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Keigo Higashino
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Japan Released:1996
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2012/08/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A motive for attracting readers and cheating throughout the rest of the world The human being who smelled deadly of the criminal

[Bad point]
Whether it was made with deployment, places where the making of places is funny

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is one work of "Kaga series" handled by Keigo Higashino.

A story like this story behind the back of the reader is a highlight of this work. After I finished reading the last chapter, something was groaned unexpectedly. Also, although the criminal himself is caught early, this time it is important to become "investigate the criminal" but "motive investigation" so there is no problem at all. And the content of the "investigation of motive" is also interesting. The feature of Mr. Kaga's series is that it depicts the inner surface of human beings, but it is also good that it is well intertwined with the "investigation of motive". As usual the hardness of the sentences of the earth is a little worrisome, but the content is content so it is rather easier to read.

Although it is a work which I enjoyed very much, there still was a thing to be noticed. First of all, the Kaga series' success in activity is too good. I wanted this to be a little more troublesome and it seemed as if other detectives were incompetent. In addition, this is also subtle as if the depiction of a person who is the character of Mr. (who thinks arbitrarily) reality was well written, it is difficult to grasp a person such as a victim a little, carefully write other people I thought that it was not.

Although I got a complaint, I think that it is a work which is quite higher in Mr. works, if it says in simple fun. If you like mystery you can say it is worth reading even once.

2012/04/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The evaluation is high, but it is not a novel favorite work that is unusual. Finally it seems that Mr. Higashino seems to be able to say that it is because it was about 6th work to read his work in this work.

Although the work advances in the form of confession of characters and recollections, but somehow there was a sense of general vision, I thought what it is. The first thing I imagined was "division", but in the end it was a work of Osamu Tezuka appearing at the head. Although I can not imagine a specific story, I feel like I was in a technique of a master of a manga, but I feel it is mind .. I wonder .. Well it does not matter.
In other works I also read travel mystery etc. of one's murderous person The murderous intent of a person who is a criminal is relatively simple, and still I am not going to be a place where murderous intelligence causes a chain reaction and becomes a continuous killing, but it is It is impossible at first. There is as much nonsense as killing people who become witnesses of circumstances not related to the first killing mouth seal, but nobody sees them, but there is a degree of nonsense, but you should also enjoy it and enjoy entertainment novels by professional wrestling I feel that there is a ground as. That's why you can read anything without hesitating to misturb "such a foolish".
In Mr. Higashino's work (to the work that I have read so far) I have not said anything so. The most fun of my work is to find out where the real intention of the author is.

In that sense I was concerned about the fact that the character image of the threater coming out in the middle stage was very unclear or unrealistic. I felt a sense of incompatibility with human beings with such malicious intent being in this work without persuasive power. Human form of malice is no longer a human being but a creature. It became an opportunity to explore the real intention of the author, but the development of the ending is indeed unpredictable, it can not be said that he rewarded a writer to the author. But I think the battle between this author and the overwhelmingly disadvantaged reader is one of the many attractions of Mr. Higashino's works.
I also enjoyed my work this way. Although it can be asserted that it is a masterpiece work, the composition that the story is made from the beginning to the end with malignant such as the spirit becoming cold is still bad after reading. I thought that social problems such as bullying problems and regional discrimination problems are themes, but at the end it turned out that this was not the case. The work is very good but I do not like it.

2012/01/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In this work the culprit is caught immediately.
It is mainly so-called whitananit that motives are examined rather than criminals.

Deployment which waits for readers over and over again is waited but it is surprised at the development of the last few pages.

The meaning of "malice" which is also in the title on these several pages melts, you can understand the motives of the criminal.
I feel a bit nervous about this motivation. Because it is a motive that can not be explained by reasoning ...

The reader thinks that it is a splendid trick that takes advantage of not being able to advance a story only by following the letters with eyes.

2011/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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If I wanted to read Keigo Higashino's novels and wanted to read a house, I found a bunko version that my mother bought, and I tried reading it.

When it comes to mystery novels, mostly "search for perpetrators" is the main axis, but in this work the criminal is getting caught easily.
The theme of this work is in the "motive" of the criminal "why did you commit a crime", and if it is a usual mystery novel, there are tricks used for "how to kill the criminal" and "to make false alibi".

And the word "malice" of the title.
When the meaning of this word melts, is not it in the illusion that "malice" sticks to their familiarity too?

That fear. It is never refreshing after reading.
I think that it is a unique mystery novel.

"Is good. Although Kaga Deka of the hero has appeared in other works, I feel that this work is better to be read after "graduation" if possible.
I would be pleased if you could pay attention to those who are reading from now.

This work is dramaized by NHK with the criminal act between Kanpei as the leading role.
Although it is poisoned for dramaization, it was not bad as an arrangement.
I will add it for reference.