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Souseki Natsume
Japan Released:1905/09 Chuo Koron
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2015/11/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was good or bad, it was a short story that was as the title.

It was truly a short story among Natsume Soseki's short stories, although men and women talked with each other a lot,
A man who was anxious about the disease of beriberi ........ Meanwhile, Meiji line up with Soseki, who was also a writer of the Taisho period ... ..., but the era There was something that made you feel.

Well maybe I did not feel like I was somewhat confused about beriberi
(Bitter smile), but indeed it seems that Soseki was actually a third generation fans of Yanagi family. It seemed that his hobby was reflected, but it was also distinguished that he saw a storytelling like rakugo.

Well, how do you think further how to further expand this "dream talking" funny? It seems that they both went to sleep without any explanation, their status and identity are " I will leave it to imagination. "The reason why I fell asleep was that he was quite straight like" they both became sleepy ". (Bitter smile)

The sense of the sentence is fluffy, "I can pull off what I can not imitate !! There is a tiredness !! I can overcome !!", but I also felt that it was a bit unnatural. It may be said that it was a short story with a strong experimental character.
Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2015/06/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a short story that only men and two women spend the night talking something. There are many things with Soseki 's short story, there are so many things, but since this is really small amount, it seems that short stories are not also hodd ....
For Japanese writer writer Natsume Soseki's work is meaningless, it is a work of a simple conversation that does not happen, it is a style that is difficult to evaluate.

That is why the conversation's air can not be grasped at all in terms of "what are they saying?"
I do not know what is funny but the characters are happy and laughing ... and, strangely there is a temperature difference with the readers.
It seems that they do not know who they are hearing nearby that they are talking about something they do not understand.
If you misunderstand what is mysterious or what you do not understand well meaningfully, I will return the answer like a mystery that someone does not understand well again.
I tried rereading because it was short, but I still do not seek a lot of meaning for this. Those who at that time did not understand as well, even Natsume Soseki himself / herself did not understand.
Well, that does not mean that it is hard to understand, so there is no solution so read freely, I do not enjoy the air, I think about it.

Anyway, the situation that "two men and one woman" is a thing frequently used by Natsume Soseki's novel.
The word "fallen in love" came out this time, too, there was a part that I could see somewhat like sarcasm on love.
Well, in the case of this work, both men and women are just sex and there is no depiction that will develop into a relationship of love ....

Evaluation is "ordinary".
In the end, Soseki himself explained the nature of this novel and it ended up, but if it does not exist it is really hard to understand how hard to read.
In a sense, I think whether the work of Haruki Murakami inherits this atmosphere.