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Mishima Sousen
Chicuma Syobo
Japan Released:1969/05/25(Sun)
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2015/03/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work of novelist Mishima Shigeru Rashi.
To be honest, this person knows only his name. If you are a literary geek like OTA, you might know, but you probably are not such a major writer.

The content is the content that abuses the companion at all.
In a nutshell, it is a conversational play playing a male and female base and there is not a series of stories and themes.
It is a style that just conveys the stress that the man of the hero is embracing, while letting only one scene of the couple fight.
Cryingly watching the appearance of rain with casual observation of rain, from the place where human beings are blurred, the boredom of the hero is transmitted well well, music is troublesome in such circumstances, disgusting the tone of the violin I am angry with my wife who was playing.
From there, complain selfishly only.
However, it is probably selfish even though I am aware of it, it is somewhere out of interest and interesting.
"I told you to play!" 〓〓〓"It's a good talk of a good mood" tasted a little laugh.

Well, what is it?
There are good humor around that area, and even though we are watching a couple quarrel various ideas came out and it is good, a scene, a depiction of a person is also quite interesting ... and so on, it is a reasonable work out there.
It is not enough to recommend it separately, but the evaluation is "good".

2012/12/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Maternity is a natural sanction against the arrogant gut of a woman By the way it says whether it is great to have milk in a baby, but even a dog's mother raises a puppy, so it is not a boast of this, It is almost incompetent .. "

Male dominance. A work of Mishima Shigeru River which made one of the themes of female contempt. Toshio Furuya of the main character says that he embodied male grandfather as it is or whether it is said or not, it is an old type man which is not seen much in recent times. Besides, it is nervous and eccentric, a person who is just pregnant wisdom.
Since he is a human being who can not help it, he is a healthy body and a wife who made it refreshing, comparing his weakness to Konko, calling myself a "blue face" of his title as an example without physical strength, his wife calling "red 〓〓〓uot; I will show you the way you are standing up and not taking a break.

"Physical fitness women are powerful in terms of physiology to become prostitutes, you are especially so!"
"From the eyes of a woman a man might be a fool, because any men work hard and nourish a strong lady."
These also show that the hero embraces a feeling of inferiority to his wife and that it leads to distortion of the mind.
If so, I think that it would be good to divorce, but in his opinion there seems to be something only possible to be done by his wife, and that figure that binds his wife nearly equals male boss = self-centered. In the relationship between married couples who treat such wives as employees, the end can make us feel something of loneliness and something called "couple".

Although it was such contents, I think that the fineness of portrayal makes me feel the theme, and it can be evaluated. Evaluation "Good".

2006/12/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Buried Well" etc is a masterpiece of the work, It is the work of the late Mishima Shigeru River.
The blue face of the title is a synonymous with Toshio Furuya, the main character of this work, and his appearance is "in the work," there is no clear space for the contours and the cheeks are sprinkling, the nose is sharp , The mouth is strangely tight and the jaw is extremely big.The color of the skin is yellowish and black, although the coal is coarse. "
Although it is written, it is hard to say that you are a beautiful boy no matter how you look.

Although there seems to be a habit in appearance, it seems to be quite difficult to be caring and seems to be quite difficult to grasp, and to interact with his wife with the middle stage and afterwards, his refracting feelings embracing her strong complex are often heard . I also know that it is a typical male and female ideologicalism for women, but well, this is inevitable only when the times are era.

Mr. Mishima who made a debut relatively smoothly and then slowed down afterwards, but lost a line from the literary activity, but because it is a ryosaki that is solidly being depicted as a person depiction. I wonder if the evaluation is "good".