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Literature rank of 1982 Rank 38in 39 titles
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Yoshinori Nishizaki Reiji Matsumoto
Asahisonorama Cobalt Bunko SHUEISHA Wakasato ken TOKUMA SHOTEN PUBLISHIIG CO.,LTD Animejyu Bunko
Japan Released:1982/12
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2006/02/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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As a novel by Yamato, this work is also the last, in the Shueisha cobalt bunko it was a feature that changed the style and style of drawing so far and also portrayed the depiction of the enemy side.
This work novel is not only cobalt bunko and sonorama version which became standard, but it is cited that Tokuma Shoten of "Animage" issued as an animage book collection.

In addition to the unknown actual fact of the enemy side (why the warp planet was warped at the time of submergence of the Dingill Star and the crisis was not wrested), the cobalt bunko goes out to search for trouble due to the intersection of the aquarius and the galaxy approaching the earth The episode and the original mechanism of the Dingill side which does not appear in the main part of the movie comes out and it is characterized to bother Yamato, and Tomodo Akiko who appeared in the notorious "〓〓〓quot; got out of communication in space exploration Yamato = There is a scene worried about Aihara in the scene which I could not draw with the movie.

For the restoration of Okita in the Animage bunko version, the system called "important person special measures" was used, and the fact that it was resurrected by it and the fact that Todo is related to snow rather than the original, is also characterized by the ancient body So the reason why you threw a bouquet of Des raise palace, which was rendered ruined by Desler was not drawn in the original.

And the biggest difference from the original will be where Desder will kill the battle. It is likely that Legirl who survived in a scene of self-sinking Yamato to protect the earth from the Aquarius at climax will be special to Lugar ship to try to stop trying to press Yamato by showing the last postcard.

Originally it was a person who destroyed the earth once and I think that it was okay to do how to put Keesime to that extent, but I think that it was something that was not drawn.
Even in the original even in the original, Rugal shakes off Desestrat and approaches Yamato, but here Desrater does not die and she is putting Dehler gun in Rugal to silence.
Therefore, I think that the content of the work was divided into two by the life and death of Deserr, but since desolder of the essence did not come too much in the movie (Mr. Ibu went to say "Even last" ... ), I will make you feel like I could have shown the last living of the more spectacular Gamirasu president.

Because it is the last Yamato, I think that it was a part of the Novels version which by necessity was large in scale by all means, but the movie of the essence was .... These novels version also up and down 2 volumes Although it came out, I think that it was hard to say that it was finished in a good form, ideal form for one series work "Space Battleship Yamato".

I think that it is Yamato that I can end the series in a different meaning from "Gundam", "Sentai series", "Kamen Rider" and "Ultraman" which are made into Dara-dara series, but it is still dragging without being curtained yet It seems that it is not.
Could it be possible for Yamato to arrive at rest like 'Yamato'?