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Kuwata Kiyoshi Satou Ryouichi Itou Hitoshi Nishihira Atsuo Tsuchida Masamichi
Furukusa Masami Imamura Mitsunori
Seiji Izumi Ikezawa Tatsuya Hajime Hashimoto Kondou Kazuhiko Kondou Toshiaki
YASUHIRO KOSHIMIZU Tadashi Morishita Kanei Hiroshi Tokunaga Tomihiko Mano Katsunari Oota Ai Ikegami Junya Kiyomi Fujii Yamamoto Mutumi
Yoshihiro Ike Asahi Advertising Inc
Yutaka Mizutani
Hiroki Narimiya
Anju Suzuki
Sei Matobu
Kazuhisa Kawahara
Takashi Yamanaka
Seiji Rokkaku
Atsushi Yamanishi
Satoshi Jinbo
Ryuji Katagiri
Yukie Nakama
Kouji Ishizaka
Yuichi Haba Takashi Matsuo
Tatsuomi Hamada Ginnozyo Yamazaki
Reiko Kataoka Atomu Shukugawa
Natsuki Harada Sugawara Aki
Ryouichi Yamaguchi Dankan Masahiro Sato Megumi Sato
Hiromi Iwasaki Hitomi Miwa
Yonemura Ryotarou Shimizu Kurumi Satomi Achiwa Fujii Mikako
Shigeru Yazaki Shigeru Saiki Adati Osamu
Mitsuko Oka Yoshimitsu Hiroto Matsunaga Hiroko
TAKEHIRO HIRA Hikari Ishida Maiko Kawakami Kouichi Miura Susumu Terajima Yuko Oya
Masanori Ikeda Hiroo Ohtaka Erika Okuda Fujii Hiroyuki
Saori Hasegawa kimihiko Uchida Shige Nakabayashi Taiki
Yoshiko Tokoshima Yue Takeyuki
Sasamoto Reina Suzuki Souma Yoko Kurita
Koji Shimizu Mako Ishino
Ryuji Harada Ayame Misaki
Yoshino Kimura Masataka Fujishige Isaki Mitsunori
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Japan Released:2014/10/15(Wed) 20:00-22:09 TV Asahi / End:2015/03/18
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1. http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/aibou/ (Translation)
2. http://www.toei.co.jp/tv/aibou13/ (Translation)
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Compose:Yoshihiro Ike [Fan reg.]
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2015/08/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2704 Host:2375 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Where Mr. Ukyo chased the criminal as well as in the family. It is still strong in this meaning.
Public opinion in the making of Dark Knight seems to be a buddy and Ironically attracts me. Even in reality it's about getting an echo.

[Bad point]
Even if it seems that it entered the tightening of kite stitches in that last round, the sacrifice was too large.
The deployment that Mr. Ukyo gets caught inside is usually ant. I have already grabbed senior detectives mercilessly in the first round of Aibo series. The shock in this case is not there. Kite's personality, the surrounding eyes, the confidence in partner, these are ruined.
Kite declined his hands for being a detective for his best friend and continued the crime as a pleasant criminal, so that his friendship was ended as an excuse. From the word "I did not quite understand myself", it is treated as if there is no self restraint. The scene where the kite you played violence was also looked back at ED, but was it really thought like this from the first appearance story? I remember that it was a scene where there were so many miserable circumstances. Also, I think that it does not match the goal of looking back on the father as a detective.

It has been terrible to have repeatedly committed crimes before being noticed around the two years. It is not explained at all how it faked out that Ukyo as much as that. Even though it was a dark knight's investigation, he was only doing something that could be easily overlooked, and I thought that he could cross Ukyo-kyo with a dark knight's activity. If you truly backed Mr. Ukyo, you can say that it is unique only if you knew him in a sense, but this seems to be too late for Mr. Ukyo to notice. Fathers and colleagues also seem to be police officers and have a tough comment, but I feel that they are incongruous as to whether they could do something.

And the trust relationship of partner who is the viewer's needs is betrayed. As I mentioned earlier, Kite said he wanted to cross Ukyo, but his predecessors also had such a meaning. Even so far kite was supposed to have been trying to catch up as a detective in the same way. But the destination we arrived at was a dark hero in a different direction. There is no justice to have confidence if you want to cross Ukyo. As pointed out in the process, if you were crushed by Mr. Ukyo, until now I had to face a companion stiffness as far as stress dissipation, and I do not understand the meaning that I had been sitting for a long time. Better yet, while playing the dark knight in the shadows and confronting Mr. Ukyo several times, I brought a fate if I brought it to this final round. The reason why the kite has been following has been distorted, and the exchange as a buddy ended as a chara.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is a problem that not only the kite you exited unusually. With his rebuke who was in partner 's companion, the kite' s gear has become completely mad. Mr. Mr. Ukyo who did not have the hands to do until this is so, I feel sympathy for the person under construction.
Because the key person was buggy, the evaluation was "worst".

2015/05/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10906 Host:11007 Browser: 5173
[good point]
2 episodes, New Year special, 14 episodes are wonderful

[Bad point]
Sugishita Ukyo 's saying runaway is contradictory Sometimes the criminal motive is one pattern Kazuki Katayama got a major incident that caused considerable conspicuousness of Uza too lazy times

[Comprehensive evaluation]
What was the buddy of this season .. It is like this.
This time, the buddies since entering the third period are completely different things.
Kite is still a favorite character, but the former regular has deteriorated.

Sugishita Ukyo is already a monster. In the past there was a certain criminal offense to any criminal, but there was a place to convict firmly as a criminal, but now it is said to strictly pursue other illegal officers' illegal acts while doing illegal investigations It fell down to an extreme fellow.
In addition, the people of the investigation department are not individualized, Uchimura, Naka-en gets in bad meaning, I like Cecheon, but I come out continuously and it's too cruel.
Extreme is a quasi-regular Kimiyama Hinako. Every time she comes out, it will be the worst result, so I did not want this time. Even though there are many kitsui times, I am disliked to see politician 's gloomy power struggle.
Mr. Tsunoda, Sachiko Tsunemoto, Etsuko Fuefuki, Mineaki Kai are very good salt plums.

The story is also becoming a feeling like justice praises that Sugito wanders. Even though my justice is not always right ..
Sugishita says that what we should protect is law, does Sugihita have thought about a little about the meaning that the law should have?
Originally law says that all the people can live correctly and happily. However, I feel that he is trying to protect formally. If you are trying to protect it in the real sense it will not do illegal investigation in the first place, and even the criminal will try to understand only the thought. Nevertheless, we will contact with the criminal with a merciless attitude (which should be done in theory), trying to induce a stubborn statement with fabricated evidence (I miss old days of Itami's induced interrogation), this Then it is totally overturned.

The final round of dark knights is the biggest problem kid in history. Because the buddies' kite was the culprit. Besides, motivation was a police officer, no, it was pretty embarrassing as a single adult. This should have been as much as possible against Sugishita's actions.

From now on what will happen to my buddy?
Almost Sugitoshi criticized it, but the main character is only anxious only now.
I hope that the fourth buddy will not be buried in Suginita justice.

2015/03/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 5145
I do not have anything to write about good points ....
If it is good to be done well, I often say what to do, but I can not do anything if it is wrong.
Far from controversial arguments, I think that it is unreasonable to see almost only criticism.

Compared with the previous series, I felt that the feeling of tightness and integrity became more painful ... I thought.
But this is not a problem of that level.

A drama that should not be written on the premise that there is a betrayal of death (the title is "homie" anyway) should be.
In the final round, it is a development that can only be said as "You can just overtake with impact."

Separately, it does not deny the method itself of "The person who believed in the truth was a criminal" itself.
However, I think that it was horribly incompatible with this drama.

First of all, it became the meaning that it can be said to be the total denial of the kite edition.
It is not just the denial of the individual kite, it is the denial of the whole.
Anyway, because the buddy named by Mr. Ukyo himself himself is Kite.
I wondered if it would be betrayed by the opponent who gave me an eye to it, it would be funny.
Indeed it's fine if it says pure, it's a simple hero if it says bad, but Mr. Ukyo is the opposite.
Ukyo-san of a lost person did not notice the identity of the kite and that setting collapsed.

It will be linked from the setting collapse, but this is an event that shakes the entire series as well as the kite story.
After all, the person called Sugishita Ukyo is a person who constantly makes judgments in accordance with the law.
When the "Orient Express" celebrated the New Year, it was said that "Ukyo-kyo would be different judgment".

A person who nominates himself as a buddy who makes violation of the law as his desire as it is, a cracker who observes the law.
I do not know the meaning any more.

I often hear the lamentation that not only the season 13 but also the entire kite story can not be seen twice.
In the first place I think that it was a decision to collapse the series called "Aibo".
Who is responsible to what extent ... I do not know until the other side.

However, it can be frankly sympathetic to Mr. Narimiya (far eyes).
I feel sorry for thinking that he shook the stick for three years at various times as an actor.

Regardless of making each episode of the kite edition anyhow, I liked kite characters.
Not as hot as Kaoru, I feel like I do not understand as much as Kobe.
True, this was a much better martial art theory that was flowing in the net this way ... (tears).

Even so, I think that it is development of the level, what the true world view itself was.
It would not be a story that would be done if you made the kite version into black history.
Evaluation by the series alone is also "worst", but is not it great impact on other series?

It will be a big deal if you rebuild it as a series from here, I can not imagine ahead.

2015/03/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39258 Host:39413 Browser: 5147
The final story .... Everything ......
There would have been any reason as long as you stopped being honest.
I would have been sweating as much as a lover's pregnancy, illness and father-related.
Why is it such a thing ... ....?

Well, there are not many episodes left with a good impression even if it is excluded from the last episode this season especially, or there is only the impression that I brought all the last story to take away and blew away.

I wish I had graduated normally.
Impression that it is saying that this time by pulling a pregnancy, illness or a father of a lover

Although it is said that the posture to uncover the truth of Ukyo up to madness as a single item is over.
When it is said whether to do until you destroy the story till then abruptly ......

2015/03/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23872 Host:23708 Browser: 5173
I do not know where to blame but in any case the "Aibo" season 13 has ended severely. Evaluation of the net, of course, on the great flames, there seems to be a big reaction from China to beyond the country.
Originally, the "Aibo" series was only seen occasionally, and season 13 was also fairly jumpy viewing (basically recently because it makes a policy to post evaluation after all the talks, it sees in a jumpy fashion Although I did not post evaluation "Kato-kun series of" Aibo "), I feel as if there is an episode that can show off such final round after all and if there is an episode that can compensate for it, it is probably not perhaps.
In the first place I saw occasionally I also remember the sense of rut, and I do not seem to be super good episodes, though. By the way, at least, there was not such a story among the partner I saw this year ... (For reference, the story of Mr. Yonezawa's seniors who was as expected as the surprised surprises the surprise, Yukie fellows come out There are memories of seeing stories that seems to have been unwilling to wait while viewing unexpectedly because Ryumi Hamada Kun has become bigger).

No matter what, this work is "the worst" being the last round because it is.
It is told that it is impossible to talk about the problem of the last round of this work without spoilers at first, though I think that it is impossible or impossible at first. It is so terrible thing that it is going to be so rough as to be revealed all the time, but on the contrary "It is somewhat obvious that everyone will hear about this matter this time in the future" is not it?
In this online society, it seems that people watching the seasons 11 to 13 are rarely able to rarely start to see the fact of Season 13 last time beforehand. In the meantime, searching for the name of "Kai Kiyoshi" will definitely make spoilers with predictive conversion ....
So, well, I usually have spoiler. People planning to see season 11 ~ hurry back, please seal off the net environment and concentrate and watch.

And season 13 is a milestone, as Mr. Hiroki Narimiya who was a partner of Mr. Ukyo from season 11 graduated from partner. I think that it is a story of one summary that summarizes season 11 to season 13.
Well, there are people who can not be convinced of Kameyama's descending episode until now, but there are feelings that there are many people who remembered the bad aftertaste in the departure episode of Kobe. Besides, in the movie version, it is the default that I do not seem to be in the buddy series that such a convincing exit is such a million.
However, I think that Kait's "arrest" tobacco is not a dimension that can not be convinced.
After finishing watching, is not the majority of people unexpectedly becoming "yes?" Somehow, there is no one who does not get shocked after watching Kite even a little.
Moreover, the biggest problem is not the end of the arrest itself, it is the last round of unreasonable deployment in various ways, too much that the point of penalty is too big.

In conclusion, the biggest problem of this work is that it is revealed solely by that episode that "Regular character (and quasi-hero) has been repeating the violent crime pleasurably for 2 years ago" It will be part.
If this was a foreshadow from the first episode of Season 13, it is still good (not good). If Kai Kai was the first person who appeared in the first episode of Season 13, it would be nice to do it well. It may have been like that.
Or, in the previous story, Kite was still a sensible detective, but it is still convinced if it is in the form that you trust the "righteousness" by the subsequent incident and commit a crime and eventually arrest it Perhaps it would be ideal as a one-talk-finished drama?
By the way, in a certain drama, I was shocked by the young male detective of a female detective buddy ... in fact ... I think that was well allowed. Actually, that was because there was a hint.
If anything, the first episode of a certain drama or a child who was kidding the hero's A criminal with specials was made a criminal abruptly in the third work of the theatrical version which was made after about ten years, Maybe the feeling when the hero's lawyer of a certain game is close to becoming a barbarian like a pimp after quitting a lawyer for the fourth work ....
Well, anyway, if I talk about "If it is this", the above is the flow of the ideal story assuming "Kite-kun arrest".

However, suddenly at the final round, the setting of a person who is "a criminal killer who bustles the street two years ago" that came suddenly never appeared came out, "Also, its identity is actually three years in this drama It was a police officer Kaitan who had been a semi-protagonist! "When the deployment is done, the side who is watching also becomes Pocahn.
At least, in this season 13, if frequent topics of "Dark Knight" had appeared, I think that criticism would also be relieved by about 10 percent, but it is about the final round that I handled seriously in this work now? About a criminal who had been appearing since a year ago, I talked suddenly at the final round, and it seems that the semi-main character seems to be only a haphazard development.
With + 〓〓 there is a sick wife who has a sickness, there is no more saving if there is a situation where the child is on the verge of being born, "I do not understand myself well", "just after the first incident is a real pleasant crime" There is no way to save further the crime motive that "there was a problem with the original personality" or "Because the devil hurried".
It can not be helped if there were sad circumstances like the first incident. But I do not know well even by myself, is not it the worst that continuous assaulted offenders entered by demons?
This first-class dangerous person who has such a potential has been going to beat the criminal with justice for three years as well as striking the opponent, preaching as a kind of hero called "police", or being friendly to the boy's opponent I thought that he was speechless ... Hey .... As far as the buddies like Doraemon are not parallel warrior system (thin connection) in each story everything is a farce far. Well, it's a criminal drama and it's a parallel world system or terrible farce.
Certainly, it is reasonable that such an opinion comes out, "What kind of feelings do you want to see rerun broadcasting?" Or, even if there are many Kameyama series, there is probably a view of the "Theater version 3" which will be broadcast on the terrestrial wave soon at the Sunday Movie Theater, etc. How can a viewer see the viewer ...? If you broadcast a movie like Kite in the New Year or something like that, you may be able to get a viewer rating in reverse.
Well, as for the exit of Kite, in that case, it suddenly stabbed when standing, when it comes back to town, I was stabbed by cashiering, the one who was stabbed by the snatcher at the wedding ceremony still has various feelings (It is not the same "suddenly", "obviously incomprehensible in the flow of the story", "evolution of the character of the exiting character unnecessarily").

Ultimately, the fact that many scenes are getting stuck after the arrest also made me feel uncomfortable pleasant feeling opposite to Kite-kun (in contrast, Kite did not leave evidence As a calm deposit criminal who continues to commit a crime systematically behind the back for two years also feels unnatural from the character I have ever ...). Strictly speaking, the place to cry at the airport is the only salvation.
Somehow, Mr. Narimiya is in a state I do not know how I should go performance. I heard that my father's Binta was told, I did not seem to understand the weight of what I did at all, with only minus impressions. But I do not know how to play that, "Become Kite and be like a criminal ...".
Until now, I'm planning to play a single straight detective criminal justice, suddenly in the descent, "even if you are a criminal who actually did a sentence behind the previous season," whatever it is When. I can only believe it was said at the moment. Episodes around lovers are floating.
"Kai's statement that he did it if he does not do it (Geki red is doing it) also leads to" Because I want to be hooked up after the incident ", this is also to blame the best friend for the first time to invite sympathy It seems that it only looks like it was, and the development of Kite-kun's stock price fell down one after another so I was amazed quite surprised.
Ultimately, as if it is a speculation about motivation, he might have opposed Mr. Ukyo, "as if it seems like," It seems that Righteous Justice will runaway someday "as if it was an answer to what was previously said To Kyodo, I gave a summary on Kite 's case as well, as Kait - kun' s dad, I can only say that there was no persuasive power because I was only responsible for rubbing. Although it may be the pursuit of the theme of this work, it will be seen completely only as a result of the situation.

In the last, too, most of the recollections of Kite who flows with credit are all scenes like "a man who can be caught in a short circuit". Even if the producer's utmost of excuses of "This guy was such a guy from the beginning", if the viewer also knows the easy-to-grasp part of Kite, he knows the adolescent hot-blooded part of it somehow It is impossible to think that this is how it will be done.
The feeling of that image is not a feeling of "I was a good guy but I was arrested. It seems that "Kite was coarse from the beginning, is not it?", I am angry with fluffy.

Then, some scenes that all regular characters declare "Bad background" and Kite, "Is this the last word from regular performers to Kite, is this ..." is not it?
Itami something looks like crying at this point, and at the end it was the last time Kite was actually crying but as a whole, as far as "how far is the actor and how far it is useful" comes to not know, The real in a bad meaning has come into view. It is natural that it will be like crying because this is the curtain that came three years ago. I feel like seeing tears from my heart that is not acting dimensions.
Rather than being impressed by the story, it was the last time I sympathized with the actors.

Evaluation is "worst".
Whether the screenwriter was bad, or whether rumors Mizutani Yutaka was holding the real power of the program and this hand was working even in this season, or whether viewers who continued to ask for unexpectedness in the drama were bad, It was the final round made me think in a way.
I want to know "How come this has happened", is not it? If I think that I can hear testimonies about this subject and to hear exposure, after all I am looking forward to it. At least I would like to read it if it is featured in an interview with Ninomiya or a magazine.
If I do the next season, I will see it again and again by inertia, but who is the next buddy ... I guess. And how much will it have ...?
It is sad that it is a real "graveyard of manpower" position.