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Literature rank of 2010 Rank 72in 89 titles
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Megumi hatakenaka
Japan Released:2010/12/01(Wed)
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1. http://www.shinchosha.co.jp/book/146127/ (Translation)
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2014/05/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"Ichiban" .... Evaluation "Bad"

No matter how much he is a son of Dora it is natural psychology that he is cute, but I wanted him to show me how to show him more painfully.

"Ippuku" ... Evaluation "Good" side "Normal"

I think that Nagasakiya is losing as it is, as it is, the appropriate "further punch" also works, and the relation with the past with Nanosuke was exactly "the world was narrow" probably.

"Tengu no Tsukaima" ... Evaluation "Normal"

The game with the Tengu was unexpected as well as "Ippuku", but the method of drawing such as the tengu and the guardian dog afterwards was somewhat halfway.

"Beaked sweet" ... Evaluation "Very bad"

It was Eikichi who finally decided to go to a shop in a neighborhood shop, but he was a brother of his brother. If a criminal joins a criminal company, it may have been "Shinjirarenai !!" if it says a former professional baseball director, but the boss who worked him did not see anyone. In the end he was sorry that he did not recover such "sickness", it was pitiful that I could not utilize the talent of the angles for people and society, but it was another elder brother who had become a guru with him. As insulting Eikichi, I did not receive any repayment beyond reasonable as a major discontent. Even if I draw a friendship with Ichitaro as I took it ...
Or, the author does not like Eikicho much, do you?

"Chickpiece Chiyogami" ... Evaluation "Normal"

Growth of chicks such as escape from makeup habits in past series was digested as a big hint. The tasks imposed on each of Shujiro and Shozaburo were also unique,
I also feel that the relationship with the latter was somewhat weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although this author's novel is not as great as unpleasant remnant, the story that lacks in imaichi catharsis is also conspicuous, but this "Ichiban" as a "shabba" series
Then, it was particularly prominent. Especially, the story of "Is sweet sweet?", In checkers' style, "Oh, I will not say I do not say it, but is that so bad I was?", But if Ei told me that the weather was strong against Eikichi Saying, somehow I have friendship with Ichitaro and I have become positive, but I am sorry for being watching somewhat. Coupled with supporting character kyara is also coupled with the seductivity.

Although the recognition that this author's idea that it has the extraordinary talent, etc. is unchanged,
Well, it seems that even a single story with remarkably bad impression is seen, the comprehensive evaluation is also "bad".