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Kaoru Kitamura
Fumiko Takano
Japan Released:2004/04/09(Fri)
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1. http://www.tsogen.co.jp/np/detail.do?goods_id=1665 (Translation)
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2007/03/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
Three works were recorded and it felt easy to read than the feature film.

"Sleeping in the mountains" ... I did not know because I never graduated from college (I did not enter the university)
Do you bind with graduation thesis? Wow ~ I thought.
This time Emi-chan also appeared. Three conversations are pleasant.
Although the sentences are still beautiful as usual, there are things that are difficult to empathize in places that are too ordered, rather than "I" talked about myself,
We could not leave recognition from the story of the novel written by Kaoru Kitamura to the last.
Even so, I remember well about things like elementary school. I admire it.
Since then, various stories are packed (everyday), so the theme can not be seen, some time series are around and so it was hard to follow a bit.
As a fans of railroads (especially private railway), it was good that Tobu and Keisei came out, but the son of a book store does not dislike to say that it is a bit of a rhythm ... but I do not dislike mystery Is not good,
Long was also painful until the title "mountain sleep" appeared.

The story of picking up the manuscript was interesting, but how about now, in old writers,
There are also handwriting people, PC & Internet prosperous? I read the era now, I feel fresh.
So, I feel something relieved when Mr. Yen purple appears.
Although it was also mentioned in the previous work, Diet Library ... ... Although I went to look for a magazine in 1990,
It has been a while since then. I want to go someday again.
It was good to enjoy descriptions of Mr. Yu purple.
And as everlasting vividness of elucidation of [mystery] and snow scenery (Kaoru Kitamura, snow was impressive even in the short story "White Morning")
I think that the depiction about it is brilliant.

"Running things" ... The main character whose employment was decided at a publishing company. Well it's kind of funny, but I hope you do your best.
It is enviable that being happy to be "employee education", I am not likable to a man named Sakakibara, so far.
Amagi san 's words are also difficult to understand (I have been to the publisher before, but I had not thought about management.
I did not even care about my attachment ... ...)

It is a good thing to have a job challenging, such as the project that the hero issued passes.
Explanation There is no way to have a key or quotation. However, regardless of how much the growth tale of "I"
I was surprised that suddenly two years later. Is it French cuisine anyway? It is the impression that it keeps holding down.
I am not interested so much, so it does not matter, but the keel looks yummy.
Even so, there are really various stories. It is painful to have many parts that are not mystery, but it is not hard to read.
Kaguya 's little "ahaha" is an epitome.

Anyway, Japanese is complicated. Although it may not be related, the "align" of "Picked up" in Bunko P129 is different from this character converted on a PC,
I think that it is good separately. I can not convert it to normal ... .... It is painful for editors.
I felt it was long until the title appeared again, but what about consulting Yu Shi at anything?
It feels as though the type is different from those of the past. I felt somewhat forcibly.
Circular purple's "Tengu Judgment" was fun, but ....

"Morning fog" .... Although the story begins from the wedding of the hero's seniors, when the hero went to the concert before, he encountered a man who was sitting next to him.
It was not a coincidence, but it was a coincidence that the hero later learned the book the man had been reading at the concert.
It was small, but it was something I was curious about.
When the hero was a concert to the man [I felt something close], it was a slightly different style,
I felt lonely when I went to Mr. Tadashi's house, I was a little hot.

Whatever it is, the work itself is good, but I am not interested in rakugo and kabuki at all, so it was difficult to understand such a place.
It comes as a thing with a very strong connotation, but I can not feel like going beyond that.
However, the diary of the hero's grandfather is writing the words of that era, I feel that this is amazing thing with this.
If it says a mystery about it, it feels a bit somewhat ali, but it is mysterious why Pure purple is really understood.

It is natural that Yu Shi says to the hero "It is better for you to check with yourself."
The hero, I think that you depend too much on Yu purple sama. I would not say that it was only thought that you could tell me the answer.
And the reader can solve the mystery of the diary by making efforts. Although it may be touched when you understand this,
I can not persevere to that, maybe less than the hero.

Then, the story of Chushingura came out, but people who cried at Sengakuji on December 14 laughed. Is it incense incense?
As a matter of fact, since my senior high school is nearby, I have a feeling in Sengakuji.
I hated high school, but I feel strange when I come out in the novel.
Whether I go there will probably have been decided before it was born ... Is it foolish?
However, leaving the main character care about the man who sat next to himself at the concert,
To finally take action at last in this work is a frustrating thing, no.

Because I was interested in explanation for both 3 works, I was concerned that the notation of "" was very large.
I think that I do not have to exaggerate so far, but I did not feel it until it was difficult to read, so it was good.
The first two were "pretty good", but the last "Asagiri" enjoyed cryptography and the scene where the hero visits Sengakuji very much.
Because "morning mist" was good, I would like to make it "very good"
As for evaluation, it is lower than "flying horses" "cicadas of the night".

However, I borrowed a book from the library, but I wanted to buy something.
I would like to read another one, the hero's later.

2006/11/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17531 Host:17757 Browser: 5234
Purple Master and "I" series 5 works.

It is a short story that depicts the everyday mystery encountered by "I" who got a job at a publisher.

"Mountain sleeps"
One story that touches the relationship between father and daughter.
In the last scene, the word "I" told the old friend's father who stood up.
The reader who shared the life from the student days with "I" on that word should be a little happy.

"Running things"
A story without endings, works based on Riddle Story.
There are scenes in which the conclusion that each person's character appeared is funny as a reader who thinks of the conclusion in the work.
"I" that makes me think about the affections of men and women, in the words of the severe conclusion that "Purple Master" thought, tied up

"I" who found a diary of the great grandfather
When elucidating the mystery concerning the Tanka written there, the premonition of life's turning point comes to "I".
This is a story about the affection of men and women.

The story will end soon, together with the premonition to the next volume, as the story of gender relations develops continuously, "Running" and "Asaga".
For the reader, "I" is also an alter ego, it is like "daughter"
For authors, that will be stronger than anything else.
In the next work, it should almost certainly be the father's feeling of seeing off her bride.
Therefore, I think that the possibility that this continuation will be drawn is low so far, but I am waiting patiently.
No, I feel like I want to read, I do not want to read anything complicated ....