[Drama]Akai Sasori no Bijo Edgawa Ranpo no Yochu

This title belongs to the series of Edgawa Ranpo no Bijo Series Shigeru Amachi Ver.
Drama total pnts rank Rank 1,792in 2,608 titlesTotal 0 / Deviation 48.50
Drama rank of 1979 Rank 24in 25 titles
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Ranpo Edogawa
Umetsugu Inoue
Hajime Kaburagi
TV Asahi Shochiku
Igarashi Megumi
Kashiwabara Takashi
Tyu Arai
Eiko Nagashima
Hayami Ryo
Nohira Yuki
Yukitoshi Hori
Nagai Hidekazu
Masuda Jyunji
Yoshiro Kitamachi Minato Toshikazu Matsumoto Asao Matsuko Shiga Naka Ryotaro Oki Shuichi Suzuki Kenichi Habu Akihiko Ito Takashi Michio Inoue
Kentaro Imai Hikari Eiko Kikuchi Hitoshi Shoko Toshie Akihide Ichito
Naoki Hongo
Irikawa Yasunori
Masayo Utsunomiya
Japan Released:1979/06/09(Sat) 21:00-22:54 TV Asahi
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2016/08/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Bizarre and mysteriousness suitable for Rambusu World are one of the best. Rather, it is even transverse such as "Inugamiya no Ichiban".

[Bad point]
The Akechi detective was not remarkably lacking in color.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As already pointed out, the original is originally a non-Akoshi mono and it is unsatisfactory in terms of the activity of the name detective, but in the first half there was a traction like Edogawa Ranpo work.
After seeing this "series walker in the attic" that was also dramaized and made into a movie in this series, Rampo World sees the SM personality from the gaps of the ceiling, the door and the window, the central character of the story There seems to be a transformational (lol) tendency that the peering side is conscious of the existence of the gallery.
This was the source of the twenty facets of the boys' detective team customized for children's books,
Meanwhile, the Akechi detective is also originally a person who is in line with the above-mentioned abnormal persons and criminals.

I can feel it with respect to such a source of origin.
Shigeru Tenchi who has already played a villain in movies and dramas has released a unique aura this time, through false Achi that could not be genuine.
In addition, a bystander of the uprising incident, a constitution in which the so-called "Scorpiona" gradually agrees with the person who was the victim,
A moderate presence of Mislead-like suspects appearing in the first half,
The spectacular as a mysterious mystery such as hints that Yoshino of actor was frightened of black scorpion "Scorpion man" at the beginning movie shooting is the top in this series, even if you do not handle Akechi detective without even treating it It was ant.

However, it is in the final stage and it is in a tohoho state.
Yoshino who propose to say "even if you were one hand, one leg," just found a single on the marriage's first night and said "curse it" Were you not confessing the fault before marriage?) No one can deal with it.
A scorpion tantalizing tattoos on their cheeks and trying to share their destiny, the sorcerer's dead envy is truly a wonderful woman scorpion The woman says, "You are subordinate, subordinate, my favorite is Akechi" attitude.
However, (Although it picks up somewhat with the second half of the easy chair detection), Akechi who lacked the precision in the first half saw the Scorpio man better and the matter of Yoshino, it seems that there are no eyes to see a man for, Scorpion woman .... Apart from Yoshino himself and his current lover,
(Even though unforeseen circumstances have been added) The second and third couple murder is aimed at the nominee and "the jealousy is more jealous than myself" to show it to the crime of the movie audition. Scorpion Woman is mad at fate To be tragic woman is too selfish and it has become difficult to empathize.

A stall in the second half is a disappointing work. Evaluation is "normal".

2016/05/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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GEO in the neighborhood of Uchi seems to have "the beautiful woman series" in the whole volume In fact, since a considerable number of titles are missing, from the standpoint of chasing the series in the order of production like yourself, There are a lot of things that it seems to itchy with incompetence. So the fifth work "Beautiful woman in black daffodils" and the eighth work "Beautiful like demons" can not avoid getting crying ... (No 〓〓). 〓〓.
Well it is nothing to complain, so it was the ninth work that we borrowed from the existing work preferentially and continued appreciation, and this work "The beautiful red scorpion" was the ninth work.

Akichi Kogoro struggily challenges us to a hunting killer starting with the disappearance incident of an actress who was selected as a heroine of the big movie ... ... Although the story will develop, the fourth work "White mermaid As well as the seventh work "Beauty of the Jewelry" as well as this time as the theme of the original novel which is "Non-Akki Kogoro Mono", as compared with pure "Akito Mono", the active swing of the detective is It lacks remarkable fineness ... ... Tears, "It is confined in the basement and confined to the basement," "Prisoned the eighth innovation technique and allow Asechi's crime," "The victim of unsuccessful rescue of the victim, injured Victims will also be sacrificed ... ", the denunciation of common errors that can be said to be the largest in the past.
This Akechi's unfamiliar "succession of unlikely mistakes" is a detective in the original "腟〓〓〓〓quot; because it is caused by Rinsuke Mikasa's mismanagement applied to Akitoshi's behavior, The impression that the adverse effect of arranging "Non Akechi Mono" came to here was getting wiped out. Akechi is bitten by the climax in the climax "This disguise battle, my last was my win" The line was also frustrating with the misuse of the eighteenth, it was quite bad cool w

On the other hand, the existence of a man who invited Mislead, a gadget such as a mannequin and a doll of a sight-seeing cabin that implicates a hunting manners concerning apathy murder, and a doll of a sight-seeing cabin, and a man who invites Mislead emerge the real criminal's hideout on the investigation line, "By pledging to pledge my distinctive meaning of existence Distorted love expressions of accomplices ... In such a way the main line itself was able to be enjoyed relatively, but the Aichi's The parenthesis badness stands out.
For this time only, Mr. Shigeru Amemi may have been more enjoyable when playing a villain as "Nise Aki"?

Speaking of another point, as well as the boss mass-producing the largest mistake in the past, is it the excitement of the literary era that burns with the biggest "jealousy" of the past? Originally I did not like this character, but since I changed my hairstyle to curly hairstyle this time, it became more and more oba-chan smell, doubled consciousness to her w w