[Novel]The Other Side Of A Blue Sky (Aozora No Muko)

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Japan Released:2002/05
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2008/05/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27492 Host:27797 Browser: 7395
A story started moving from the point of view of a boy run over by a truck, a work that drew carefully the way he gotten to be grown up. Because the image of Christianity is strong as the impression of this work, the word "Buddha" does not come with a pin, but there is no other way to say.

In view of life and death, the world after death is roughly divided into two. "Live in heaven after death"
It is two interpretations, "Reborn after death and receiving another life".
The former is Egyptian Pharaoh, otherwise it is "paradise" in Christianity, etc. The latter refers to Buddhism "ring regeneration".
Since there was no impression that Christianity affirms "revitalization", when I look at the background of the country which is the stage of this work, I learned subtle discomfort and freshness at the same time. The one called "Renki Tensei" can be newly reborn, but on the other hand,
I have unfamiliar insecurity. This work that the misfortune and the boy 's sister' s thoughts intersect was a wonderful accomplishment.

I used to say that it is not good to die, leaving life regret. In the case of this work,
His regret was that I did not apologize to my sister. Such regret is strange, it seems that there are things that will not disappear from your own breast for the rest of my life even though I forget other things.
In this work, everyone mourned for the death of the hero and grieved. However, we are moving forward one step at a time to the future. His sister and him himself do not advance. I think that comparing it is a very interesting work and trying to compare the human beings around the hero except the family and his family. On the one hand, I feel the flow of time,
On the other hand, I feel uneasy about the imbalance of the time when it does not move forever.

Although becoming stereotyped, he eventually resolves his obsession with his sister and decides to be born again.
The depiction there is very excellent. The text of the earth in his own first person makes the empathy to the story even bigger.
Before finally going to "Beyond the blue sky", he realizes what it means to be born again.
And, we will transform anxiety into hope for a new future. The collapse of the lacrimal gland in that scene is natural.

Recommended for people who want to touch. Because this work is the impressed thing of the heat, regarding that kind of thing,
For those who have cold eyes it may be a less enjoyable work.
However, I think that it is definitely the perfect book for those who are sensitive to such as sharing a book and emotions.

2008/04/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10128 Host:10317 Browser: 6287
A story started from a sentence with a brief talking tone. Even though no one can tell the world after death, it is somewhat drawn to fit a somewhat similar world. So of course it is abstract and fancy to be transmitted from sentences, but it is very beautiful work that is very easy to blend out why its view of the world is why.

A story that depicts "a thing left behind" by a single boy who died suddenly without explanation of any precedent in an accident. There is no change in this world except that I am a ghost. With a lot of ghosts being wandering and indescribable at first it piggybacked with those who just never died and inflated various imaginations, but suddenly I witnessed the impermanence of my presence by accident . Either one felt sorrow that could not be worded to my death that would be forgotten, and the main character returned only to the sister who wanted to apologize to her sister who had fought before the accident to this world I will try to act as if I still mind.

Since inner psychology can be read from the words of characters in the scene, it is very easy to read, and it is easy to sympathize with that feeling. If you become such a situation ..., it is easy to imagine by replacing the position of the hero with yourself Easy to describe as it seems that everyone would do so, the description is clear and the sentences themselves are simple There is no need to read back again several times in order to understand what you read, so even if you read it for a long time you can not leave. People who did not exist existed were also outstanding because they did not feel inconvenient because they were synchronized with fantastic content. Although the story composition was not so much impressed, the talk which goes smooth smoothly plays the axis of the story firmly.

Do not adopt useless descriptions Condens only the minimum things you want to convey without writing them into sentences. It is a good one.
Although it is somewhat religious, "regrets before life is similarly present after death", it can be said that the theme itself is easy to convince. Yes, there must be something left behind while living. Even if there is even though it can not go back to the spear, it may be thought that the back side of the theme of the author 's wishes for living to the utmost can also be directed to all humans.

It is an excellent work that is very well-organized, such as readability, clarity of the theme, expression of it, original idea, and so on, with warm feeling.
Evaluation "Very good".

2007/01/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50840 Host:50933 Browser: 6287
Well it is a story till the boy who died got dead when it says simply, it was impressed.

A boy of the hero comes back to this world without being able to go to the other side of the blue sky (= heaven?) Because there is "unfinished thing", but what is different from a common ghost is that he is returning People living in Japan are basically unaware of it. It is convenient to say that people who are philanthropic and inspirational are coming out and they will not help us to cut off regrets, and the things that we can refer to are also spirit body members who are also in this world
(Non-cooperative though).
The boy who the narrator is dead himself is felt lightly because he is talking brightly and in a state that is brisk, but it is quite a heavy setting story.

A boy 's "unfinished things" fought with my sister just before the death, I said a badly thrown dialog with no heart, I want to say that I do not want to apologize and apologize for that It makes me cry.

It is painful, but gentle and warm, it is such a story.

2005/01/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12676 Host:12322 Browser: 4184
I borrowed it at the library about 2 years ago and I read it, but it was pretty interesting and I remember being impressed more than anything else.
It is surely a talkative sentence of the first person of the hero's boy, but the method of writing is very good, the psychological description of the hero is very easy to understand and easy to read.
I remember reading it and feeling very strange. Assembly of sentences is good.
After reading, I was made to think about something, but I have forgotten about that time and I do not know what I thought ....
I think it is good to read what I think now, and this is a book I can recommend.
I also want to read again because there are parts that I forget about the contents.

2004/11/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53163 Host:53260 Browser: 4925
This is a touching thing, but it is a bit different from an ordinary guy.

The hero's boy is a dead man from the beginning.
Suddenly, he was in the world after death when he noticed. At first, he does not notice that he is a dead man.
When he heard from other dead people, he realized that he finally died.
And now I have to go to the "Over the blue sky" over the world after death ....
But because he has "unfinished things" he still takes care of that.

In the world after his death (to be precise, the path of the soul) there are many souls of people with regrets because there is "unfinished things". So he met a boy around the same age. He was a boy who also had "left behind". And the boy is invited to the main character "Do not sneak into the raw world to fulfill what you left behind?" And decide to get off. Will they be able to fulfill "what they left" ...
And can we go to the other side of the world after death "Beyond the blue sky" ...

I'm sorry for the stubborn commentary. In short it goes to "the blue sky's over there" = Buddhism.
As the hero has already been killed, even if it comes down to the lower bound, I can not speak to anyone.
Of course miracles will not happen to come alive. It is such a painful story, but something heart warms, such a story. It is not dark overall, and you can read the sentences with a bright feeling.
After all, it is easier to read. It is written in psychological description of the hero's boy,
My heart is easy to remove. The characters are also large and easy to see.
After reading, "Let's try hard and let's live" It is a novel that seems so.