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Other media: Anime:Another / Comics:Another / JP movie:Another
Literature total pnts rank Rank 446in 4,738 titlesTotal 9 / Deviation 55.99
Literature rank of 2006 Rank 26in 183 titles
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Yukito Ayatsuji
Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2006 Yasei Jidai / End:2009
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1. http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/another/ (Translation)
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2016/05/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18562 Host:18555 Browser: 9081
Among the work group of Akitsuke Seki, the horror which receives the impression that it is comparatively "well-organized" is kore.
While watching the whispering series and "killer demon", while it is amazing, there is not much smartness after all, there is little such a sense of refreshing youth group image. There is "Kirigoshi residence" that is close to it, but I think that Kore is the smartest and well-prepared in the meaning of sentences as well.
I saw animation, movies and comics, but even this "Another" recently many "Japanese style mystery anime" is actually a striking story composition repeatedly seen, and in short it is the last Ayatsuji's declaration It is a feeling that the part other than the trick is done well.

What made the whole thing good was that there are various axes in the work, "phenomena occur one after another", "change in human relationships", "collection of mystery", everything is bothersome, none of them has a good tempo Is not it? That's why I have two volumes in the top and bottom, but I think that there is no scene where the brush is not on.
After all, as a mystery also like "Ayatsuji-san" like "Mr. Ayatsuji-san", I am willing to write a mischievous spirit "I want to show this dazzling" and "I want to surprise", so by connecting to it " I think that the depiction like it will increase.
However, in the case of this work, "There is no sense of hints that all the story leads to a dragon, with a feeling that other stories go forward at the same time regardless of hints while trying to restore it." .
Rather, the "depicting trick" or the like is probably a small scale compared with the one imagined by the reader, and it occurs in a place where it was in a certain "blind spot", so it is easy to be confused as "dolphin return" It is feeling.
As most readers understand Mr. Ayatsuji's style, this work is not "dodo-hen", but "It is driven by suspicion that no trick is set up and you do not know who you should believe I feel that people with anxiety are the biggest uri.

Basically, this "Another" is the point that "from the viewpoint of the hero's Sakaki-kun," I do not know right or left "is the point.
Truly, the situation put in the beginning is full of mysteries, but too many things happen too much like "I do not know what you do not understand?" A mysterious girl comes out, the atmosphere of the class is strange, it is gradually ignored though it is not a bully, and it is thrown into a state where there are many "mysteries" anyway.
While reading from his point of view, it is all about which I really care about, but the character called Misaki Naru as this mysterious girl is actually a familiar character not even a mystery, but she is surrounded by her There are a number of mysteries rolling and she actually has strange backs.

And, a good place as a mystery of "Another" is the setting of the school to know later than anything else.
A strange phenomenon happens in his class every time, people unexpectedly come to die every month.
To the criminal who is causing the phenomenon more than anything, the criminal has no malice, no awareness, no memory.
There is no such a horrible "culprit".

Although the horror element is also strong in this work, as a mystery, "Although the dead have revived, the person is not malignant and I do not have awareness that I am the culprit, but I will continue to give unreasonable death as long as I am there There is a "culprit" with such special characteristics, do not you think?
Moreover, it is tampered nicely until it reaches the memory of the surroundings and the record, and everyone is made to the situation "I do not think it is funny".
Then you have to doubt whom, regardless of who you are, and you must even doubt yourself. Even if you are the dead you are nothing wrong. Once in a while it has the ability to squeal in order to relieve it, but that also makes "suspiciously trustworthy?", The side who is reading is becoming suspicious everywhere.
I thought that bold and thrilling settings were good at first so far, and in the climax it was set that "there is no awareness of the dead in the dead", and finally "the person of the class involved in the phenomenon forgets about it" Something has come into effect, directing a spicy and incomprehensible spirit. Although it is "grotesque" with "horror" and "mystery", somewhere "youth" adheres. That is good.

Most importantly, as this is a story of a false rumor, I think that it was truly a compositional thing that the decision to be called "believing" approached.
It is because of the sense that the reader will gain and the anticipation that the reader will get guilty, so we will go to thrilling to the end.
Then, it seems that the choice that the hero actually did was correct, so when it is over, there is a sense of liberation that is no more than that. I was able to solve it wildly, and I did not put in a certain scene where there is an unnecessary scenery like "It's refreshing but bad, but the phenomenon has not actually stopped."
This was simply good, because "It is a character that is deeply caring so far and that punch is not there", it was not really such a pity.

Evaluation is "highest!"
It is a work of Akitsu Seiji, or what it seems to be. This evaluation is only somewhat somewhat like "Another" where the media mix is 〓〓〓〓〓rosperous, but somewhat somewhat, but it is okay to say that I like this the most obediently, is not it? Lol)
Anyway, I think that this thrilling work asking the fundamental of "human being" "memory" is full of "attractive only in this work" by Maji. I was surprised at the interest of the original after all, because it was not exerted on media mix so much (I was trying to bring animation or manga close to it and it was a very good work after all).

2014/11/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13716 Host:13580 Browser: 5989
What I read is top, although it is a paperback version that was divided by the bottom volume, but it closes to the secret of Masaki Narumi. It is split into two parts in front and behind to find the dead and stop the phenomenon

Although he does not read a horror novel at all, it is also a mystery novel of my good, and an official who is going to be sacrificed one after another with the power of Nanika who is under the human understanding.
While devouring its fears, it is becoming more prominent from horror to inference by pursuing from the pursuit to cause, and the composition that the hint continued tightening from the beginning is released is superb

It is the most interesting novel as the original though it became a topic after it was ported to animation, movie, cartoon and each media

2013/03/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37829 Host:37615 Browser: 5345
Koichi Sakakibara, who has been transferred to Yamimi Yamakita Junior High School, is uncomfortable with the unusual atmosphere of the class.
Actually, the three years and three pairs that entered the god was attacked by a phenomenon of a certain mystery ... talk.

Because the setting of "phenomenon of a mystery" is really scary and the phenomenon that class students or their close relatives died will occur one after another with Koichi knowing nothing yet so it feels quite thrilling, I will.
At this stage it is just a horror novel, but as the story goes to the end, a mystery element comes out. Various things about this phenomenon will be elucidated,
I was surprised at the last turnover as "Eff! Maji?"

Although it is a horror novel but it also holds properly as a mystery, I thought simply that it was amazing.

Evaluation is very good