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Nankichi Niimi
Dainihon Tosho
Japan Released:1988
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2013/04/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36042 Host:36054 Browser: 5386
A fairy tale by Shinmei Minamichi famous for "Ginkgo".
It was a leisure time by train, so I read it in Aozora Bunko, but it is a work to see the family figure from a red dotpot perspective.
It is a work with exchanges with Oji-chan and parting, but I was worried that it is still a documentary.
I wanted to wash the backs of the grandmother, so now I thought about actions that I could only think of as a cork.
As a matter of course it appeared before the grandmother who was in the water while blowing soap bubbles, and it was a bit scary for the student who was rejected from the celestial girlfriend.

Well, the scary thing is the figure that makes girls talk about "red dragonfly is bright red with the blood that killed the spider"?
I can not read the air that passes over such as not being adultable and tells such a noisy superstition ....
Sure enough, I will buy a grandmother 's girl, but I thought that remarks before that ... ... I thought.

Ultimately, I end up with a move of my grandfather, but as there is a person like a student, the existence of pure grandfather was probably a remembrance for red dragonfly.
In the last sentence, the appearance that reminds me of red dragonfly jju is a sad feeling.

However, it is still short, and it does not remain so much in my mind.
Rather than being pure, Oji-chan was also a part of the documentary who had a funny part ... (Well, it's amazing that I did not let go of the red dragonfly when I heard the story of the student).

2007/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32579 Host:32463 Browser: 4184
It is one of the work of the late Shin Shimamiyoshi, a prestigious fairy tale writer.
Although the contact of a certain family and red potpot was mentioned that was supposed to stay in the countryside during the summer vacation,
My brother, the older brother of the student, I tried mischievous pranks in red dragonfly, and the reason why the red dragonfly became red (I said that because it killed the spider, but it seems that it seems like it is a beneficial insect.
Talking about it, buying a girl 's incompetence, I was laughed at what I could not read the air anyway.
It's not Elak !!

The time passed in quickly, it was as long as it was unexpected that the fun summer time of the red dragonfly and the girl was over, but in that depiction the anthropomorphization of red dragonfly was demonstrating the maximum effect What.

It came when we could meet again .........
Either way, the evaluation is "good" because it is a dish that is heartwarmed by a relaxed style.