[Novel]Uchouten Kazoku

Other media: Anime:Uchoten kazoku / Comics:Uchoten kazoku
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Literature rank of 2007 Rank 73in 114 titles
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Tomihiko Morimi
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Japan Released:2007/09/25(Tue)
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1. http://www.gentosha.co.jp/book/b4247.html (Translation)
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2016/11/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35765 Host:35640 Browser: 9135
A literary work by Mori Miki Mimori who was also animated.
It is a work of Forest seeing world full opening which draws a raccoon and a tengu living in a human society for a long time in Kyoto.
The raccoons including Yazaburo's that the flesh's blood is flowing are really lovable and full of humanity and other tengu akadama who had the power before but also the cause of the fallen tengu falling Humans of former disciples who made it is packed with attractive characters such as Benten.
Not that there was such an intense story so far, although it was possible to predict the development to some extent from the middle,
I think that Morimi works the best in terms of the charm of a character.

2010/09/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21710 Host:21615 Browser: 7357
This work is a fantasy system where raccoon and tengu come out, it is good to enjoy and it is about junior high school students.
However, the appearance such as the cover, the number of pages, the small letter, the place without illustration ... obviously for adults,
It is not in an atmosphere that you can pick up in the Young Layer.
For example, if you look at it is 20 years old and the contents are incongruous like people like 12 years old.
Does such a person receive even from 20 years old and 12 years old? The possibility of being shunned from both is rather high, is not it?
I'd like to say what kind of people were targeted and published.
At the very least, if it is reverse, it may be said that it was said that it is "Junior literature, but actually the level is high!"
Literature was a work that taught us that selling out in an appropriate form according to the content is also important for obtaining readers.

2010/08/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16719 Host:16592 Browser: 10806
[good point]
Each character has a solid personality
Setting (Raccoon, Tengu, Friday musical instrument etc)
[Bad point]
Especially nothing
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is quite a recommended book.
I am also selling paperback books so please read them.

2010/06/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10551 Host:10297 Browser: 5941
Because the author wrote what he wants to write, he is uncomfortable with DQN when reading boring.