[Novel]Ubume no Natsu

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Other media: Comics:Ubume no natsu / JP movie:Ubume No Natsu
Literature total pnts rank Rank 34in 4,648 titlesTotal 49 / Deviation 98.68
Literature avg pnts Rank 84in 269 titlesAvg 1.69=Very good/29 reviews
Literature rank of 1994 Rank 2in 78 titles
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Natsuhiko Kyougoku Koudansha
Japan Released:1994/09
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2016/07/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"The Hyakka Night Series is long, thick, difficult to be seen" from the image, but since this "short summer of the mothers' bird" is still short, I tried challenging, I tried to stop it. I have written comments as I have read this time.

[good point]
〓〓〓Character rich in characters 〓〓〓First of all, all the characters appearing in the work are personality. While it is a shopkeeper of a cool secondhand bookstore who is a cool second-hand book shop, it is a Yin Yang teacher who is also a Yin Yang teacher who is a cool secondhand book shop, but it is Kyokendodo's thing chuzenji Akihiko, who is suffering from depression but it is liver of this work "Twenty months that occurred at Kuonji obstetrician clinic Even Sekiguchi of Kyogen phrases that hold the mystery of a pregnant woman who has conceived and her husband disappeared like a smoke from a closed room ", and he has a special ability to see memories, Enoki Tsu of a detective who sways Sekiguchi by action, and a criminal Kiba who is full of men and so on, the actions and multiplications of the characters having two habits are occasionally producing a strange smile. And they go on exciting this strange story again.

〓〓〓The amount and reality of medical and scientific knowledge information drawn in the works 〓〓〓A lot of knowledge that seems to be about half of the library. Although it is small but difficult to understand, there are also things that can be convinced in the latter half, and it is surprising that "they are such an idiot" as they are related to the truth of the incident greatly in the second half, and at the same time Kyodendo's "What a strange thing in this world There is also a strange sense of satisfaction that leads to the word "There is nothing." Since it becomes spoiler, I'd like you to read and verify the whole picture.

〓〓〓There are a lot of descriptions of fears drawn as ugly 〓〓〓Even from sentences the way of drawing fears that their spirits are going to freeze will be conveyed as shish. Especially in the scene where Mr. Sekiguchi is a key person with a pregnant woman, Kuonji Ako, her way of appearance and change is reflected on the mind. While thinking that you do not want to see it from there, the fear goes to a more dense thing as you see it as a scary thing, and its pounding feeling reaches the climax at the scene where the last laptop of Kyorokudo drops possessions, Self-feeling as if it is in the unexpected horrible scourge of tragedy together with Sekiguchi attacks it. In addition to such pictorial depictions as well as the darkness of the people of the Kuonji family, love-hate and madness swirling there, "The fact is that human beings are the most brutal" is also drawn firmly, especially the workers who appear frequently during work When the hint of the depiction of a bird (Umube) was collected in an unexpected form at the end of the game, I felt sadness and fussiness more than fear. It may be pretty cruel for a person who is not good at horror, but if you are thinking about reading it advise you to read and read such descriptions.

[Bad point]
〓〓There is too much information volume and it is difficult to understand at one time & boring.
〓〓〓As mentioned above, many of the knowledge that Kyogokudo discusses can not understand everything simply by seeing it once honestly. Especially over half of the first episode Kyogokudo is devoted to Sekiguchi for scenes to explain "What is memory?", "What you see, things you can see, what is invisible?", But anyway it is a frankly word Depending on who you look to be able to feel bored. Such small difficulty may be a factor that has the image of "The Hyakka Night series for experts". Still this work is like a sell like this element, so likes and dislikes will be divided.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Initial Hyakka night series. Invite drowsiness of the first episode (rude) The second half of the commentary of Kyodokendo's commentary rewinds at once. Numerous mysterious and creepy descriptions that can be thrust one after another, human patterns that are revealed by it, and a sad ending. I did not really stop when I read it, I became crazy with this novel for the first time in a long time. If there are people who are doubtful about reading the Hyakka Night series, firstly I would like you to read and compare this relatively short work (since it is really thick like a real dick ...).
Then, I will excuse myself. that's all.