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Tatekawa Danshun
Hiroyuki Yatsu
Hiroko Yakushimaru
Kazunari Ninomiya
Daisuke Miyagawa
Emoto Tokio
Hirofumi Arai
Yukiya Kitamura
Gaku Hamada
Teruyuki Kagawa
Maki Sakai
Seino Nana
Masashi Utae
Masashi Sada
Konno Hiroki
Takahashi Hiroshi
Hirai rio
Yoshiyuki Morishita
Yuichi Kimura
Takashi Matsuo
Yamauchi Takaya
Susumu Terajima
Kayoko Kishimoto
Lasalle Ishii (lasa-r Ishii)
Lily Franky
Shunputei Shouta
Turubei Syohukutei
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Japan Released:2015/12/28(Mon) 21:00-23:25 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/AKAMEDAKA/ (Translation)
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2016/05/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18562 Host:18555 Browser: 9081
Disciples of Tatsukawa Toshihi Tachikawa Talks Dramaization of essays depicting Tachikawa Tsukishi from the perspective of spring.
I happened to see it around the end of last year, but I was watching while thinking that Konaya Ninomiya who was starring in "Sho-chan" as soon as New Year spring, is busy ... ( Although I also thought that the work that appeared to be somehow made to Johnny was strangely astringent).

Tachikawa Tsurushi It is my current work that draws a lot of laughter all the unreasonable talking days since I entered my teacher.
Of course the mentor mentor is also unconventional, but it was a feature that there were many words to say, "It is interesting to see from the side, but it is only serious from the people who are receiving the indication." Obviously it is rigid and scary, but what I am doing is that he is a rakugo in a fluffy stone and it is also humorous somewhere. His disciples also become serious about doing such things seriously.
It seems like this gap, it matches the theme of "Rakugo family", so it was fairly fair to see it. Even though I have not drawn it as a directive to make laughterly laughing, I will laugh when I see it from here.
Although it was "a story of a real storyteller", it felt like I was seeing Rakugo.
Even so, there are also unique peculiarities and nostalgia that pretend to be in the Showa in such a feeling that the last is finish finish, and it is feeling that it was just a good drama to see at the end of the year It is feeling after viewing There was.

Well, as Beat Takeshi acts Tachikawa Tsuneshi, there were things saying actor things like "Do you discipline with two beats?" My father told me that Kore does not suit a bit, but for us our generation does not know the mentor to that extent ....
Besides, the usage of actors such as the 6th generation Nakamura Kakuro who played the 5th generation Nakamura Kakuro and the 6th generation Samisei Kuraku played by the 5th generation Samuttei Yoraku "Leg point" is overall interesting So it was funny about the meta-like story.
However, honestly, Shunta Shunputei san, where did I get out?
After that, although it was a bit tricky to have some love that nino did not notice at all when working normally in Tsukiji, it is a bit tricky, but it is autobiography of Mr. Tsubochi that Nino is playing for the time being right. After all I wonder if the scene is not the original.

Only a little disappointing last but only a little "It is a drama with a documentary part as well, so when you show what each is doing now, you can do it even with actual images?"
In other words, it will be a bit lost at the end in the last. You are not himself.
Those who showed us the storyteller who is doing rakugo in the last are feeling pretty as ending, but ....

Evaluation is "good".
Special drama does not become DVD, but it was made software at once ... is not it?
I feel that it was not even a big publicity was done ....

2016/01/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1926 Browser: 5213
Mr. Kunimasa Yamasaki also seems to have been a rakugo family unknowingly, but it was a one-off drama depicting the hardships and setbacks as a storyteller by Mr. Tachikawa Tsunagu, and glory.

At that time I was told that the name of the two-beat was also referred to as a comic boom, and I thought that I was angry with being told that "I will quit teaching to that person this time because I am going to give a discipline", I handed out my own name (brandy?) "I will not refuse him if I show this,"
And a scene like showing parents (?) Was "I wrote a clever screenplay"
Mr. Beat Takeshi acting as Tachikawa Tsukasa's acting was exquisite, although the tongue was rather bad.

I asked the other disciples who did not do what they said to say, "I apologize to say that this tree is" good from now "!" And apologies are required, criticisms that did not think well of the bosses To the house's forest "Why should I take responsibility of the disciple!"
Mr. Tsukasa Tachikawa does nothing to think about the ordinary people,
It seemed that I was made to recognize again that it was a heretic boy of the Rakugo world which was outside the standards.
On the other hand, it seems that besides the alcohol scenario mentioned above, it seems that the mistake was made by myself, but I decided to talk to the Chinese restaurant in Tsukiji for a speech declining refusal for the reason "Because it is bad to catch a cold" Or
Against Hayashi, "Do not misunderstand the place!", "Have the disciples eat you !!" or "Please write these facts as it is, and then add it to the rice seed In the final stage on the big stage, "Please please pretend they are cute" and deeply lowered his head forever and so on, strong love for the disciples and so on There was something that was conveyed as pros and cons of living in that way.

As for other points, Mr. Takeyama Hamada also said that the goodness of Rakugo 's chestnut was more than Mr. Kazuya Ninomiya who starred, and besides the surprising supporting role of Mr. Sada Masashi and Mr. Yuichi Kimura etc, also a voice actor in SNK fight fighting game Although it was also impressive that Keiyama Yamauchi who was also acting was appearing,
Even if I'm not interested in Rakugo in particular, I had enough charm to think that it seemed interesting if I asked seriously. Evaluation is "good".