[Drama]Akai Yubi

Other media: Literature:Akai yubi
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Drama rank of 2011 Rank 41in 82 titles
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Keigo Higashino Koudansha
Takeharu Sakurai
Nobuhiro Doi
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Hiroshi Abe
Meisa Kuroki
Junpei Mizobata
Kojima Kazuya Un Jash
Tetta Sugimoto
Naomi Nishida
Yuuki Izumisawa
Yasuko Tomita
Tachibanaya Fumizo
Tsuji Shinobu
Fuku Suzuki
Kenichi Takitou
Iinuma Chieko
Ishi Kaho
Rena Tanaka
Tsutomu Yamazaki
Morinaga Takuro
Youichi Nukumizu
Yukijiro Hotaru
Eto Ai
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Japan Released:2011/01/03(Mon) 21:00-23:24 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/shinzanmono/akaiyubi/ (Translation)
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2015/07/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7911
It seems that it was a single-shot drama special version of a newcomer, but in a nutshell it is "a little regrettable"
Was it?

Not only did my son receive bullying and were playing at the games and guided by the police,
My grandmother also suffered from dementia (actually ...) but the guest Maehara family was a family who had a "sticky" problem in contemporary society. Even though I was increasingly trying to conceal something terrible, Akio. Ajiro. Yaako couple was pushing the responsibilities with each other I did wonder if the tempo of imitation was not good, such as the problems of such family.

However, at the appearance of Kaga, females will soon be held in the darkness of such a deep heart of such a family.
Although it was opened, ........ A certain keli was not attached to the conflict with cousin Song Miyamoto and father, Aoyama did not go out as much as the TV drama version, and the personality became round. And Maehara family problem, there was a grandmother's identity and unexpectedness,
Even though I was forced to apologize in front of Kaga, although salvation was also shown, both of them also felt like "the main character.Kaga million years !!" In other words, Mr. Sugimoto Tetsuta recently did not feel like having a problematic restaurant etc. No matter how impressed the role of a man is strong, I did not mind it at all somewhat .........

Although solving puzzles was above average, it was about Galileo 's early series and secret that I thought that it was really interesting in Keiko Higashino' s original live - action work. As far as I can see.
The next point is this "newbie" series, but the evaluation is "normal".

2012/02/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49829 Host:49772 Browser: 5345
A journalist (Kuroki Meisa) who was faithful to the original and "freshman" too many turns appeared impressive as it appeared to be not disturbing.
As Matsumiya who was calling "Kaga-san, Kaga-san" by a newcomer also felt rebellious feeling of Matsumiya, the feeling of discomfort felt by the newcomers was solved considerably.

Imaging ...
I thought that

It was quite nice to see it.

However, the scene to tell the perpetrators of Kaga, I feel it was a bit too long.
I wanted you to be a little more concise.

Because Kaga had a silent feeling.