[Novel]Unrequited love

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Literature rank of 2004 Rank 131in 181 titles
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Keigo Higashino
Bunnsyunn bunko
Japan Released:2004/08/04(Wed)
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1. http://www.bunshun.co.jp/cgi-bin/book_db/book_detail.cgi?isbn=9784167110093 (Translation)
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2007/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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To be honest, "unrequited love" was hard to read.
I also thought that it was a mystery based on love emotions at first.
I feel that it is lighter than the gentle night, feeling heavier than the letter?
Sexual identity disorder is very heavy as things are tangled through the story.

I think that if you ask people whether it is a good work or a bad work it will definitely say that it is a good work,
It did not suit me very much.

2007/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40863 Host:40916 Browser: 4184
By the way, what kind of content do you anticipate if you come with "unrequited love" as an ordinary title?
Was it because the author knew that Mr. Keigo Higashino was a type writer who could do any genre in any genre? In my case I thought that it was a mystery based on male and female romantic feelings in orthodox.
However, in fact, I'm not going to go straight with just a veteran mystery writer who has a thousand mountains in wagashi ww
The manager of the American football club in college era when the main character met for the first time in a while It starts from her sudden coming out, but starting from the troubles of the male personality who was born with the body of the woman ... Gender identity From sexual disorder to gender discrimination, and finally to homosexuality etc, I am finished in a really deep works.
Because the theme is somewhat heavy, the development of the story and atmosphere is totally heavy overall but feeling that the barely readability is kept barely for writers who originally write harder sentences than necessary.
It can be said that Mr. Higashino's pattern which is seen many times in recent years. (Such as letters and white nights etc.)

Because it is a somewhat social work, it can not be purely a trick as a mystery, but it can not be enjoyed by dragonfly etc, but since it is regarded as a problem in real society, it is very heavy including consideration that took one step further I think that the height of the author's level is a work that you can see and see in the content.