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Whitley Strieber
Hayakawa Publishing Corporation
Outside Japan :Released:1978
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2006/05/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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If you confronted an unknown creature, it was only a relationship between an absolute hunter and a hunted person.

It was a long time since I saw the movie Urufen who first got this book. Although the movie was not very fun to go honestly, this original paperback, which was later on that, became a good work to reevaluate the work "Wolfen." It might be better to say that this work is science fiction rather than horror. I think that it is not a work which fits at least personally into the category of horror.

At the same time wolf man things are famous as "Howling" "Wolfman American", but both are village,
It is a situation of a promise that a human being transforms into a wolf man (This one is interesting as a movie).
The themes of human wolves, wolves, etc. are drawn by various writers of ancient and east west, but this wolfen is a little different work. In the first place, this story is not a "wolf man" of fantasy or horror world. Ecological Food chain It is a story of one real existence (supposed) organism at the top of the pyramid.

At first, we will proceed with the flow of good police detective novels. Descriptions of autopsy of corpse.As there was reality in explanation and expression of analysis, it was assembled with a very good plot and it was read in the work world immediately after reading. And, as soon as the abnormality of the incident gains readers it is in fear unexpected.

It was supposed to be a common murder case, but the truth becoming increasingly evident in scientific analysis.
And unknown species that have intelligence and ability to cross human beings, unique culture, prey on human beings unknown to humans from ancient times, and live quietly in the shadow of human society "Wolf Human = Canine Genus Sapiens Wolfen".
Although hero's detective Wilson and partner Becky trying to grab the evidence to prove the existence of wolfen, on the other hand, fellows and cooperators are killed one after another with skillful traps of Urfen.
This can be said to be more unilateral hunting than man and wolfen bargaining. Even if I read it, I do not feel humans can win. Clearly destroy evidence and eliminate those who knew the truth for the survival of seeds.
It is not fear of meaning unknown which tends to be in horror tend to have, but it is ineffective against the inferiority of human intelligence thought to be absolute superiority to unknown creatures existing in front of reality in reality before the definite death It is a fear of absolute despair by doing it. Wilson and Becky who have seen various cases and deaths as detectives,
It depicts the emotions coming away in their chests very well in front of the absolute death that approaches them.

Urfen's clear will and intellectual hunter's trap are the greatest threat to human beings,
Until now, human beings did not know their existence. Wolfens and others have kept the law which inherited in a way that human society does not know its existence. However, a young wolfen of another flock is broken and human beings are noticed. In this work there is also leader change over the survival of the seed of wolfen, there is a group and family to protect, not wolfen prey to just human beings, depicted as a very intellectual creature with affection. Where the depiction of that feeling and thought from the standpoint of Urfen is a good place of this novel. In this novel is skillfully spinning a bargain with this creativity that is intellectually different from creatures of completely different values 〓〓〓〓〓nd values.

Currently it is out-of-print, so please get it when you see it at the library and the secondhand bookstore.
As a police novel, as a science fiction novel, it is a work that is very well done as a horror, suspense novel.
That's why I think that it is "very good".