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Sougennsuiri Bunko
Tsumao Awasaka
Japan Released:1997/12
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2007/02/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8815 Host:8735 Browser: 6342
An ancestor of Mr. Aiichiro Ai, who has long been loved for a long time by those who like funny funny stories,
The story of Mr. Ichiro Aichi, in the Bakumatsu.

Period from 1855 to 1861, Aishan's great earthquake to Ansei's hell, Sakuradon gate outside change, Imperial Women's Kimiya bride along.
Although it does not concern directly, it is related somewhat about 2 sheets of cushion and indirectly about the end phrase.
If descendant Mr. Aiichiro Ai is (mainly) a cloud specialist photographer, his ancestor Tomokazuro is number one of the castle in Edo.
It is a clever job to watch clouds all day long. Maybe it was really ... (people in the commentator said)
... is a temporary appearance that will endure the world, a big deed to a secret way direct from the hijimoto directly to the general!
She seems to be pale, just by listening to her stomach, and if she walks, she seems to fall down, if things happen, she will fly tightly and only escape foot will be quick.
It is a second piece of apparent appearance, but I solve difficult problems with sharp observation eyes and twisting thinking that pounds the corner of the box.
That gap is interesting. Also the conversation between the characters is like a comic.
It is comical and very pleasant.

But the world is the end of Edo period. Heavy air appeared around the story, and the affair which is being made also gets wretched.
(Supplementary poetry and nuns of Satsuma were interesting, but the aftertaste is not very good)
It is also the end of the Tokugawa world again, I feel like I'm feeling realistic ... I feel like.
(I have nothing to do with it fluently ...)

Shigetaro Scaraba who likes play, one of the 100 people of Koka, Takanori Ko Lake, sculpture man of townman temperament, Kunosuke Furuyama gives a great taste.
The material to be handled is also interesting.
Interaction about the crests in the first episode of "Uncle Omoi" is fascinatingly interesting and interesting to those without those knowledge, "I am deeply moved by the author of the main line! (Author, creator of the emblem) I read a funny story that the story of a book under construction by Ooku no Oku (Shaborubou) is somehow still some time ago Parody temperament was in Japan.
It is tricky with the feeling that I can feel another rotation after twisting.
There are also people who come out, descendants also appearing in works of modern people, and looking for such things.
(Even those of Takarazuka no Tatsu (another series in the Edo period), Mr. Soga Katsuragi's ancestor came out ...)
But the world is the end of Edo period. The bad aftertaste will inevitably remain. I can not afford the best though.

I think that it will be perfect if you return to the Aiichiro series after reading this. (Aftertaste)