is a work that I enjoy very much if I see it without a prejudice called a cell phone novel ??

It is GOOD that you are using a fresh cast such as Nao Minamizawa, Junpei Mizoguchi, Rei Okamoto and others.
Especially, was it that the audience was given a very good impression for Naoto Minamizawa and Mr. Junpei Togei?
Mr. Minamizawa thinks that his core was strong, he was trying hard and expressing his everyday character well.
Mr. Mizotsuki-kun seemingly ordinary high school student, I think he was playing very difficult role, although he was carrying various various burdens, even though he exaggerated too much emotion, he was not good. It was good that the two people's kissing scene, pounding feeling was able to express well.
I think that young casts, including the two of us, are able to express their heartfelt quite realistically.

People who say "I am different," but I read this original work, "I sympathized", "I cried" people want to do such a "love affair" rather than want to experience such a lot of experiences I guess. In other words, you are longing for 'love' which feels 'fate'. The part that is sympathized there is big. To it, the delusion is free and haha

It might be a bit of development to go out with a former boyfriend, but I was a bit lucky there, but I was a bit disappointed when a pregnant neta was used. However, Natsuki is paying away from high school and sacrificing to quit favorite soccer .... It was a bit disappointing.
Mr. Mizotsune's words that "There is always a point in having met," I was made to think variously.
"Very good".

2009/02/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4027 Host:4073 Browser: 2256
I do not truly care about the mass media ..., if I'm scolded I'm not a mass communication.
Even if Fuji does not compete with TBS like this ....

The annoying odor was already terrible with preview video and title, but as you see it is right.
The original was also a typical "cell phone novel".
As I read it, I was amazed at the idea.

Although the drama has not gone so far yet, the original is terrible.
Not to mention sentences and word usage.

Does not stop stopping wording like "nonfiction"?
How do you see or think so?

There are many, dating a person who fatefully, separating, being confessed from a separate entrance, dating,
And then parting, under the former him ... ~ a pattern like "two people of fate".
I can only find the same reality as "girls' manga" or "delusions" ....

When it is a "cell phone novel", sexual portrayal or violence scenes etc will be included in the meantime.
Is it possible to manually create anymore ...?

Drinking smoking and sexual depiction, bullying suicide, it is DV OD, and even a traffic accident ... What if you wrote it like "nonfiction"?
It is difficult to understand the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓rying to make them read by other people in general.

You can still understand if you are drawing what is not good.
"Underground me (me) cool" is not somewhat junky or something.

I can tell if you make money.

There is a problem on the reader side who reads it, it gets inspired,
The reader pays at least "money" and reads it, after that it is personal freedom.
I think that there is no moral of the producer side.

It is not like the story of the people who made local charity?
I do not necessarily ask the local story about the story of this hand ...
(Nevertheless one will not experience such a thing), it is not like talking about "selling".

When it is a drama or a movie, I show my ambition seriously and I am disgusted trying to make it more positive.
Beautiful, cool looking talents seem to be making further misunderstandings.

"Empathy" "Emotion" "I cried, I cried" It is quite good.
But only for those who are so saying, are not you usually thinking as "fiction"?
"I would like to experience such an experience ... the following abbreviation".

Please stop it if you are nearby, "When it is time to just delusions."
Even those who have experienced a few things do something like saying them yourself?

If it does not have a bad influence on young people who read real on social life, we can still forgive them.
On the other hand, it would be nice if you become a teacher.

Love is fine, but I'd like you to stop tying me with the negative elements that I could see.
Does anyone take responsibility by promoting those things with novels, movies, dramas etc?
It might be strange to say "It is freedom of readers and viewers".

Only the shallowness of the bottom will be visible as you are reading.
The drama will also be similar, based on the original.
It is stupid to see it already ....

Each person has something to do, but painful experiences are not meant to make money.
Even if it is all actual experience, it is still more.

Moreover, I do not think that it is insane, such as lifting it as "emotional talk".
It is not a flow of "pregnancy sorcery" like "Koi 〓〓〓quot;, but it does not change awful things.

Do not you think shameing as walking with big feeling like "It's a heroine of a tragedy" as "shame"?

If young people who are truly receiving are near you,
What is this work, what is it, what it is,
I think that you should better tell me exactly.

Especially if it is my baby or brother.

2009/01/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31927 Browser: 3434(Mobile)
It was a good experience to write that real friends are committing suicide in front of you, as real experiences (now like love sky, complaints came, insisting that real experiences were "original").
Would it be real experience, then that would have been covered in reality ... my best friend could write?
The motive for suicide, because he was a broken heart and he liked best friends (hero, author himself).
Children who commit suicide with bullying who has exceeded the limit do not persist. Suicide by breaking love (Even if you really liked real experience?) Even if best friends wrote in books, I'm sorry about royalties. I will tilt my neck.