[Novel]The Lady with the Dog

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Literature total pnts rank Rank 1,283in 4,736 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 49.54
Literature rank of 1899 Rank 1in 4 titles
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Character/Setting1.67(Very good)3
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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Ginzai Kiyoshi Ogasawara Toyoki
Shinchosha Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
Sincyou bunko Iwanami Bunko
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Outside Japan :Released:1899
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2014/07/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Well, in short: "Love is not logic and instinct, was it that it was" human sex "that can not be suppressed? That what I wanted to say about this short story.

Yalta talk etc. The title of the world history textbook is certainly the name of the hero who came to Yalta Although it was a dormitory, it seems that he got married at the earliest time as a student, but Muhammad (his wife is 15 years older son) years old Were they married?

In spite of criticizing a woman as a low-class race, she fell in love with Anna who was there, and she was carefully and deeply depicted temporarily with her who stayed during her stay. Of course, it did not last forever, and Dmitry returned to Moscow soon, but you can see how it looked like it was laid on his wife's ass. In addition to that situation, I met with the woman who also had a husband, I thought that "I will come to see you from my side", I kept promises properly, but the same unmet filled marriage It seemed like I was filling up the skimmers of my heart together. It was probably that it was tied by the "red thread of fate" I met to meet.

Dmitry's wife also seemed not insensitive, seems to have been suspicious of the behavior of her husband who was leaving home with reasons, how was that husband of Anna, and further from there Well, I guess I did not feel like I wanted to read, but I think that it was a ryosaku that sharply pierced the essence of human beings, such as passionate love affair, even though it was short. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2013/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27915 Host:28068 Browser: 7406
A story of an attendance of ones having homes with each other.
A woman-experienced hero, Gourov, who worked as a bank, had a dog who came across Yalta by accident, Anna, who is seriously in love after being born in Sergee Ebina, and is a love affair that two people are strongly attracted to each other, but each other Even if you have a family such as a husband, a wife or a child, even if you love each other, you can easily readily divorce and can not be remarried etc.
Gourov and Anna are also aware of each other that this bond is cut off, especially for glof, the figure living in this relationship is the true figure of their own and the living with their families lies Under the recognition that it is the thing of, it is said to be wondering how to live daringly in a world like a transient epipolar. I think that it is too empty that I can not live openly to myself .. I think so.

Although I do not make affirmation or denial especially of affinities by reading this work, I think whether it is also a work that can understand something somewhat like this kind of action. However, since it is also a romantic work, I would like to think that nobody wants to practice affair dare to read this (bitter smile)

Evaluation is "good" because psychological depiction is somewhat unsatisfactory.