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Andy Weir Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Japan Released:2014/08/25(Mon)
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2017/04/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17252 Host:17338 Browser: 8385
The original of the movie "Odyssey". I recently read that I was unread during movie viewing. First of all, this original was not for movies, especially for Japanese. Besides "Odyssey", "Mars people" is the image perfect. "THE MATIAN" is a literal translation.
The basic plot is the same as the movie, the main character is an escape play from Mars left behind by Watney, the composition of Watney 's diary (log) continuing almost as long as a movie, sometimes a struggle of NASA being caught. This "diary" is probably the template itself of the Japanese "Western Charm" sentences of the Japanese people. How a good translation! Even if I read this, it does not come with pins. Also, in the episode "How to make water?", Chemical formulas are not written, but O2, H2O,
It is fun to know enough even with chemistry knowledge at a junior high school level when it is written as CO 2, this is also only if it is "letter".
This original version is more convincing than the scene of swinging the earth siren which I thought as "?" In the movie version. In the movie version,
It must have passed through the earth immediately as a visual point of view. Chinese depictions of "good scientists" who came out suddenly in the movies are also wonderful, scientists and politicians, Chinese and NASA bargaining and disappointing, showed off and it is quite understandable.
So Ridley. Scott is about to make a continuation of "Prometheus".
Thicker (more than 1000 yen at the recent Hayakawa price, now divided into upper and lower pieces) is puzzled for a moment, but the shoulder does not get stuck on a dirty text as before. If there is dissatisfaction it will be less of an illustration. If it was Hayakawa once, was not Komei commented on the position of Watonie on Mars and the positional relation between the Earth - Mars - spacecraft in illustration? Author is quite a nerd (from Impress)
So my hobby is saying "research on orbital dynamics", so I guessed it was not perfect (once, "Animeku"
As it showed the positional relationship of the solar system at "Reisner"). Hard but realistic SF, but the threshold is terribly low. Overseas SF
One book that you can recommend to people who are not familiar with reading.