[Novel]Akazukin ChaCha

Other media: Anime:Akazukin Chacha (OVA) / Game:Akazukin ChaCha / Comics:Akazukin Chacha/ Red Riding Hood Cha-cha
Literature total pnts rank Rank 2,957in 4,710 titlesTotal 1 / Deviation 47.40
Literature rank of 1994 Rank 53in 78 titles
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Ayahana Min
Ryuji Yamada
SHUEISHA Cobalt Bunko
Japan Released:1994 / End:1995
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2008/02/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
As I write the story of the TV series as it is, in that sense, if you are familiar with the TV series, you can get in without a sense of incongruity.
There was also a story that was not seen at the time of the aired, so I was able to read the story, and in that sense I had the goodness of being able to see the story I missed.

The comedy part is also drawn properly, so that I wanted to see such a comedy part is not to betray the airframe. Although it is not necessarily accurate for fans of animation Chacha, even being fairly faithful was a good impression.

[Bad point]
Cha Cha of animation itself, there is a big difference part from the original, and if a magical princess appears, it becomes seriously strange, and just like animation, there is a memorization that only this scene was skipped.

"Love you!", "Courage!" "Hope!" There are lines of prearrangement, "With love, courage and hope in mind, Magical Princess Holey Arp !!" Becoming "Beauty Serene Arrow! Magical Shoot !! "," Wing Chris, Burning Flash !! ", but I ignored it here because it is overdetermined.

Such serious scenes do not suit in Cha Cha, and when it became impossible to transform into the latter half Magical Princess, I thought "Wish came true at last," and I was watching without using the second half of the bracelet.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that you can enjoy it if you are watching anime Chacha. If you like the original cha cha, resistance may be high, is it a good feeling if you do not resist such animation style?

Because Cha Cha was more chaotic and more relaxed and more relaxed as it was the original work, the charm of such cha cha has come out even at this animation novels, so Chacha's anime version appeal is sufficient You can say that.