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Literature total pnts rank Rank 4,718in 4,729 titlesTotal -13 / Deviation 32.51
Literature rank of 2009 Rank 97in 98 titles
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Character/Setting-2.50(Very bad)2
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Yumizuru Izuru
Okiura CHOCO
MF bunnko J OverLap PaperBack
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Japan Released:2009/05/31(Sun)
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2017/05/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6822 Host:6919 Browser: 11445
[good point]
Charadesa (limited to MF bunko)
View of the world

[Bad point]
Name of the sentence in the post-setting place afterwards ... Raspberry ... For example Charlotte. Dunoa is Charlotte or Shall and it's funny way of deploying (contradictory point has no tightness ...)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It became an overlap bunko, and the things written since the period was empty are particularly terrible. Besides what I wrote in a bad point, the reason is getting tired from reading such as how to deal with expansion by enumeration of hard words and convenient development.
Also, I feel that the character of heroines is getting worse and worse. Initially, I also found a point that can be praised without permission, but it was particularly terrible in Kyoto edition (10 volumes).
I was rewriting that 11 volumes were released for the first time in 2 years, but I was surprised myself who often bought such a work until now.
I have read many lanobets until now but this work is not good to publish.

2016/10/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:24925 Browser: 9081
To be honest, I read a few pages and it got dizzy.
Perhaps the bad impression of a light novel was born from the work of this hand ... I guess.
Although I was surprised at the level of sentences and composition that the content passed though the content, it was rather surprised from the sentences and composition which it was rather difficult to read, but the problem of the current work was nothing to do with the way of setting handling and the level of the dizzying level It is monologue.

Well, I think this is also an animation setting book or something.
I saw animated cartoons, but I guess the monster 's allegiance was suppressed and it is becoming easier to see as a resolute figure, but when I look at this, I am submissive and not wisely, but I am surprised The place which took out only the bad impression of "Ranobe hero" like Tsukkomu character (and lastly Mansa) to look down was conspicuous.
In other words, it is a victim of "writing" and "humor" rather than a story.
At first, the story progresses from the first person viewpoint, but it will continue to show that you are showing cold gags and ridicule Tsukkom with abnormally high tension. In the same way, the dragon knight 07 which stands out abnormal tension is also boring before it is boring, but it seems like this is because I feel like I'm dealing with sexual hot bloods that my character has, I feel unpleasantly unpleasant That's right. Even if I try to paint it like a hot character, it seems as if I also aimed it and I will be excited.
Besides that, it is a fundamental problem that the author's humor is low. Ranobet who skips the laughable gag in somehow is interesting regardless of the high or low sentence ability ("Baka to Test to Shokanju"), now I do not have it, I do not have it either, I do not even have a story with a shaft or a theme and seeing it diversely.
Looking first there is an example of making an original military mechanics by making an author's setting design like "Full Metal Panic!" (Is it too much as a comparison object?), This work is a neighboring high school student around Tekito I think that it is a level that can be thought of, and I thought that there is no element that can immerse in imitichi novel with no convincing power for mechanical topics and unique world view as opposed to subject matter.

In the animation, the heroines that the factions were divided pretty well, I felt it was not so much when I looked at something in the novel.
I think that this work is the same multi-national harem heroine as "Sakura Taisen" etc. It seems that it was advantageous that the individuality of that neighborhood is easy to see.
Mob is different, but once for the main heroine each person who came for IS school from each country has an image of another country which is easy to understand, it can eliminate the feeling of temple compared with other works (Most harem things, heroines such as Moe 4, you feel it is the difference of the character of "Oitama's hit work", just like all of the fellow squads Paolo are composed of goranger).
In that sense, it may have been good to have a personality and connection of "childhood friend" to the broom which is the main heroine, but it is a state that it is not too popular for that.

Evaluation is "worst".
I read this volume one a couple of years ago, but I wanted to throw it many times on the way. In the final stage I was reading with the idea "I want you to finish as soon as possible" rather than feeling of urgency. I have not read the second volume and beyond, and as there is no information that the second volume and the following are interesting (constant through evaluation), I finished with the result that I will practice "I do not want to read" from here onwards.
In the case of movies and images, I think that when the screen rotates or the flash is continuous, I feel that my physical condition tends to be bad, but in case of type, there is a case that it really hurts my physical condition when I see the same serious contamination as that It is .... I have not forgotten only the memories that made me feel bad like that, and I can not forget things that caused questions one after another while reading.

2015/06/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26660 Host:26741 Browser: 5151
IS (Infinite Stratos)
A story in the world where a multi-form suit called "Informatics" was developed, initially it was made assuming activities in outer space but actually it will be used as weapons and sports, but IS is not The hero who had a defect that it can not be used, Omura Ichiyoshi (male) accidentally started the IS for the test of the IS Gakuen as a result of mistaking the entrance examination site, and as a result, as the only person who can use the IS only in the world
Egg of IS pilot gathers not only from domestic but also from other countries as a pilot training institution for IS
I will enter the IS Gakuen

[good point]
It is a common story, it is a story that the hero has a special power, entered the school full of girls and crowded uselessly from a cute girl The main character, Omura Ichiyoshi is gentle and gentle and coolly flagging the flag There are a lot of heroines to the extent that how many heroines are bothered with the student council president and the student council president in the representatives of the two friends, a friend of the best friends, and each person has characteristics and is pretty, so that it is fine if it is cute Well it is recommended Well this is not as much as the author but I think that illustrator's achievement is greater, but on the way there is a gruff between the author and the editor and Illustrator has changed

[Bad point]
Well Major base character and heroine's love comedy is central and Serious development seems to be a bonus so it is not suitable for people who dislike Moe and that's because heroin's personality and character settings are too bad

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a light novel of a common harem thing that can be relatively recommended for people if it can be sprout if it can be bought if it is good
It is a bonus that IS or Serious development etc.

2015/04/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10076 Host:10268 Browser: 6459
I do not know why he bought such a stupid thing.
Such a plain thing is not fun at all.
I can not see any ingenuity.
Ranobet the best kimono.
Evaluation, of course, I would like to go on the worst.

2014/09/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14080 Host:14291 Browser: 5171
Spreading the concept of "bukiru", the original work of animation that made the street noisy for a while.
Sharu and Laura, and fans are forming parties such as "Faith Party" and "Olcoc Party".
This time I'll try to approach that situation.

Firstly the text is terrible. One summer talks silly talking with her barely, but I want to do it by myself.
I guess he really wants to be told that he is a resident of Tendin Road.
Although the author is a scenario writer for adult games, it does not have any twists and just writes sentences similar to the script.
While listening to the hole setting as well, the heroines who are superior to looking will only fly love comedy (lol).
Moreover, when it seems to become stuck in expansion, it turns out to rely on the new heroine. Thanks to it, the traditional heroine is going to take a break, but this is no longer artistic if there is no learning ability.
How much it is because it is a Moe work, is not this a fatal thing to say?
The story on the vertical axis does not proceed any more, and the double tracks and mysteries are left unattended. Let the reader make a wonderful remembrance, leave it to the hang of it at time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I know a lot of mops. That this work has only a character.
If it is said that it is not a thing to read seriously, it is a story till then, but it does not change that it is not fun.

2013/05/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8149 Host:8029 Browser: 11123
First of all, it's a chunk of a thrust in from the setting.

Just because IS can handle only women, does that mean that the world's power balance will change?
Even though one summer seems to be badly treated when it comes to ladies and gentlemen in the first place. Why are you motivated, are heroines Bodhisattva?

Every time a new heroine comes out, I despise the existing heroine. I repeat such exchange many times and I do not learn at all.
Because of this, it is made to treat broom as a story.

I was really lucky to be able to animate. It is also a good thing that it was discontinued once.

2013/04/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7754 Host:7756 Browser: 7847
[good point]
I think that it is those who are likable if the character is cute, except for one side with the hero.

[Bad point]
I want you to think about situations a bit more, the heroine is too early to like the hero, I think once you have a chance to develop it from there ,,,
Even though Cecilia called a little I thought it would be better if I advanced the event to such an extent that it began to focus on the main character after that game, but it seems that the description of the character becomes too thin as a harem ,,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, I look forward to the future. I think that it is good to include expectation.

2013/04/21 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21186 Host:21067 Browser: 10810
I received the news on the second phase of the animation. I understood because there are no reasons for not doing the second term yet though.
I read the MF Bunko version two years ago and I can not remember clearly, so please comment.

I think the character is excellent.
However, I think that there is something everyone wants to say, but in my case, the lack of military knowledge of the author, I felt superficial.
I think the newly appointed chairman sisters are inferior to five people.
I think that the author is incredible if you finish the story with this. In other words, I believe that this author can not fold wrapping cloths as it is.

There are many characters whose parents have died or not. Will the warmth of my family be involved in the future?
Is Rasubos a sister of Mopie as well?

My favorite character and laura.