[Novel]Udaijin sanetomo

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Osamu Dazai
Japan Released:1943
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2013/09/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Kamakura Right Minister, assassinated by the nephew 's publicity, had taken the form of narrative by the Gen Tensho practice, but the fact that the actual morning talk was mixed with the kanji katakana would have been a unique technique like Dazai Osamu.

In the real morning, a sudden promotion in later years (Taishi Minister at the time of the assassination, Sanjo Public Corporation, left minister, later the politician number 3 who will be involved in the shogunate something afterwards) and desire to transit society (eventually designing the ship Although it was an unreliable boy's impression that he borrowed the imperial court's weakness, such as escape from reality such as mistake or failure), the actual morning of this work is not compromised in the important place in political affairs , There was an atmosphere that seemed to transcend somewhere somehow such way of speaking.
I felt that such a person appeared well in the scene suffering from smallpox,
Masako, you say "I want to see your original face" face to face, even if life was saved .....
However, it was probably that there was a will to accept the fate as it was, even though I responded like "Suguninaremusu."

"Although I do my job efficiently, there is a somewhat disgusting atmosphere"
I think that I was getting the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓aying "Oh, that's my image."
I think that quoting "Azuma Mirror" as a whole speaks of this practice also became a study of history at the time, was it somewhat redundant it was a difficult point? However, at this time Dazai married Ishihara Michiko and became the father of two children, and it was supposed to be comparatively substantial both public and private, such as making some famous works other than this, but somewhere in the heart But still holding a thing like a desperate need, you may have asked for "salvation for yourself" by drawing a real morning.

Dazai who focused on the most important person in the Kamakura period quickly and differently is probably a heterogeneous genius. Evaluation is redundant even if it is "good"