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Risa Wataya
Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Kawade Bunko
Japan Released:2001/11/13(Tue)
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2011/12/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3866 Host:3946 Browser: 9929
I read Mr. Mutsuya's "Kicking back" and thought how this work would be, I tried reading it.

After all, I feel that it is nothing like the previous work in impressions.
It was a work that feels like drawing a single piece of constantly dayless content.
I guess it is not a day piece of everyday life, but it seems to be impossible in everyday but it seems likely to be one piece It is probably Mr. Mutsuya's attraction.

It was easy to read that it was easy to read.
However, if you buy a book, it may be a second-hand book.
So the evaluation is "normal".

2010/08/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50322 Host:50415 Browser: 11293
This second author also ..........

In short, was it a girls high school student who refused to go to school and was a "funny stretching story" of a boy who is strong on a PC?
While I was being addicted to a man-made chat, there was a reality of troubles found by the opponent's guy.
However, even though Ken Yaeya was pointed out that the bad points on "Kicking back" have not been changed at all,
The stylistic style was light and lighter, and the development of one person's point of view, such as the hero's side, was redundant and lacked in ordinary excitement.

Asako. Aoki boys were both better than "backs wanting to kick" as they went towards a positive direction,
After all, food materials such as "the world of the Internet and its fear", "educational problems such as hikikomori" etc. are prepared, but food is poor,
The movie version did not think that Kanichi Ryunosuke 's favorable performances were shining and it was interesting, but it was a boring fictional novel such as seasoning did not change.

Mr. Risa Cottonya also said that "1.6 kilobytes of back" to kick, this "installation"
600,000 copies, and the next "give dreams" published 180,000 copies (both hardcover versions)
Although it seems that it is gradually decreasing, is it finished as it is as a typical precocious writer as it is? Or ... ... ...
Although it is impression only by reading these two work to the last, it can not deny that it is insufficient in practice at this time.
It was the youngest award winner of the Akutagawa prize,
Actually it is a tragedy or a wondrous way of saying, but I strongly believe that it is time to be asked about "real strength" from now on.
Evaluation, well "very bad" is reasonable.

2007/02/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12626 Browser: 3007(Mobile)
It was more interesting than the back you wanted to kick.

It is good until I chat with elementary school students and man and woman, but I do not know exactly what I want to tell you after all.
It seems that it was "wasted" for high school students after all.

It is bad as it is, but since there were also parts that I could think and sympathize with, the evaluation is normal.

2007/02/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11123 Host:11306 Browser: 6293
When I entered university, I read it when I write a paper on PC or internet.

It is written with the theme of what can be in today's real world, such as the front and back of the net as seen from a girls high school student perspective, elementary school student now, hikikomori.

There are people who can nod and say "Net is such feeling" and there are people who think "I do not know well". I think that it is a work with considerable evaluation divided.

Because the author is young and the style is youthful, it may be a novel for young people. I enjoyed reading it.

2006/12/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17900 Host:17604 Browser: 6812
This is literature? It is not erotic novel.

> Osamu Hashimoto and Risa Seida
[Writer of a similar style]
As a novel, it was fun.
It was "light" and "readable".
But, if you look at it as a literary work, it is lurking.

More than 20 years ago, Osamu Hashimoto wrote "First Person 's Novel" using the words of high school girls as they are.
With the title "Momojiri girls", I was writing the unstable age of school girls without compromising ecology.
Positioning is an entertainment novel.

Risa Cottonya wrote "First-person novel using the high school girl's story as it is".
I wrote the ecology of high school girls in the title of "installation".

It is together.

When reading the magazine review of "install" something, high school girls are evaluated as "first-person novels using the speech of high school girls as they are".
It's strange.
One is positioned as an entertainment and the other is in a literary work.
What is the difference?

Theme and motif?

[Theme and motif]
The theme of "installation" (= subject) is thin.
There is no theme, but it is thin.
Asako is the first person in the story, throwing away all the things in the room all together, trying to buy all things thrown away at the end of the story.
As this title acts on the title, as a theme of "installing" on a personal computer, the theme is self-playback.
But, it is thin.
First, there is no explanation as to why he was withdrawn. Although it may not be necessary for every reason to refuse to go to school and withdrawal, it is okay even if we can turn our eyes a bit.
There is almost no depiction of refusal to go to school (original exact), and reasons are ambiguous, so when you try to buy luggage in your room, the theme is supposed to emerge, which is supposed to emerge.
Obviously it is a mismanagement.

Speaking of tough things, even if we could explain the process to school rejection, even if we draw ourselves, the story is weak and the theme is thin.
Either way, it is thin.

If this novel is worth it, it is in a motif (= subject).
School girls do a little erotic things.
That's it.
What I was reading and looking out was that I shouted out Koichi 's complaints as "say more" (reminiscent of SM' s M).
I get a little erotic "pants" from people in the apartment.
Everything, etc., was a downy material.
Bottom material is not vulgar, so it did not make me uncomfortable, but it was not a complimentary novel and erotic theme was not a theme, but a halfway aim was aiming for success.

When I read the prize-winning work of the literary world every year, I might be able to find the soil where such works appear in the world, but I would like to have a question mark as literature?

Because it is a novel of "normal", it is "normal".

2006/11/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39269 Host:39349 Browser: 4924
I could enjoy it rather than "kicking back", but there are not enough punches. Because it is not composed for each chapter, it has finally reached the end with the deployment which made it somewhat dull and finally it ends only with subtle comments like "So ...?" Eventually.
But even in this work I was able to see the sentences "Oh!", So I guess there is sense of talent. However, I'm still too young to think that I have not been able to show things I'm playing like playful in my sentences, but how is it?

2006/08/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Mr. Genichiro Takahashi in the commentary on the book said that the author is a friend of "genius" and written her sentences as "perfection!" But I did not think that way.
Although it may be written that way, there are many places where one sentence is long and it is difficult to read and there are few line breaks.
I do not like the theme itself, so I'd like to drop the evaluation over "I want to kick."

A scene where the hero encounters an elementary school student in papers page 134 is 25 pages.
So far the situation where the hero was placed and the feeling have been told, but I felt it was too long for me.
Also, I did not have any characters that I can feel favorable with this work, so I do not like the impression.
Elementary school student is an elementary school student but I think that it is masculine, but mothers of both hero and elementary school students felt something was wrong (I thought it was not written properly), after all I liked the story itself I could not become.

The place where the commentator commentator put the deficit by myself, etc. also did not seem like a very meaningful description to me, I felt like a girlish expression.
I do not know how far the main character is a girls high school student at this time but I think that it is more concise and good, such as where I talk about myself, after all, this hero is just what elementary students do Just riding. Yet, why can not you understand why you ended up posting a positive opinion suddenly at the end, and if you do not write down more carefully about the change of mind around that, do not follow it anyway, with a content that is very different from the author's commentary embraced.

About 40 pages of "You Can Keep It" recorded simultaneously in the library, I did not understand what I wanted to say.
There was no lingering finish in either case, so it was a work that wondered about what to do after this.
Although it might be slightly different, I thought that Mr. Ryu Murakami 's "Love & Pop" dealing with aid datings was interesting because there was also a suspense factor, but if I compared it with such a work, I can not help being wrong.

2006/06/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28338 Host:28220 Browser: 3846
The story is neither good nor bad. It is a feeling that "I want to kick back" is the second disinfection.
I do not feel much appealing to the characters as well. Especially primary school students are too mashed

Evaluation is "normal"

2005/10/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6022 Host:6071 Browser: 4184
It was also "kicking back", but again the work of Risa Cottonaya is light and light. Certainly, it can be read at a stroke with easy-to-read sentences for young people, but it seems a bit painful to think that the lightness that does not leave anything after reading is bearing the title of the prize-winning work of the literary award. ... or, it was almost an entertainment novel (laugh).
I do not dislike personally the depiction of casual daily depictions, psychological description of the character, theme point of view personally, I think that it is not a writer without ability. Even though .... However, since this world will not be sweet enough that "for young people" will become disrespectful forever, I want you to keep on trying not to get crushed by expectations of the surroundings. A few years later, I just pray that the label "Yamada Emi or Yoshimoto banana's degraded version" is not affixed.