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Hiro Mizushima
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Japan Released:2010
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2014/08/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2548 Host:2545 Browser: 10347
I was buried in the bookshelf, so I tried reading it because it is a point.

The hero is suicide volunteer, and I do not care much about things falling on my body like anything else.
Still it is a refreshing person who does not feel age at all (childish childhood), and its tone is also quite light.
Since it is such a state, this work has become extremely light content pursuing consistent readability while keeping the theme subject to heavy life as a theme.
How to grasp about this point will depend on people, but I thought it was good personally. Or, I thought it was "good".

It is a rough story that it is not a form of descendant prosperity caused by reproductive acts but a form of organ donation that nurtures death to the next generation, but the part that is in doubt comes out by themselves.
First of all, can not you emotionally transfer to the hero?
The problem is not its light personality, values 〓〓〓〓〓hat seems to have let go of my life somewhere.
It seems strange that it is easily accepted for death.
Even though life's return point has not passed yet, can not you be so happy to die while wishing to live?
As a factor, it seems that the psychological description is missing in the conversation subject.
Since this is not the case only for the hero, even with respect to the scene of farewell to Akane and the reunion of the last (?), It can be impossible to get in touch with mechanical interaction anyhow, Is not it there?
After that, science fiction is full of arguments for various events, and it is impossible to get a strange and dull impression.

The essential story screenwriter is well organized in a short content and since the entrance and exit is tight, the body as an amusement work is satisfied fully.
It certainly might be subtle as a literary work, but this work did not receive a special bad impression so far.
Especially, it is good that a certain trick is given to a certain page. I like this kind of pretty much.

Fortunately unfortunate, this work that became a hot topic.
A high evaluation of Amazon It is also fun to laugh at reviews including low evaluation, so it is also good to be able to enjoy such specific way of living (laugh)
Evaluation as a work is "ordinary".
Well, if the amateur wrote it, it was possible to enjoy it externally.
However, it can not be said that there is readiness, but it may have been better if it was more polite, increasing the number of pages a little more.

2014/05/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2751 Host:2935 Browser: 5171
A novelist, Tomonori Saito, who goes through the path of heaven and controls all. What the hell is he .... It was a topic at the time of the announcement.
Since it was awarded the poplar award, I was wondering how authoritative it is ... if I opened the lid it was a cup of coffee.

A male age is low for the hero who is the main character. To join the cold gags, the Shoborners refused to deliberate.
Speaking of a bellowing fool (?) Sounds good, but things say.
The number of characters is also sky. I can read it to the end in no time. Thanks to that, despite dealing with heavy themes, their importance is not conveyed firmly.

It is not as borologous as it is told, but it is not a good work for flattery.

One last word. Please do not put on a pot coat or an amulet even if it makes a mistake.

2013/05/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
I think that it is not a work that will take a prize of 20 million yen in grand prize, but it is not as bad as it sounds.
As contents, it seemed possible to express even a short short, so it did not take so long to read. It seems that there is a sense of incompatibility to become a book, and it seems to enter something like short editing.
Well, it is one of the works that seem interesting and easy to read as it is.

First of all, the main character is Osassun of 41 years old (40 years old at the time of starting), and as I was trying to commit suicide, I will buy a strange group with a condition that "I will put a price on my body such as an organ".
Well, there are some fantastic elements and SF-like elements around here, so pretty fictional medical technology comes out.
The main character is a fairly light person, and the content has a part that is unexpectedly light. Rather than being a weight of life, I think that connecting a life and a feeling is a theme.
There is no doubt as to each person, there is no difference in the content that symbolic persons weave, but still I understand what I want to convey somehow, I have not had a big pain.
The sentences were also edited to the extent that they could be read, which seems to have been reworked quite a bit, and it is good impression that I can comprehend themselves fairly well in spite of being easy to read.

In the last, names of fairly unrelated persons are listed, but this is a game ticky feeling.
Overall, there was a sense like a novel game. I was just reading this as if I were reading the novel game, but I felt like the ending song is flowing in the part that touched the name and the latter life lightly in the last.

Wakipedia's writing in bold is punishable for tusking too much. Stop it!
Dajare is cold, but since it has become a hint of the end in the end, was it necessary element?
I can not laugh, but it is true to express the character of the hero.

Well, clearly, if you asked me that it is a suitable work for a prize of 20 million yen, it is no longer the case. This grand prize can not take ordinary then.
However, paying such "Mizushima Hiro's name" or "Grand Prize prize money" or such such as a purely one work would probably not be read while feeling great discomfort.
I do not think that it is such a bad content, and it is not enough that I can not be moved by letting go.
Still, it was quite easy to understand that it was easy to comprehend the last that is easy to understand and predictable beautifully and it is not clear how much the editing was reworked, but the feeling of the author who wanted to publish such contents to the world was evaluated I do not add to the evaluation here.

It may be there if you go to the library and the price breakdown is also amazing, so I would like you to read the neighborhood and judge it.
Although it is good to watch and enjoy being struck quite often at some place, it is easy to read even those who are not used to books so much, it is not as difficult as it is not difficult or short, so after a single reading I got on that flow Even though I think it is not late.

2011/10/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27461 Host:27383 Browser: 11131
Honestly, you can not help saying it is boring.
I felt the writing power was low for the time being. It seems to be said that it is like Ranube in part, but I think that Ranobe is much higher in level. Such a word makes Lanaube stupid.
I feel that it is a level that probably is not the level of the feet of Mr. Akiyama who is the creator of the Ilya sky or even the ring.
I can not help being saying it is an amateur level.
And although it is the content of the essence, the character is devastating first.
The main character is just an odd man who caused suicide attempt trying to say Dagare. Besides, I do not have anything else as a hero.
To be honest to say that such an old man meets a girl and know the importance of life can only be thought of as being authored by the author.
It is a laughter because it is trying to make the reader cry like this. I can not laugh at Djare.
Regarding the punch line of the last, it was a way of finishing that medical and fantasy were mixed halfway and amazed. It is too halfway. Really.
What country's hospital to push the pump and move my heart?
I could only imagine that this work was mossing miscellaneous such as selling hundreds of thousands of copies by taking a grand prize in literature.
This author Mr. Saito wants to read sky which half of the monthly work of similar theme works.
I will not even be on the same ground as the ring.
It seems that it is selling, so I read it but it was only a waste of time.
Needless to say evaluation is the worst.

Speaking of Britain is a gin ... British people in the UK and Jin! What a chat!

Innovation and entertainment are different things.

2011/03/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17060 Host:17137 Browser: 10938
[good point]

It can be read instantly.
If you are an early person, you can read it in about an hour, about two hours.
[Bad point]
Others have also written, but the content is thin.
I feel like the first impression of reading is "?"
Despite being the subject of life, there is no content that makes me think, I feel like forgetting it in 10 minutes.
How about the way to end too?

If I read it as a grand prize, I will never recommend it.

However, it may be good if you read it as a fan of Mizushima Hiro.

2011/03/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10228 Host:10104 Browser: 11293
Picturesque fall like a middle-aged man who wanted suicide despite being the hero who was following his life,
As a good point, the reading itself will not take such a long time.
However, it says that the worse point is more conspicuous at all, whether depiction of a person, view of the world,
All the development of the story is also Tighag and we can not find any uri unique to this work,
And the tempo was bad.

Regarding person portrayal, this middle-aged man.The Otaya gag of Daito was also completely uncomfortable at all and was totally unnecessary, and such a place where Akane Tenki, who will eventually be provided with the heart, will hold a favor Conformistic. Keiya also caught a nose on the theme of lectures such as lecture at the time when he was with Daito had been reasoning. Nothing appealed was equal to none.
It seems that I wanted to have the theme of "human life", but I could easily read the previous development,
Unfortunately it will not inevitably endure drawing over 200 pages at a time and it will not hurt to say that it could not be handled at all.

Mizushima Hiro-kun also belongs to the former office as usual as it is, and if he was doing as a normal actor handsome actor ........ Acting skill was there, but regrettable in recent years is disappointing. But halfway evaluation is disrespectfully against him and poplar company, "worst" would be reasonable. The second loach is difficult, is not it?
Although it is current ability.

2011/02/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19261 Host:19080 Browser: 12025
I tried talking about it as a topical work for the time being.

[good point]
I thought that writing a small accustomed sentence would not write for my debut work.

[Bad point]
In a sense, it was content with the theme of light novel, but just being used as the concept of the whole work, I was made to think about my life and the clear idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he author against life was not transmitted.
Looking at the characters that are only being flushed as per the concept, reminiscent of the recent setting and the light novel that only decorates the upper side of the character.

Cheap advertising Honestly, I think that the fluttering that "Hiroshi Mizushima wrote" is sloppy. It will be a foul on the award-winning setting.
In the jump "Bakuman.", There was a story that a certain musician made a big publicity when making a manga artist debut, and one riot occurred, but this work is exactly saying it in the ground. I think how to use the popularity and the name recognition cultivated elsewhere in other fields, I think that is what I expected after all, if I really want to write a novel I could have been able to hide my name.
I will also hear a heartless opinion that "writers criticizing KAGEROU is it", but you will want to criticize. If you say Miyoshima Hiro is not talented at all, it feels rather guilty, but if you are writing a fairly bad novel, even more.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In a bad meaning, this work without a grasp can not be called "Ryosaku" ... That is my conclusion.
Rather, Mr. Mizushima Hiro would like to write a piece with a lighter content. According to my sense, Nishio Ishin Seiki teacher and others are like "Is it a net literature or light novel?

But, for the time being this work is going into the category of a trash, so the evaluation is [very bad].

I am expecting Saito sensei for the future. You had better stop stopping artifacts.

2011/02/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9424 Host:9490 Browser: 3875
I finished reading the other day so I will evaluate it.

I think that it was often used as the first work.
However, I thought that it might be a thing to win an award.

I understood the theme and the subject matter, but I did not understand what I wanted to convey.

It is not a work that I think to read until I bought it.

Evaluation is made severely bad.

2011/02/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18633 Host:18519 Browser: 2619
Although it is the 5th poplar novels award-winning work, it seems to have sold it by name from the content, but it was only a premonition from the hard to understand synopsis (see the introduction of the work) and review of other sites, but I read it well Well write There is no volume, there is impossibility in deployment, it is an expedient content Expansion of examples of scenes that are impossible to expand, scenes that deceive the hero's death, story of the story etc. I am reading I thought, "This is not ... ...." There is one thing I thought about reading other than that There are one thing I thought it was "It could not make me think at all for the story of life" , "The story of" life "is written, but it does not echo in my heart, nor have I read it and made me think

It is not contents, it is a book sold by such propaganda "It was a novel written by Mizushima Hiro" in fact "I won the prize"
The story of "life" does not echo in my mind, it is unreasonable development with unconditionalism and it was boring content Evaluation is "very bad"