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Yuusuke Yamada
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
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Japan Released:2005/05/31(Tue)
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2015/12/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it was a relatively old work in Yusuke Yamasaka's work group, even from the amateur line it was set "?"
The point was conspicuous .........

Japan in this world seems to have been infected by Doum virus, and the family of infected people was to participate in the race from Odaiba to Karasuma Island floating in Sagami Bay to get its remedy, Three of the leading characters, most notably Ninomiya was not necessarily a bad thing in that Ninomiya went to a good place but thought that he retired, ........ and betrayal was not drawn.

However, some people were forced to retire early as in the case of a grandmother who was hospitalized in the hospital, and some people were disqualified due to the absence of bicycles for the number of people, but it was a field. Say that there were some people you loved. If it is ironic that Kujyo ran as a murder because of love affair, I also flew away the pursuit of criminal who participated in the race after chasing him,
It was sarcastic that he was murdered by him even though the human warm heartedness was intact,
I was looking at a half-hearted madman and neither poison nor medicine. Still, it was smoother than expected though ... ... ...

However, it was the motive of Takimoto, who was the organizer of this race, which was more frustrating.
Certainly the mass communication is one of the most untrustable races of the world. They think that it is justice that they lie if they are for their own interests and do not report inconvenient things. The process that such media had done for his niece is certainly a bad thing like "Do not need police if you can do with sacrifice". But did not he misunderstand the fundamentally hatred in the first place? Why was it the culprit of the bullying case leaking to the press?
Although the criminal was mentioned that it was caught, there is a possibility that the niece is set at 14 years old so that it is protected by the juvenile law so that it will appear in society like a boy A of a certain incident in that Kobe.
However, in this work, the criminal who was supposed to have been a culprit is not touched any more with the Juvenile Law.
So how to draw a tragedy of my niece is also superficial.

This race also prevents police intervention, criticism from the viewer can also be forced without doing anything,
It is also to the Naoto in the hero who actually got it, as if it had enough sovereignty to monitor.
Well, why was there such a strong power too? There was hardly anything backed up, there were connections with big-name politicians well, I wonder if the police held large weaknesses that would be troubled if something rose, There would have been a way to revenge this culprit more straight.
Holding such a race will not reflect on the masses and other members of the general public who have slandered your niece with the report in mind. After a while the cold weather is forgotten. However, some reports were not interested in themselves, they would have been unrelated persons, if they were able to attract others' weaknesses, if they did wrong it would kill life's own dangerous obstructions ... ... .

"After all it was your annoying self-satisfaction," but this Takimoto and Mabuchi was similar among those who "were drowning in their own" extreme justice ". It may have been impossible to say that the stadium also participated in the race sponsored by the same kind of thing like that, even though it could not have been said that it was a coincidence, "Extreme justice is nothing more than poisoning more than evil", but other press It seemed as though there was a stupid theme of the general public who was surrounded by the press and the report, the important point for such persuasion was often being held up. If Takimoto took something wrong and lost social credibility such as losing social credibility, the evaluation for this work still changed if it had received appropriate rewards, "My battle to save those suffering from the same illness is Will continue still! "Is it a censoring comic for the jump?

Even if you have such a theme really, there is nothing like appealing. Although rental children and others have failed like this work similarly,
Ultimately, it is getting caught up by strangeness and innovation, and the way that convinces the readers is becoming next to the second consecutive third. Though it is rather difficult to read such a work that is not so much like that ... ... Evaluation is severe, but it seems like I was drawn to be interesting and it seems like I was at the bottom level of Mr. Yamada's work I will say "worst".