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Momoko Sakura
Japan Released:2004/03/25(Thu)
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2012/01/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10594 Host:10691 Browser: 4895
"Summer vacation lesson"

In short it should have done the troublesome thing such as finishing homework quickly. Do you say that the way a box made of parent and child is treated is a skin of a good side?

"I want to go out excursion"

Did you understand the author's feelings? Well, if you say it is me you say that you do not care, Sasa will shed it.

"Memories of the Great Flood"

It certainly was not a matter of envy whether paint aid is helpful,
While teacher teachers have insight, there are also short-lived places, which is different from teacher Chibi Maruko. If it is now it will be corporal punishment or a problem.

"Tsuchinoko disturbance"

It's funny to be surprised by something you do not even know if it's ok.

"Memories of home visits"

"Seductive is only for children", parents say as mirrors reflecting their children, and such irresponsible excuses will not be possible.

"Talk of buying an alarm clock"

Was it that it was good that it was not wasteful as it was used for Hiroshi?

As with other essays, it was content that talked about everyday events, but it was rather subtle to be honest if I could say that I was able to sympathize with everything. There were places I thought it was strange, but there was no freshness in the story that mostly Chibi Maruko had also had. From this time signs of four-frame cartoon version Chibi Maruko appeared signs ... ... is not that it's over-reading too much. Evaluation is a place that I saw sweetly and said that it is just "normal".

2009/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10451 Host:10521 Browser: 7345
Cutting out the "fun in everyday life" and writing it, is not it, Mr. Sakura Momoko.
There is no doubt that the language is interesting and content that can obtain empathy.
The picture on the cover is colorful and pretty, and the friendly place is also good.

However, there is a story about the same content in the manga "Chibi Maruko-chan" other than a story that gets lost in the way with Shichigosan.
I feel that this is a bit unkind to those who read both manga and essay ....
It is a difficult place because it can be said that it will become a capping of the contents of "Chibi Maruko chan" by thinking.

The phrase that is a strong point also comes back to the story about the strange story.
For some reason just like this, the same kind of content with different words is repeated many times and it is too much.

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