[Novel]The Skylark of Space

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Edward Elmer Smith
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation Iwasaki Shoten TOKYO SOGENSHA
Sougennsuiri Bunko
Outside Japan :Released:1915
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2007/11/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Smith 's masterpiece alongside the series of' Lensman ', but the hero' s crew who created it with Skylark (lark) was the best friend 's crane, sister Dorothy, the enemy' s Duquesne, and that help It was to adventure the universe with Margaret.

But, after pursuing Duquesne which took off Dorothy, she jumped out of space and finally caught it, but finally I had to hit the problem of how to return to Earth due to fuel shortage. In spite of that, I search for fuel in outer space, but the place I went was a star dominated by dictators, where I came across various monsters and used them against the hostile royal family. And it also became to overthrow the dictator.

It was the first work of the physics law, magnificent space opera ignoring the limits of science, and it was a very interesting work in the meaning of such absurdity but entertainment. Well, it is full of Tsukkomi, but since it is an old work, I think that it can not be helped. Well, such SF works can be enjoyed without reason, so that part was good.

Although there is also the aspect of shortage, I think that as a adventure SF thing it was a work that I could see without sharpness. Works set in such a galactic universe have really gone away (It is not a romantic work like "Yamato" or "999" but rather a story limited to the Earth's sphere like "Gundam", and that kind of stuff There are unexpectedly few Japanese works of space opera on the large space plan), and in that sense I want the power like this work.

Various series were created, but it is regrettable that there is not much except for the first work.

As an adventure SF thing, I was able to enjoy it straightforwardly. Nonetheless, I feel that these works are not very often used in Japan.
In Japan where the emphasis on real emphasis is strong, do not these space-opera works with such dreams be created anymore?