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Ryotaro Shiba
Japan Released:1972
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1. http://www.shinchosha.co.jp/book/115217/ (Translation)
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2012/09/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I like this one more than Ryoma goes in the Shiba work depicting the end of Tokugawa.
Akira Oshima Maijiro who appeared on the front stage of history as an engineer to the last.
The impression is that the country will be compromised if it relies on strategy and relying only on tactics.
Also, it is interesting that consideration of authors such as Japan that did not become a colony in the East is written.
Even so, Shiba is clear and disliked, Ieyasu during the Warring States period, Katsura Kogoro in this era is not very well written.

2012/02/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mr. Kuroraku Murata (Oomura Masujiro) is a short version of the protagonist "contestant" was made into a feature.
(But in the scene of the two encounters in this work, Katsura did not see him in the bed in the "Kidori?")
In "Demons" we started with encounters with Katsura Kogoro and caught Murata in Katsura view only from the aspect of military figures, but this work starts from the place where Kura-oki enters Osaka Junior High School.
Although it falls in the Chiba Dojo era when speaking of "Ryoma gets up", there are various points such as the teacher, the size of the pocket of Ogata Koan, the system of cram school, the school of doctors and Ran scholars, and the position of social standing It is interesting.
And, since the interpersonal relationship at this time is unfamiliar, the character of Kura who is a fashionable doctor is the tactics of the later years and it will lead to Mr. Ohmura Masujiro who is an outstanding psychologist in strategy.

The character of Mr. Kurashiki Murata who is silly and unfriendly lives really in Mr. Shiba's literary genius.
Sometimes a stoic scholar, someone fucking serious natural blur (Tsukkomi Fukuzawa Yukichi),
Sometimes clumsy and poorly performing, and sometimes cold armed forces.

[Overall rating]
Murata Kurashi who may be the most fresh among the heroes of Shiba 's work. But,
Born in the lower class, it has a vision of complete demolition of samurai society and a thorough rationalism spirit,
Some people regard Rika Sakamoto as a superstar of Shikabane Shiba's historical perspective as a two-perfect in that it finishes a role that no one else can do but also has gone away from the stage of history.

Just because "Ryoma goes" was a purely heroic story, this work should be called the story of a hero who confronted the hero.
In the final stage, it is Kuroro who was to confront Takamori Saigo, but there is no heroism that can compete with Saigo like Ryoma.
Rather, Saigo who evaluates the military skill of Kuranaki who does not have himself raises the degree as a person and the hero is drawn as a bigger person with a lot of faults with a hero.
Keigo Kogoro who trusted Kura six is 〓〓〓〓〓lso a coordinated leader (classroom chairperson type) even though he is a representative of Changzhou and is inferior to Saigo Takasugi Shinsaku (gaki general type) in terms of charisma rather than Saigo (boss type).
However, Kagoshi, who is insensitive to Saigo charisma, predicts even those who are drunk by charisma up to Saigo in the wake of the Southwest War, and makes a strategic conflict against it Pursuing the end of the process from a historical perspective The place where Roku became a knife blade and stuck in the throat of Saigo.
Although the relationship between me and Katsura seems to be "monkey and monkey" if it says mostly to Kuranari ....
The place where I'm not interested in cool phrases etc is Yanishi, so it seems that this work seems to have a big influence on "Silver - Engi".