[Novel]Aa Nomugi-touge

Other media: JP movie:Aa Nomugi-touge
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Literature rank of 1968 Rank 9in 22 titles
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Shigemi Yamamoto
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd. The Asahi Shimbun Company
Japan Released:1968
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2009/04/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Looking at this work in modern times with problems such as working poor, child abuse, child organ transplant etc, it makes me feel depressed that human beings are fragile as seeds.
As a work I think that it was written with a message to the future.
By the way, when my grandmother was young (already deceased) I was told I worked at such a factory and my grandmother also went to work at the spinning factory, but I heard that it has soon escaped to too much tightness. People who had to work because they seemed to be playing in the mood but they had to work did seem cute. (I heard this when I read this work as a child)
As I evaluated it was not clear memory for this work (at that time it was my life to read a few books on a single day ... it was a reversed childhood since high school I started to read comics) I also thought of comments only, but after writing once I read the book again after a long time, so I will reevaluate "good".

2007/04/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It's dark style. The prewar literature is not such that it can not be liked by feeling that these dark works are exclusively used, but still I have seen it historically.

The unjust treatment of girls' workers and the current treatment of labor standards that are not monkeys are "a distorted Japanese society that works too much to destroy the body and spirit" has come out.
That's why, if the work like this work gets dark, if you like the bright style absolutely, you can not do it, but there are also parts of labor and the national project's light and dark, and it is always a weak position human beings are sacrificed It is unique in this work as severe as it was, so I had no choice.

In a sense, Japan before World War II comes to see, and from this top down to being a gum shar ... ... the part that conveys Japan better and worse.
However, it seems to me that women's consideration has not been long ago or now, and that women's social advancement will become such a form as well (women's labor wages are low See the current situation). If so, it seems that the distorted working environment like this work ... ... and the theme and message nature that also leads to modern society, "Is not it somewhat similar now in the era of this time?" think.

Thinking that way, you can not laugh and it will be a serious feeling. It became a dark era at that time, and it pushed further into the war, and after that ... the result ... or the possibility that there is no more salvation ... now becomes stronger It is because there is a feeling.

Although it is different from the topic in this story, although it is different, although it is created for Japan, in the end it means that there is something in common with this latter work in Atsushi Yoshimura's "Battleship Musashi" think. It is manifested in the battleship Musashi as well as the struggle of the workers until Musashi can be made and the part of the nation-related project.

However, if both the silk making industry and Musashi eventually end ... such as ... ... it is important in terms of the heavy theme of this work and the glance of the economy and industry, the light and darkness, the light and the shadow I think.