[Novel]Ao fuku no Otoko

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Saburou Kouga
Japan Released:1939/01
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2016/02/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 666 Host:636 Browser: 5171
A mystery novel of 'Orthodox' with a single criminal intuition breaks the perfect crime scenario set on stage in Chigasaki in the midst of winter.

Investigating the criminal investigating processes of both of them, including the crib his alibi with a cute appearance, over and over whether or not the death of a young man who was out of the villa has a case is reassuring and reality Although it will be drawn, it is obtained to the middle stage, "witness two victims and two witnesses" "cousin who promotes fluency in conversation" "witness who is curious virgin who is curious and dislikes human beings" ... ... There was also a thing that appeared afterwards development with information, and I felt a thing that is insufficient to eat as a mystery mystery thing.
On the other hand, although catharsis, which prove the crime at the last moment, sticks to the slight failure of complete crime which seemed to be established, the crime of the real criminal ended up being "tax evasion of inheritance tax" "identity spoofing" "corpse Because there are only things that can be done with a minor sin (?) Such as abandonment or "home invasion", suspense ... There was almost no sense of urgency at all.
More than anything, the cause of the death of the victim was "hungry, it was a heavy burden on the originally weak heart" It is a death thing that can not be said absolutely "Nee!", But feeling of weakness I can not deny w

It may be fun to read as "Black humor" who borrowed the body of "mystery novel", but as a matter of fact, it means that evaluation is "bad" on the "normal" side ... oh, how important it is Keywords The title of "Aoiro no Otoko" is almost not functioning in the main part w

2006/12/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8376 Host:8446 Browser: 4184
Uncover the truth of a suicide incident of a certain young man on the outskirts of the town,
It was a suspense novel work. In fact, the man who was thought to be dead ............
Despite my explanation, I have comments for each chapter.

Bizarre dead man

Although the conversation between the farmer and her husband and wife was central, it seems that it seems to be a countrylike person,
The simplicity was felt well.

Colored clothes

As for this chapter, when I finished reading, I quietly killed the expression "I did it." While seeing the appearance of Shinzo in response to the police 's circumstances heard. However, it seems that Taku was a totally destructive character. If the usage of talent is a little more correct, perhaps you might have been in modern Hiraga Genji?

The footsteps of the two men, the man named Taku I

Although it was a detective who was investigating the trend of "Taku 1" just before the dead body was discovered,
That depiction was truly real.

Renju in the night shop

After all, when thinking that the curtain has closed as a mere sudden death case of one young man ... ...
In fact, Taku I thought it was dead is a belief that the farmer couple thought at the time of discovery,
A genuine Taku who knew the death was a cousin to repay the debt etc. I thought that he wanted to take over the heritage of Shinsui as it was and he had been befriended him,
I was totally glad and took off the task, I accidentally saw a figure that I was taking on gambling by accident.
Well, he did not kill him, so he could have come back for a few years in prison, but you can not do bad things again ~

It was such a place, but it was a piece of content that was quite well integrated though it was short. The evaluation is "good" because it is Ryosaku.