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Lu Xun
Japan Released:1921
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2012/09/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This is about Japan ...
This is the word that came to my mind when I read through this work.

After the trial and error of the author to say what the title of the work depicting A Q is not understood even no surname is developed,
The story begins.

When listing the characteristics of Aki, they live in the shrine of the god of the land and live up to life like a vagrant who breads a day job,
There are several baldness after the scabies in the head, I can not find a good place such as armpit and clear.

In addition, when the son of the village 's famous family left a good result in the examination, he said that he was the same last name, and buy the anger of the master' s big husband,
Even if I get caught in a fight with a light fight after losing after losing with the king of beard (Wang) with louse,
Self-esteem is as uselessly expensive as saying that it takes advantage of the facts conveniently and overlooks the opponent.

Even if you look at other people, the fact that Ah Q was beaten by a big husband spreads throughout the village and the villagers make funny interpretations and put them at a glance at A Q,
When Aka spreads rumors that she handed a woman in the husband's place, a woman named a woman in the village will avoid Aki,
The attitude of a big husband who saw Ako swinging with a beautiful appearance behaving in a good way,
Evangelicals inspired by the Revolutionary Party destroyed the cup of the nuns and stole the censer,
Uneven gut is strangely strong.
It will not change even after Aka was shot to death by wet clothes, "Do not become like A Q"
He was speaking for the voice of the author who says "Do not do this in the world".

2011/07/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14067 Host:14112 Browser: 10030
Through his work, Lu Xun wanted to ask the Chinese people of the day about the current control system and wanted to encourage public opinion arousal. If you think that the answer is "revolution" or "breakdown of imperialism", it may not be appropriate to limit to "China" here. I think that Lu Xun wanted to say the same to the people of the ruled living in the wider "colonies" as a whole.

Therefore, the main character of this work, A Q, is a man with all "weakness" and "stupidity" that people can possess. This is probably because more intense individuality was sought in order to encourage people to say the people of those days. And the most stupid of his stupidity in him is "unawareness" that does not realize his stupidity. A Q interprets sorrow and humiliating things for you to be convenient in mind, gets satisfaction and sometimes makes everything seated. And he is such a big self-esteem. Lu Xun speaks in the work that such A Q is the people of those days.

Lu Xun spelled the work that he hoped for himself, desiring the individual's "consciousness reform" while reckoning such people like A Q. It seems to me that it is natural that what is dominated and lives in "drunken dreaming death" It is unfortunate in a sense. There is this work as a food for breaking the current situation.

In terms of saying "breaking the current situation", we may not be able to say that we are also Aka. I think that the existence of this work is great even in such a meaning.

2006/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5638 Host:5562 Browser: 5234
It was a masterpiece of Lu Xun, one of that modern Chinese Taekwon.
The hero's A Q is the lowest personally and visually,
It is a hero who does not seem to be a hero but as a young man who read this work at the time said, "As if I felt like I was telling myself", it was eroded by strong powers,
Politicians and soldiers do not have anything to deal with, even though they are in a semi-colonial terrible situation, China and other countries that did not form the same state as the current Somalia, such as Somalia as a result of fighting in troops fighting in troops I felt the author 's sincere cry for lethargic and indifferent people living there.
Aki played the media role of the latter and the former, which was a "revolutionaryist" like Sasame, as well as Sun Yat-sen, but the last thing that was involved in the revolution and had been executed without knowing it was truly miserable. Even in modern Japan, although the dangerous hawkish Abe administration is falling in support rate, it is still keeping the latter half of the 40 percent range, and while I am not seeing Yoshi Rin 's point of view in Go Sheng, the level of masses Although it is often made to be low in the degree, it does not appear "a revolutionary weapon with a pen as weapon" with courage and enthusiasm like him ........
Although the talk was somewhat sideways, for us ordinary people who live in modern times, it is surely a masterpiece made to think.

2006/10/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17368 Host:17149 Browser: 4487
The hero, in Aji Q 's personality and social nothing can not be helped, in the thing called the hero of a creation thing, it is said that it destroyed the fixed concept of "attractive existence although there is a disadvantage" First memory.
However, the character of this work is many Aj Q's bad guys, and even if it is better than that, it is a comprehensive one, "people who are neither social nor personal in nature".
The story is a poor who is hired by a rural family name and lives and works.A Q is participating in the "revolution" situation without being aware of anything and it is executed by that sin. This hero is not only poor, lowly educated, not educated, but also personally broken down in character and flesh is poor, and it was a totally different from the hero of the creation thing which I had contacted up to now. For those who are weak, they are deceived against those who are respectful but strong, and I will go back to the other side who is such a fascinating person to clear up the melancholy. Clearly if it is an ordinary creation, it is a man who can not become a hero at all.
Such a work he is "hero" is because the difference of rich and poor at that time is intense, at the same time, Lu Xun painfully expresses the poorness of the general public at this time, such as cultural difference, and Ah Q is an extreme existence of them. Besides him, the characters of the poor people who have not changed much with A Q, and those who have cultures but abandoned their own culture and lost their way to the West, the lord of A Q and the names of certain families are fundamental There is only a "masses" level. There is almost no change with A Q at the base.
In the vicinity of the end of the story, Ako caught in the "revolution" participating with vigor and participating in a momentum without knowing anything, is executed at the end of the city circulation, with the least concern of the authorities "grace a poem or what" Although it was given to him, there is no time of life at the level which can be made into poetry, and also to do so, it lacks education, it is impossible to do, it is impossible to do anything nice and it is executed It will be done. The public who was watching it is almost a woman 's gut, and in fact it is a horrible situation in which A Q, who has done almost nothing, has been killed as well as it shows it will end without feeling anything. It would be good to say Lu Xun's masterpiece that painfully depicts the level of the masses of the Chinese at the time, thereby enlightening the public with his own literature.
However, in real life society is said to be similar to things called masses. Even if we compare the average level of education or the like, even if we are spending events that can be made poetry, we are oppressing the vulnerable people who are always opponents who are tapping their backs, Even if there is something ridiculous, I will throw in indifference .... Is not this happening in any mass society?
Based on that, it is disappointing whether things called popular society are such ....