[Novel]The Fall of the House of Usher

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Edgar Allan Poe
Tatsumi Takayuki
Iwanami Shoten, Publishers Shinchosha
Iwanami Bunko Sincyou bunko
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Outside Japan :Released:1839
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2015/07/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2979 Host:2780 Browser: 5173
American Gothic, a typical short film by Horror, has had a tremendous influence on the work of afterlife ... is not it?
Set in the fantasy and monstrous Asherhouse, Roderick. I'm drawn with lyrics that Lord of Usher's house will get confused.
I think that composition and development of the story is splendid. However, when I try from myself who does not know the era of the era or the quoted work at that time,
There are also many things that impossible to enter. In particular, why Roderick buried his sister in that state?
You must have been afraid of your sister's death rather than your own death. It is easy to clean up as mad depression patients,
Besides that, I can not think of a convincing explanation. At the end of the story there is a provocation of fear,
His mouth swinging out the neta-breaking confession with the momentum of anger was conspicuous and reflected in a strange way.

Well what I think was the best in this work, that it describes the specific findings of Roderick that "spirituality of perception also resides in inorganic matter".
It was because it felt that unique thickness was brought about world view by one.
Therefore, the last "Ale" is not just a material collapse. Because I have something like a great will in it,
The modeling is more grotesque and more incentive for the impact of imaginative awe.
I think that if you read while conscious of such things, there are interesting things that you can enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the pavilion which is quite different.

2014/08/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5041 Host:4953 Browser: 7471
The story went on in a form that kyin "me", but it was Usher that "I" was to meet again after a long time.

Well it was from a title, to some extent (?) Although it was a style that was obvious, it seemed that the Asher family had something "a curse as if it had been moved by an invisible power" had been captured. Whether it is a terrible nervousness or its pathological has been transmitted well, a lively and carefully stylistic style is a swinging stone Edgar. Poems that had a strange atmosphere just by imagining in the middle were inserted, but I think that they had a good accent.

Sister who was supposed to have been somewhat relieved of such heart mind yet is also a strong contrast with "exit" thought to have died solely due to illness and unexpected "re-appearance" in the final stage I was on the street. It would have been such a morbid obsession such that Usher did not tell anyone in the surroundings that he was aware that he was not dead actually,
I felt a little more scary ........

It seemed as if the last family collapsed, it seemed as if the shape was always in the form as it was, it seemed as if I was showing the reason of the impermanence without fail, but the way of attraction after the second half is exquisite was. Edgar Alan Poe can also be recognized again that it was "a heterogeneous genius writer". Evaluation is "very good".

2014/05/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37119 Host:37010 Browser: 9932
Edgar, renowned as a classic master of fantasy fiction, is a short work by Alan Poe, but although there are many opportunities to see parodies and homage classes based on this, why is the crucial "source" now I did not mention it until the end of the year ... That is why I just took a look at the translated version of Mr. Naasiro Sasaki on this occasion.

Atmospheric noiseless atmosphere begins to dominate the story at the stage of a prologue that paints poetic and unnecessarily the details of the scenery and the details of the mansion on the way to the Usher family, but the hero who is a storyteller is extremely It was a good feeling that the fact that it was "Bibiri" was also influenced, and the dull air finished without breaking up to the end.
Although the story begins to roll as the hero stayed in the pavilion as a therapist for a while for the old friend Roderick who complains about signs of mental confusion, the twins sister who had a serious illness more seriously than Roderick It may be since Madeline 's presence was shown. "Asher clan that consists only of descendants of direct descendants without existence of branches" "From now on, only the brothers and sisters of Roderick and Madelin are the ones who inherit the clan's blood line", this work is not only strange but also immoral It was interesting to see that it contains fragrance.

Because the key person, Madelin "died of illness", this work begins to accelerate at once to the climax which should also be said to be true, but why Roderick took "the judgment" for his feelings I think that it is fun to look into consideration based on it. A clan that can not really be saved or an Asher family ....

It was my first time to touch a thing called "Gothic novel", so at first I was reading while I was struggling with Po's unique poetic overwrite, but at some point I got used to it.
The fear of invisible will, the indignation to unreasonable "destiny" with no anti-abortive technique, the sense of spirit to increase heavy pressure by invading contraindications ... While taking the body of a strange novel, the "negative" It is a magnificent gem that mentioned passion. However, after reading it is a guarantee that you will remember the badness of the aftertaste after drinking ....

2013/06/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27915 Host:28068 Browser: 7407
A story about the family disintegration caused by Usher 's bad habit "nervous confusion". To that extent he can also be seen in his rhapsodic song "Magical Palace" sang by Usher. (You can also read the reason why you buried my sister in Chapter V.)
Although the author is also known as the creator of Dupin, which is known as the world's first name detective, it is still possible to see a glimpse of his essence with these monsters. Despised by the overwhelming depiction power, the depression which is uninterrupted from beginning to end, the skill of expression. And the dark atmosphere dominated by the darkness as seen in the "black cat", the mysterious world, the author of the author Poe may be exerted to such works exactly

Although homicide happened at the end of the house of Asher family which is Gothic style building, the origin of fear of this work originates from invisible things lurking in daily everyday life. For this reason, this is not something that goes far beyond human understanding, but the reader feels like being attacked by fear many times by synchronizing with emotions, signs and absurdities that the author can not easily express It becomes. So it is not a difficult work to soak in that feeling.